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First comes love, than comes marriage, than comes “insert name here” in baby carriage. Oh wait… that’s not how it goes in this drama. First comes intoxication, than comes fornication, than comes .. well, you get the idea. 

Sometimes it’s fun when the romantic order is all jumbled up.

The Taiwanese drama Fated to Love You was very popular back in 2008. Six years later, here comes the Korean version. Some people have been excited while others have been nervous or have been feeling skeptical. Remakes can go either way; They can be very successful and also have the possibility of tanking.

After watching the first episode, I wanted to discuss my thoughts towards, what I believe to be, a promising remake. I’ll be honest; I haven’t watched the original  – yet. I was planning on watching it eventually. I wanted to wait until after I saw the Korean version because I didn’t want the original to influence my opinion too much on the remake. I do know though how the story goes, so I have some idea of what’s in store for us.

Reasons to Watch

Gotta Love Reunion Dramas

Jand Nara and Jang Hyuk have worked together before. Back in 2002, they starred together in Succesful Story of a Bright Girl. They had great chemistry and played off of each other extremely well. The only area that needed improvement was the kiss. Back in 2002, Jang Nara was still young and uncomfortable with the kiss. In the end, they ended up staging the kiss. This is their chance to show us that chemistry with some fantastic lip-locking!

It’s Really Funny, Really!

Jang Hyuk laughing

First episodes can be pretty boring, but I thought they did a good job of making it interesting and laugh out loud funny. There were quirky moments right off the bat.

My thoughts on the Cast and Characters

Nam Se-Ra

Wang Ji-Won in Fated to Love You

I thought I wouldn’t like Nam Se-Ra (played by Wang Ji-Won) right off the bat, but I have to say, I was pretty impressed. I liked how she pokes fun of Daniel as he tries to pick up a lady on the plane. She seems right through him. I think she’s pretty sharp. I didn’t know much about her personality, so I found it really interesting to watch her. She doesn’t seem like an obvious match for Lee Geon, so I’m wondering how they got together.


Choi Jin Hyuk in Fated to Love You

I know there are lots of Choi Jin Hyuk super fans out there. He is a good actor and he was great in this episode. I didn’t really know what to expect from his character but I was confident he would play it well. I liked his style and I think he’s going to be really fun to watch. I also believe he’ll add a very interesting dynamic. I want to see more scenes with him. I love how his character and Lee Gun’s are very different. I also can’t wait to see his interactions with Kim Mi-Young (Jang Nara). I adore that he has a bit of a bad boy flare. Often with second leads, they are super nice and get friend zoned pretty quickly. I think he’ll help make this a pretty intense love triangle (or square).

The Return of the Post-it Girl 

Jang Nara in Fated to Love YOu

Jang Nara was perfect as the post-it girl, Kim Mi-Young. She’s so sweet and sadly a push-over. I really like her kind nature. She seems very sincere and it’s sad to see how people take advantage of her. The wardrobe and glasses complemented her role perfectly. I thought her acting was superb. I’ve enjoyed her in other dramas, but I think this might turn out to be her best performance.

A very Eccentric, Hilarious Lee Gun

Jang Hyuk in Fated to Love You

Wowza! As a Jang Hyuk fan I can tell you, I’m very pleased. He was funny, and played the part of Company President very well. The first scene was brilliant with the commercial. I was enjoying myself immensely. The only awkward part was watching it with my boyfriend (who so kindly watched in with me… after I basically forced him).

Jang Hyuk FTLY

I couldn’t stop smirking as Lee Gun ripped off his shirt, soaking wet in the most ridiculous yet alluring fashion. For anyone that has seen him in episode 45 of running man, it reminded me of when he was improvising a fake cosmetic commercial. He soaks his face with water and gazes so intensely. It was sexy yet comical at the same time. They threw a couple other things in for us super fans, like when they started playing the OST from Chuno. I hope we get other dribbles of his works included. It’s like being part of an inside joke, yet it’s still funny if you don’t know the inside joke.

Jang Hyuk Running Man episode 45

I liked how sincere he was in the love for his girlfriend. So far I can tolerate his bratty spoiled moments. I’m really glad people will get to see this side of his acting skills since he often plays very serious characters. Oh, and his laugh. I love his crazy over the top laugh. I’m thinking of adopting this laugh myself to see how people react to it. I’m sure my coworkers will love it (not!).

So what did you think? Did you watch the first episode? Have you seen the original? What were your thoughts?

Episode rating: 4.5/5

You can watch the first episode on Viki