Today is So Ji Sub’s Birthday.

so ji sub

Lately, I’ve been marathon watching So Ji Sub. I had watched Master’s Sun quite some time ago, but decided that it was now time to venture further into his body of work.

So far I’ve seen Master’s Sun, Sorry I Love You, We’re dating Now, Always (movie) and I’m currently watching Road No. 1.

road no 1

I’ve been teased about my current infatuation, but I’m blissfully enjoying it while it lasts. You never know with this sort of thing if it’ll die down or spin of control (the way it did with my Jang Hyuk obsession).

As someone who enjoys analyzing everything, I’m trying to dissect his work but without much luck. I’m still pinpointing his acting strengths and weaknesses, but find myself just letting go and enjoying watching him.

Well anyway, Happy Birthday Oppa!

This fan girl adores you.