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I continue to really enjoy this drama. I still won’t claim it to be perfection, but it makes me happy. Soo Ho in particular is so amusing to watch and has me laughing and smiling all the way through. Bo Nui has been a lot easier to watch. I’m really glad there’s no more hunting for the tiger business going on.


After the Hospital Visit

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 9 Bo Nui Smiling

Soo Ho (Ryoo Joon Yeol) wants to spend as much time with Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) as possible. When he had said to Bo Nui in the hospital that he would come with her to see her sister anytime she wanted, he really meant it. Bo Nui is truly grateful for Soo Ho’s kindness.

After the visit at the hospital, Bo Nui is ready to head home, but Soo Ho wants to make their time together last longer. He can’t contain his desire to spend time with her so he ends up rushing to her after she leaves and inviting her to go eat.

The Restaurant

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 9 Restaurant Menu

He brings her to the first restaurant he sees, but it’s all fish. She’s worried because he doesn’t eat fish, but he insists that they stay. That’s how much he wants to spend time with her.

Bo Nui inquires about the reason he doesn’t like fish. She admits to him that his mother told her that he loved fish when he was little. He ends up telling her that the reason he cannot tolerate fish anymore is because he “fell” in the sea when he was a kid and almost drowned. Now everything that reminds him of the sea is a turn off… from the smell to the taste. He’s being way to kind to his father by saying he fell. He didn’t fall. He was thrown in. This conversation is when Soo Ho really opens up to Bo Nui and shares about himself. I think it means a lot to her and it helps her understand him better. She’s starting to see past the “Soo Ho” that he presents to other people and is learning and seeing “Soo Ho” the real person.

The Bench

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 9 Bo Nui leans over Soo Ho

After they eat, Soo Ho soaks in the sun with his eyes closed, peacefully on a bench with the leaves gently rustling in the wind. He has a light joyous smile on his lips as Bo Nui approaches with coffee. The sight of Soo Ho looking so at ease makes her happy. She curiously looks at him and playfully leans over top of him looking down towards him. She is in very close proximity to him. She tries to startled him by saying boo. He opens his eyes suddenly. We can see the surprise on his face, but he tries not to show a positive reaction. You are not fooling us Soo Ho. We know you like it.
As they sit and drink their coffee on the bench, Soo Ho brings up Bo Nui’s parents. He asks her is she blames herself for her parents death. She explains that at first she thought it was all coincidence but later she realized it was all her fault. She tells Soo Ho if she had known sooner, she would have sent Bo Ra (Kim Ji Min) away. He says that crazy because she loves her so much and basically halted her life for her sister’s. 

Bo Nui’s Feelings Develop (Finally)

Lucky Romance Episode 9 Kdrama Bo Nui

Later that night, as Bo Nui is saying her prayers, her mind starts to wander as she remembers Soo Ho’s affection at the hospital. She tells herself to focus.

Soo Ho is laying in bed. He then breaks out in another sweet smile as he remembers Bo Nui leaning over top of him earlier that day. He then looks down at his hands remembering when he held Bo Nui in his embrace at the hospital. I thought the show was going to show us something naughty there for moment. Good job trolling us show. The two of them like each other. Muahahahahahaha (evil laughter of sinister joy)!

When Soo Ho wakes up the next morning, he tries to figure out what he should say to Bo Nui on the phone. He likes her so much. He wants to spend all his time with her.

Bo Nui goes to the hospital and is surprised to see Gary there. When the nurse said it was a handsome man, it seemed liked she expected to see Soo Ho. Bo Nui tells Gary that she finally got to see Bo Ra up close thanks to Soo Ho. Gary smiles and says that’s good, but we know that it was a little knife to his heart.

The Media Sniff around for Info

Gary drives Bo Nui home and it appears that Soo Ho is there. Gary gets annoyed and Bo Nui looks excited, quietly checking herself in the car mirror. Well, it turns out to be a nosy reporter wanting the scoop on Gary’s search for this father. Gary instinctively blocks Bo Nui from the cameras lens.

Amy Lucky Romance Episode 9 Kdrama

Amy let’s Gary know they got a hold of the original photos so they won’t be surfacing. Gary tells Amy he would like to hold a press conference. She doesn’t think it’s the best idea. Amy is concerned it will cause more problems for Gary. She doesn’t want people saying bad things about him. Gary isn’t worried. All he wants is to find his father. In the end Amy agrees adding that she won’t let anyone curse or ruin Gary. Soo Ho is on board too and says Zeze will do whatever they can to help.

