Most of us love those sweet tender moments between the main actor and actress, but let’s not forget the Bromances! Kdramas have some fantastic Bromances and I want to honor my favorite Kdrama Bromances with this post.

#5 Boy Over Flowers: Bros for life Bromance

Koo Jun-Pyo & Yun Ji-Hu


Okay, so here are two best friends that have known each other since they were young kids. They know everything about each other and, oh ya, they fall in love with the same woman. So, that’s where it’s start to get tricky, but you know what they say about bros .. Ummm, they stick together no matter what.

#4 Tazza: The Complicated Bromance

Go-Ni & Young-Min


This drama is another case where both men end up falling in love with the same woman, although this one is a little trickier than The Boys Over Flowers friendship. These two go through a lot and may or may not end up with a friendship in the end. I don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it. It’s worth watching.

#3 Chuno: The unlikely Bromance

Daegil & Tae-ha



Well now, this was certainly an unlikely Bromance. I mean, they were trying to kill each other for most of the drama. But what they end up with in the end is in my opinion very beautiful. Again, these two men are in love with the same woman. One in fact is married to her, but they seem to develop what I would consider a mutual respect for each other. I feel like they learn a lot from each other.

#2 Sungkyunkwan Scandal:
The Yaoi (boys love) Potential Bromance

Ku Yong-Ha & Moon Jae-Sin


Okay, so I’m scared to even say the word Yaoi here, but for female readers that like manga, you may be familiar with the term. If you don’t know what it means, please look up with caution or you might get quite a surprise. So basically what I mean by calling them this, is I could actually see these two as a couple if Crazy Horse were interested in men. I feel like Ku Yong-Ha would be game.


But, seriously – If you’ve seen this drama, weren’t they adorable? They had a really cute friendship.

and my #1 favourite Kdrama Bromance is… Drumroll Please!!

#1 Chuno: The Trio Family Bromance 

Daegil, Jang-jun Choi & Wang-Son


This three way friendship really added another element of beauty to this already magnificent drama. These were three men, not related by blood, that truly became family. They had been traveling together for a long time and created a very strong bond. Wangson was like the younger brother, the one you love to pick on. Officer Choi was like the older brother, the one who would always know what to say at the right time, and always had your best interest at heart, whether it’s what you wanted to hear or not. Daegil, he’s the brother you would look up to, and would follow without question (well, unless you are the rebellious younger brother).


I tried to find an MV with these three, but I could only find this one from TMcollection. It’s a great video, and I find it really does a great job of depicting their friendship.

Hope you enjoy!

Who are your favorite Bromantic couples?