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Wow… this week of Bubblegum went by so quickly and as usual, has left me desiring more. Episode 5 focused a lot of Kim Haeng A’s (Jung Ryeo Won’s) reaction to the kiss. At the end of episode 4 I was under the impression she was really into it. Well, it turned out she was extremely freaked out, more than I had originally anticipated and it took her a while to come around. She had more of a knee-jerk reaction to the kiss than I had initially thought. I enjoyed episode 5 and did appreciate the fact that her character had some apprehensions and wasn’t ready to immediately accept the offer of moving into a new relationship. I felt her reaction was very understandable but I also liked how we could see her heart gently swaying…. Timidly and cautiously, but swaying none the less.

Haeng A’s feelings for Park Ri Hwan (Lee Dong Wook) are not new. I believe they were always there, just suppressed. She does talk about this a bit in episode 6 with Suk Joon (Lee Jong Hyuk) and she explains it very well. I was hoping to get more of a reaction from Suk Joon when she tells him that the kiss wasn’t an act, but rather the end of a very long act of denial where she had been hiding her true feelings from herself, afraid to let someone in who knew her so well. I guess he really didn’t know what to say… I think it caught him off guard, but also in the moment he could tell she was being honest and was left speechless.

Bubblegum Kdrama Episode 6 kitty cat face

Episode 6 was my favourite episode this week out of the two. There are a lot of fun moments but it feels like a calm before the storm. There’s so much uncertainty. It was so nice to see many scenes of our pair “contemplating” dating. They’re really starting to feel like a couple. I love how Haeng A started opening up to Ri Hwan about her doubts and concerns. Although he was nudging her in the direction of dating, he wasn’t pushing her and really wanted to hear her thoughts and ease her concerns. He’s not trying to control her, but I think he’s well aware that she does want to be with him.

Bubblegum episode 6 beach dateBubblegum episode 6 beach date

Although there are many cute scenes in episode 6, my favourite one has to be the beach scene. I’m going to focus on this scene more than anything else, because it really stuck with me. First, I like how the scene opens up. We have Yi Seul (Park He Von) standing, alone in an art museum. She looks so lonely, as she gazes  into a painting of blue and turquoise rolling waves… as she stares at the still image, it transitions into the beach scene where Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah are quietly enjoying the cool late fall breeze and view of the water. It almost feels like a dream at first. There’s something so tranquil about it. Even though as they sit, there are questions looming over their heads, they soak in the luscious view.

Bubblegum episode 6 beach dateBubblegum episode 6 beach date

When I think of a drama or movie beach date, I picture a hot sunny day, a nice, spotless beach with hot sand…

Bubblegum episode 6 beach dateBubblegum episode 6 beach dateBubblegum episode 6 beach dateBubblegum episode 6 beach date

But this in contrast is a very cool day, they’re picking garbage out from under them. We also get to see their shy faces as Ri Hwan talks about “holes in the sand” from people.

Bubblegum episode 6 beach dateBubblegum episode 6 beach dateBubblegum episode 6 beach dateBubblegum episode 6 beach date

Haeng A gets hit in the face by blowing garbage.. we’ve got a stray cat walking by that looks like he’s hacking on something he just ate and there’s tons of seagulls… yet the scene in so magnificent and beautiful. There’s this stillness to it. Haeng A really begins to open her heart and express how she’s feeling. She’s nervous to do so, but she attempts to really explain what is going on in her head.

Bubblegum episode 6 beach date

I love the song Haeng A plays during the beach date. I just found out it’s Stardust by W&Whale (더블유 앤 웨일). I’m addicted to this song right now. It fits perfectly with the moment. They then seems to really enjoy the rest of their beach day and let go, enjoying each others presence, being playful and living in the moment.

Bubblegum episode 6 beach dateBubblegum episode 6 beach dateBubblegum episode 6 beach dateBubblegum episode 6 beach date

I felt Haeng A opening up to Ri Hwan is very significant. Although she can be fairly vocal in some regards, she also internalizes a lot of her concerns and attempts to hide her weaknesses. Her discussing her fear really feels like a milestone in her personal development.

Bubblegum episode 6 Autumn LeavesBubblegum episode 6 Autumn Leaves

This fall scene by the way was equally breathtaking. The colours of the leaves are so rich and you could say it’s very symbolic since we get the visual queue of transition.

Bubblegum episode 6 beach date

Where do we go from here? I think many of us fans are worried about what is going to happen next. It’s only 6 episodes in, so there’s still so much show left at this point. As happy as I am for our couple right now, there’s so much uncertainty hanging in the air. It makes me think of an early morning fog, where you cannot see much in front of you. That’s how I feel right now. Although some of the events occurring feel like very typical and predictable melodrama, there’s really an element of “not sure how this is going to unfold next” with this drama. The mixture of comedy and realism has kept the show grounded thus far… but there’s a lot of drama about to unfold.. so I’m not sure how they will handle it. But so far so good *knock on wood*.

Current obstacles that can possibly ruin this temporary happiness:

  • The mom’s objection or her mysterious past involvement with Haeng Ah’s father
  • Yi Seul, her brother or mother
  • Suk Joon
  • Haeng A herself
  • Illness.. one person we know is sick… let’s hope there’s not more..
  • The possibility of them being siblings (but although I think they might be purposely giving us this impression, I doubt they’ll actually go there)

Final thoughts on Episode 5 and 6:

Episode 5 was a little slower but quite enjoyable. I liked that they didn’t immediately rush into a relationship. Episode 6 was lovely with a lot of cuteness, a lot to worry about but also a lot to be hopeful for.

Episode 5 quick rating:

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Episode 6 quick rating:

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4.9/5 …. What can I say? I’m a sucker for romance

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