Normally I try to stay away from High School dramas; I figure, I’m too old to be watching them. It’s not that a detest them, it’s more that I feel awkward watching them at my age.

I made an exception for this drama. It’s been on my Netflix list for so long and I decided it was time to give it a shot.

There are two reasons I decided it was time to check it out:

1) It has Sung Joon in it who has peaked my curiosity with his portrayal of Yoon Tae-Joo in Hyde Jekyll, Me and I also recently watched him in I Need Romance 3.

2) It’s about a band; a sort of punk/rock feel band, which I love

So I watched it fairly quickly (in about 2 days) and here are my thoughts:


For a cast of rookie actors, they did extremely well. This was Jo Bo-Ah‘s very first drama. She plays Im Soo-Ah who is the initial band leader’s muse. I thought she did extremely well and I wouldn’t have guessed it was her first drama, except that I knew it was. The only thing I found a little strange is that I watched her in Thorn first (Innocent Thing) opposite of Jang Hyuk where she is a love-crazed, obsessed, disturbed teen in love with her teacher. This role is such a contrast from that movie, so it was weird seeing her in such a truly innocent/normal high-schooler role, but her acting was very sincere and her portrayal was successful.


Sung Joon was still pretty new to the industry when he starred in this role. I really liked his character. I can see room for improvement in his acting, but I can already see where he has improved from then until now. Overall I thought he did extremely well and he was really very likable. Back when I was in High School, Kwon Ji-Hyuk was totally the kind of boy a would have liked. Creative, kind of quiet but confident, a bit of rebel, bad boy, but with a great heart. He had good expressions, and I could buy into his personality. I would really love to see Sung Joon improve with his crying scenes. I feel like he’s getting there. None of his scenes were bad, but as he gets more comfortable I’d really like to see him let go and allow the tears to flow. I hope I don’t sound overly critical; I really enjoyed him and since I like him so much as an actor, I want to see him grow as an actor. Despite my slight criticisms, he really made this drama for me and is the one who kept me watching.


I want to also point out a very notable performance by L (Kim Myung-Soo) who plays Lee Hyun-Soo. Out of all the band members, he and Ji-Hyuk stand out the most. I liked that Myung-Soo’s character was multi-layered and how my opinion of him changed the more I got to know his character through the drama. I think he’s a pretty good actor. On top of that, he really does have a beautiful voice, but he’s more than just a pretty voice and face.

The song’s were catchy and I really loved the teenage angst. These boys came across as a bunch of baddasses, but they really were sweet guys, and their friendship meant so much to each and everyone of them.


I love Kpop, but it was nice to see a band for a change. I would have enjoyed it if we heard more songs, but the fact that they kept repeating the same songs allowed them to sink in.

It’s a fun drama. It has some sad parts, but overall it’s very fun, high energy with a cute romance.

I liked the genre of music and I adored the individual style of each band member (especially Sung Joon).

kdrama Quick review rating

My rating : 4/5