Soo Ho wants Bo Nui to come up with the story for Gary’s parents after the broadcast on Saturday. In a month’s time will be the open beta and 3 months they plan for the official game release. The employees are worried this means they won’t get to go on their company outing. He tells them they still will and everyone is happy. So Ho is cheerful to see it made Bo Nui smile, but curious who she is taking to on the phone to rush out of the meeting.

Bo Nui thanks Soo Ho for being so nice to Gary. She goes to walk away and he blurts out “Food”. She she tells him that she has a lunch meeting. He tries to act all cool about it, but really he is curious who she is going to see.

Jealousy Strikes

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 9 Dal Nim

The girls are working on Garry’s video game character when Soo Ho walks in. The girls are fawning over Gary and Soo Ho looks jealous. He grumpily goes into his office.

A Mom, A Racoon and A Shaman

Lucky Romance Episode 9 Shaman

The scene where Bo Nui and Soo Ho’s mom were are the Shaman’s was great. I loved the looks that the Shaman was giving Bo Nui. He was well aware that she is the racoon around Soo Ho, but the Shaman didn’t divulged any of the information which I was happy about. Even though he can be very hard on Bo Nui, he does appear to be on team Soo Ho and Bo Nui (or am I imagining this?).

After the session with the Shaman, they run into the chicken man, but Soo Ho’s mom pretends not to know him. The ladies go out for lunch afterwards and his mom tells Bo Nui that it was his father that pushed him into the water.

More Soo Ho Silliness

Soo Ho hiding Lucky Romance episode 9

Soo Ho sneaks behind the counter at Zeze and ruins Gary’s character’s face in a jealous rage. He finds some of Bo Nui’s salt tucked away. Dal Nim and Bo Nui approach but they cannot see him. Dal Nim tries to encourage Bo Nui to go have some fun.

Dae-Hae Lucky Romance episode 9

Bo Nui hands out flyers to help her old boss, but they fall everywhere. Soo Ho sees her and goes to help her. Afterwards, her former boss tells her that Soo Ho must like her and asks if there is anything going on with them. She says he doesn’t like her, but then Dae Hae (Kim Sang Ho) points out that Soo Ho is loitering the area (super uncomfortable-like, may I add).

The next day, Bo Nui finds Dae Hae working at the company. Soo Ho hired him on as a security guard (so sweet). I’m glad he took on the position. I was a little surprised he was willing to humble himself enough to do so. This is yet another piece of evidence for Bo Nui to see how wonderful Soo Ho is.

Suspicious Eyes are Watching

Soo Ho's mom being sneaky

So Hoo’s mom and the chicken man are playing a dangerous game. The father and Soo Ho are both getting suspicious to them. It doesn’t look like they are doing anything besides talking on the phone and lunch, but she has lingering feelings. The father overheard her on the phone say Oppa. I was surprised he didn’t call her out of it right away but instead walked away without her even noticing that he was there in the first place.

Soo Ho hasn’t said anything to the chicken man about his mom, but he seems to be paying silent attention. He sits and has food and a swig of beer. He has Bo Nui on the brain. It’s nice that they have this little bonding Bo Nui moment, because I still do believe this has to be his actual father.

Two Guys wanting to Date the Same Girl

Gary and Soo Ho both plan to spend time with Bo Nui. Neither of them are aware of the others intention. Soo Ho gets thre first and brings Bo Nui to the company outing. Gary was a little too late and gets there after she is gone. He calls her to see where she is and she lets him know where she is going with Soo Ho. He ends up going too. Before they arrived, Bo Nui asked Soo Ho in the car if he likes her. He denied it and she did as well. So everyone is there in the end, including Ryang Ha (who no one really cares about). Lots of jealousy in the air.

soo ho giggling

They all have a four wheeler race and Bo Nui, unlike Soo Ho, is very comfortable riding. Soo Ho and Gary make a little wager on who will finish first. The shocker, is that Soo Ho finishes first, riding on the back of Bo Nui’s four wheeler with the biggest grin. Amy watches the scene pretty much in disbelief. She can tell that something is going on.

Eveyone is really drunk and Bo Nui finds out they are going to throw Soo Ho in the water. She reacts by running right away because she knows he is petrified of water. she goes to stop them, but she is too late. She yells at the guys for throwing him in, but they don’t really get what all the fuss is about. They were just trying to have a little bit of fun. Bo Nui sticks with Soo Ho after that to try and make sure that he is okay.

