A while ago I shared my top five favorite ahjussis. Now it’s time to share my favorite actresses! You may notice that most of the actresses on my list do not have as many dramas or movies listed that I’ve seen as my ahjussi list. Well, I’m busted; it’s because I don’t actively seek out Kdrama actresses the way I do my favorite ahjussis. My two favorite actresses however, I do actively search for dramas they have been in.

Without further ado, here’s my list.

#5 Jeong Ryeo Won


Birthdate:  January 21, 1981
Height: 168 cm

What I’ve seen her in:

  • The King of Dramas
  • My Name is Kim Sam-soon

I plan on watching her in:

  • Medical Top Team

Why I love her: The first drama I saw her in was The King of dramas. She plays a writer who aspires to succeed in the Kdrama business. Her character was very down to earth and this was a fantastic drama (although lacking eye candy). Her personality in My name is Kim Sam-Soon was quite different and I didn’t like her character as much. She’s a very good actress and I really like her look as well. I’m not sure why, but I find she really stands out. She also seems very natural and down to earth at the same time.


Her best performance for me: Writer Lee Go-Eun in The King of dramas


#4 Kim Sun Ah


Birthdate: October 1, 1975
Height: 170 cm

What I’ve seen her in:

  • My name Sam-Soon
  • The S-Diaries (Movie)

I plan on watching her in:

  • She’s on duty (movie)

Why I love her: My name is Kim Sam-Soon is a great drama and I think she’s the main reason why. She plays an average woman, but adds so much spunk and life to the character. I really enjoyed watching her and found her entertaining. I need to watch more of her work.


Her best performance for me: Kim Sam-Soon in My Name is Kim Sam Soon

#3 Ha Ji won


Birthdate: June 28, 1978
Height: 168 cm

What I’ve seen her in:

  • Secret Garden
  • Love So Divine (Movie)

I plan on watching her in:

  • Empress Ki
  • King 2 Hearts
  • Sex is Zero (movie)

Why I love her:

I find it really great that she does her own stunts. Secret Garden required her to show a lot of range. She had to be physically fit, play a tough but somewhat still feminine character and also switch into the soul of a man. I’m looking forward to watching more of her to be able to add more reasons to this section.


Her best performance for me: At the moment I’m going to say Secret Garden, but I have a feeling her outstanding performance is in Empress Ki. I’m waiting anxiously to see this drama, but I’m currently unable to find it available in my region.


#2 Yoon Eun-Hye


Birthdate: October 3, 1984
Height: 169 cm

What I’ve seen her in:

  • Coffee Prince
  • Goong (Princess Hours)
  • Lie to Me
  • Personal Taste (cameo)
  • Marry Him If You Dare (part of it)

I plan on watching her in:

  • I Miss You

Why I love her:

Eun-Hye was so amazing in Coffee Prince and I immediately appreciated her acting skills. I’ve seen various gender bender dramas, but she’s the only female that I’ve actually felt could pass as a guy. She’s very pretty and feminine, but she was believable as a young man because she played to tom-boy role flawlessly. In other dramas, she acted well also.


Her best performance for me: 

I’ve already said it: Coffee Prince. I think this will forever be my favorite drama of hers. I love this drama!


And my number one favorite Kdrama actress is… Drum-roll please..

#1 Gong Hyo-Jin!!!!


Birth date: April 4, 1980
Height: 173 cm

What I’ve seen her in:

Master’s Sun
Thank You
The Greatest Love
Teacher Biscuit and Star Candy

I plan on watching her in:

There’s nothing in particular I want to see her in, but I would like to watch her in some movies. I’m just not sure where to start.


Why I love her:

Because she is amazing! She’s so talented, she’s versatile and has that, as we say in french, je ne sais quoi (intangible quality). I thought she was whiny in pasta but still likable. Then I saw her in Master’s Sun and she really Wowed me! I gained mad respect for this actress in this role. Her personally is really quirky and everyone thinks she’s crazy. She showed a range of emotions and played scared very well. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; When she acts, she becomes the character. I forget I’m watching an actress and believe she is whoever she is playing. Love, love love her!

Her best performance for me: 

It’s a tie. I refuse to pick. In my opinion from what I’ve seen her in,  best roles are in Master’s Sun and Thank you.


In Master’s Sun I enjoyed watching the scenes where she was scared and desperately clinging onto So Ji-Sub for comfort. I laughed when she would get possessed by Spirits and have to be a variety of different souls including that of a cat.


I still get shivers remembering her performance in Thank You (her an Jang Hyuk both). Thinking about a mom finding out her little girl has accidentally been infected with blood tainted by HIV/AIDS makes me want to cry. She’s so strong in this drama, but she’s human, and gets run down like everyone else. I love the sexual tension and banter between her and Jang Hyuk. Even though her and Dr. Min both deny being attracted to each other, I can strongly sense an attraction. It’s much more than just physical attraction though. Part of her charm is that she resists him, as long as she can anyway. She puts her needs last, but he treats her as a woman. All I’ll say is : Watch it! Watch it! Watch it! Yes you! I’m tempted to re-watch it again soon.

Honorable Mention

To finish off this post, I would like to add an honorable mention to Lee Dae-Ha. I absolutely loved her in Robbers. She was very good in Chuno as well, but she really shined for me in Robbers. I would like to see more of her. I think she’s very charming and has a very strong screen presence.


Now it’s your turn; tell me about your favorites 🙂