We can’t stand them; we want to jump up from our seat, yell at them and in true Kdrama style, splash water in their face. Who are they? They are the notorious Kdrama villains that we love to hate. As infuriating as they are, what would Kdramas be without them? Their irritating presence is required for the element of conflict that they bring.

There are many different type of Kdrama villains. There are the over protective rich mothers who think no one is good enough for their son; there’s the truly evil villain, with no hope of salvation; and there’s the horrible person that you sometimes feel bad for that perhaps might have a conscience buried somewhere deep down. I’m sure there are many other’s too, but these were the first three that came to mind. I wanted to share my top 5 infuriating villains. I have a lot of respect for these actors for their ability to get such a rise out of us while watching them. Nothing gets me yelling at the screen more than a well played villain.

Koodos to you all.

#5 Tazza – Ah-gwi played by Kim Kap-Soo

I had to include Kim Kap-Soo on my list for his performance in this drama. I’ve decided I really love this actor. He played Ah-gwi so well. He was less aggravating than some, because you knew what to expect from Ah-gwi. You knew he was evil.


#4 Midas – Yoo In-Hye played by Kim Hee-Ae

Midas Villain

I finished watching Midas today. This woman… sigh… She was so frustrating! It also bothered me because I couldn’t really predict what would happen to her in the end. She was greedy and didn’t care who she trampled on as long as it would benefit her. Even her closest allies and her own family were not safe from her scorn. What was the worst about it too was how calm and composed she was (most of the time). She was a snake.

#3 Chuno – Cheol-woong Hwang played by Lee Jong-Hyeok


All I can do is face palm. He still leaves me feeling confused, angry and sad.. So many different emotions. I mentioned him in my Chuno post. There were times I felt bad for him, but other times I really hated him. He was despicable, but I pitied him too. I’m feeling mixed emotions as I write this. I don’t think I’m ready to revisit Chuno yet..

#2 Secret Garden – Moon Boon-Hong (Kim Joo Won’s mother) played by Park Joon Geum

If I ever wanted to Kdrama slap someone, or Kdrama style splash water in their face, this would be the woman. She’s an overbearing, rich mother who won’t stay out of her son’s life. This is a familiar melodrama, and romantic comedy villain. I’m getting mad just thinking about her.


and my #1 favorite Kdrama love-to-hate Villain is….

#1 Rooftop Prince Hong Se-Na / Hwa-Yong played by Jung Yoo-Mi

Now talk about evil; she was even evil in her past life. Not only that, she was an evil child.. twice. She didn’t learn her lesson the first time around and ended up with the same jealous, rotten personality. What bothered me the most about her character was how she had this “poor me” face and felt like she was the victim. She was completely self centered and I yelled at her when she came on screen many times.


Honorable Mention

A Thousand Kisses – Min Ae-Ja played by Kim Chang-Suk


A word to the wise; never, ever sit at a table with an angry mother who has a glass of water in front of her. Honestly, I disliked this mother so much, I had to stop watching the show. She was unbearable. She was so aggravating it was annoying. I kept thinking, “Give it a rest lady”.

Who are some of your favorite kdrama (or jdrama, twdrama) villains?