Happy Birthday Jang Hyuk

December 20th is Jang Hyuk’s Birthday!

It’s been almost a year now since my Jang Hyuk journey has began. I want to pay special respect to Jang Hyuk’s career today and growth as an actor.

I joke a lot, especially on twitter, and come across as a fan obsessed, hormone driven Kya girl. Truth is, what I adore more than anything about Jang Hyuk is his acting. Yes he is gorgeous, yes he is sexy but more than anything he is talented.

For myself, when getting into a role, it starts as an energy deep inside. This energy than manifests itself from deep within and seeps out. That’s where your character comes to life. When Jang Hyuk acts, I can feel his energy as an actor. I see it in his eyes, his body language, his speech, posture and so forth.

When I watch him, I connect to him like a kindred Spirit, whether he’s playing someone under psychosis or some sort of money driven scum bag.

He doesn’t go the easy route either and play type cast roles. He constantly steps out of his comfort zone and tries new characters. He’s always had what it takes to be a good actor, but he has really honed his skills over the years and really refined them.

This is why Jang Hyuk is my favorite actor. I have so much respect for his love of the art. No matter what I do in life, acting has been and will always be my passion.

Happy Birthday Oppa; you are one talented man and I hope to continue to watch you even when I’m old and grey.

Curious how Jang Hyuk celebrated his birthday? The ladies from Stuck on Hyuk have posted new pics so go check it out. Also remember, #HyukSpam is the tag a bunch of us Hyukie fans have created on twitter, so always feel free to spread the love for Hyuk there.