Bittersweet Life Kdrama

For today’s drama quote, I leave you with quite a depressing one actually. Why I would chose such a depressing quote over the holidays, I have no idea, but this quote really stuck out to me.

Warning: Contains bedroom scene (not for young eyes)

It comes from La Dolce Vita (Bittersweet Life):


“I felt as if I were like a plate or a cup in the cupboard.”
-Yoon Hye Jin, La Dolce Vita, episode 3

To feel like a plate… I think that’s worse than a doormat or a sponge. With a doormat or a sponge, they at least absorb things while being used. A plate is dirtied, then left bare. It’s used over and over but in the end, is always left emptied once again.

Here’s my artistic interpretation of the Quote. I title it, Chipped mug:


And Lee Joon Soo’s (Lee Dong Wook) reaction to Yoon Hye Jin (Oh Yeon Su) feeling like a plate?

*Cue Bedroom scene please* (avert your eyes children)

(oops, this image disappeared… I will have to retrieve it somehow)

One quote left! See you again shortly.

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