So, as drama fans, we all know that the male second lead doesn’t stand a chance. We spot the male second lead by episode 1, or even before by looking at a poster or thumbnail for the show. Even though the male second lead is often nicer, he’s not going to get the girl. Why? It’s just how it is. Usually he doesn’t speak up when he should and gets put in the friend zone. Plus, often but not always, the male second lead getting the girl would contradict the poor girl – arrogant rich boy story line. Now, this is a generalization, and there are exceptions, but it is a common theme.

Without further ado, here’s my list of top ten male second leads. I’m not saying I prefer them to the male lead, but I’m saying if the male lead wasn’t in the picture, that the male second lead would definitely be suitable for our main actress.

10. Goong (Princess Hours) – Lee Yul played by Kim Jeong-Hoon

Goong was one of the first dramas I had watched. I was still naive at the time, and didn’t catch on that the male second is doomed from the beginning. For the first half, I actually really like Lee Yul better and thought he was the better catch. As the show went on I changed my mind.


9. The Heirs – Choi Young-Do played by Kim Woo-Bin

Choi Young-Do sort of break the mold for male second leads a bit, or falls into a sub category maybe. He’s not the stereotypical “nice” second lead. He’s pretty horrible at first, more what you would expect from the male lead. Either way, he has some very sweet moments. I like how he would watch her quietly. Very cute.


8. The Master’s Sun – Kang-Woo played by Seo In-Guk

Sun Kang-Woo is keeping an eye on Tae Kong-Sil (Gong Hyo-Gin) and Joo Joong-Won (So Ji Sub) at first, but by the time he’s ready to express his feelings properly and truthfully, it’s too late.


7. Pasta – Kim San played by Alex

Kim San has been in love with Seo Yoo-Kyung (Gong Hyo-Gin) for years, but never confessed? It’s a shame he missed his chance because he really pretty wonderful. He would leave her images of a bloomed cactus consistently on her locker, but for some reason never had the courage to tell her. Well, he didn’t tell her he was the owner of the restaurant either. He waited too long and missed his shot.


6. Playful Kiss – Bong Joon-Gu played Lee Tae-Seong

Okay yes; he’s dorky and has crazy hair, but he was also very sweet and his hair does get better.


5. The Greatest Love – Yoon Pil-Joo played by Yoon Kye-Sang

Oh, smexy Dr. He almost has the girl. I mean, she likes him, they’re on a reality show similar to the bachlorette and yet she still slips through his fingers. You just can’t beat Dok Ko-Jin!


4. Coffee Prince –  Choi Han-Sung played by Lee Sun-Kyun

So, in the end I do think that Choi Han-Gyul (Gong Yoo) was a better match for Ko Eun-Chan Yoon Eun-Hye, but she did have some really sweet moments with Choi Han-Sung. I like that he sees her as a woman from the beginning. They have a great friendship, but it wasn’t mean to be.


3. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop – Choi Gang-Hyuk played by Lee Ki-Woo

Omo, omo, omo! Choi Gang-Hyuk is so adorable! I think he’s the most attractive out of the two and I think it’s hilarious how he falls asleep anywhere and everywhere. Sorry… You are too nice. Classic case of nice boys finish last (I don’t like that saying).


2. Boys Over Flowers – Yoon Ji Hoo played by Kim Hyun Joong

What didn’t he do for her? Yoon Ji Hoo was pretty much perfect in every way and very dedicated to Geum Jan-Di (Ku Hye-Seon). This was tough for me, because I really felt like both male characters were equally well suited for her.

The heart wants what the heart wants.


1. Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Moon Jae-Shin played by Yoo Ah-In

Hiccup!!!! Oh, he’s cute and adorable. I love how he gets so nervous around around her and hiccups even before he even knows she’s a girl. He protects her and she really has a great relationship with him. The thing is, she doesn’t have a clue how he feels. You’d think she’d notice but she’s oblivious.


I’d love to hear your list of favorite male second leads. Please feel free to share.