A Stalker's Guide to Lee Dong Wook

I’ve finished my 2 month binge of Lee Dong Wook dramas, and here’s the fruit of my labour. I’ve completed a Stalker’s Guide to Lee Dong Wook and it is posted on mydramalist.com. Please go check it out and let me know what you think. I would be so happy to get your feedback.

Direct link: A Stalker’s Guide to Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook Blademan

Here are some of Lee Dong Wook’s strengths I highlight in the article:

  • He has a very expressive face (both subtle and full tilt)
  • His smile is contagious, large and bright
  • His comical timing is impeccable and he’s had some brilliant organic, ad lib moments
  • He’s quick witted and very funny
  • A man of charm with natural charisma
  • His romantic chemistry on screen feels very natural
  • He knows how to turn on the sensuality
  • He makes some pretty adorable facial expressions
  • His passion for acting is evident and he strives to continuously improve
Lee Dong Wook A Bittersweet Life

Lee Dong Wook and Oh Yeon Su had very unique chemistry in La Dolce Vita (A Bittersweet Life)

Do you like Lee Dong Wook? Now that I’ve finished my binge watch, should I start fully reviewing Lee Dong Wook Dramas and movies? If you are interested in having me review any of his particular works please let me know.

So far, these are the Lee Dong Wook dramas I have reviewed:

Scent of a Woman
Hotel King

Thanks for reading!