Bo Nui confesses episode 9 lucky romance

He tries to act tough, but she tells him that there is no need to. They leave and she brings him home so he can rest. While he is apparently sleeping on the couch, she decides that is the perfect time to confess. But this is a drama Bo Nui, of course he is not really sleeping and is going to hear you.

Truth or Dare

The truth or dare scene this episode shows Soo Ho stranded with his four wheeler stuck. He looks up the sky and challenges whatever’s up there, if such a thing as destiny exists, then save him. He jokes to himself that Bo Nui is rubbing off on him, then suddenly she appears … his destiny. No wonder he was smiling so much on the way back. I’m okay with Soo Ho looking at life beyond numbers and logic.. but I hope that means that Bo Nui will let go of some of her nonsensical ways and have a bit more common sense like Soo Ho. Balance is the key. If this is what they are trying to teach us.. I’m cool with that.

Closing Thoughts:

A Company Outing of Realizations

Leads and seconds leads from afar lucky romance episode 9

The company outing had some great moments. That super awkward moment when Soo Ho and Bo Nui arrived was incredible. I loved how Gary and Amy, who were far away were staring at them. No one looked happy. It was a great shot.

The Media Finds Out About Gary’s Search for His Father

I don’t quite understand why the public and media would view Gary searching for his father as negative. What’s the scandal here? I don’t get how it could be spun to view Gary in a negative light. Even if Gary left and spent years in Canada, why does that matter? I guess it’s unecessary gossip, but I don’t understand why people would judge him for it. He wants to find his father… end of story. They need to leave him be. I am really starting to wonder what has happened to his father though. I’ve always wanted to know… but 9 episodes in, and we haven’t learned anything new about the situation.

Soo Hoo Wants to Spend Time with Bo Nui

Soo Ho really wants to spend time with Bo Nui.. It’s so cute how he blurts out “Eat with me” or “Food”. He’s so funny. He doesn’t know how to be casual about things.. but it’s more adorable this way. I was quite surprised that he even ate seafood for her and he wasn’t complaining. It’s so sweet that she’s more important to him.

Second Leads…

amy and gary lucky romance episode 9

I felt super bad for Amy and Gary this episode. Amy is starting to catch on the Bo Nui and Soo Ho. She’s noticing the looks and smiles going back and forth (especially on Soo Ho’s part). Her going on the outing was her attempt to get much closer to Soo Ho, but it didn’t work. He was clearly distracted and into Bo Nui.

Amy looked so pretty too, but Soo Ho’s heart is not with her anymore; he has moved on. She’s not going to want to accept it, but I hope she does accept it rather quickly.

Gary is painful to watch right now. The way I see it, Gary really is so in love with Bo Nui. She means the world to him. It’s really difficult for him to see Bo Nui and Soo Ho continuously get closer. I can’t stand seeing his puppy dog eyes; it really breaks my heart.

Comical Moment

Ryang Ha Dal Nim Lucky Romance Episode 9

I laughed so hard when everyone was shoving Ryang Ha. It was the best when Dal Nim did it. She pushed him right over, haha. I can’t wait to see how they both wake up next episode. They were both passed out side by side from drinking, so I suspect they will wake up face to face, in very close proximity.

From Rain Cloud to Bright Rays of Sunlight

Soo Ho in the sunlight

With every episode that passes, Soo Ho smiles more and more. I hope someone makes a youtube video of the smiles. That would be great. If he keeps this up, he’ll be smiling all the time. Bo Nui makes him happy.

Gary Vs Soo Ho

I’ve always known that Gary and Soo Ho are so different, but I was even more aware of their difference this episode. Gare is confident, cool, normal. Soo Ho is odd, awkward, uncomfortable. One thing they both have in common though, is they are both kind, and they both care about Bo Nui a lot.

Bo Nui’s Developing Feelings

Bo Nui with sun glasses

I’m really happy to see Bo Nui’s feelings come to the surface. Up until this point, she’s been so focused on her sister, that the prospect of actual romance wasn’t on her radar. Now that her sister is making positive improvements, she’s really had the opportunity to realize how great Soo Ho has been to her and what a nice person he is.

Soo Ho and Bo Nui had some really good bonding time this episode. Bo Nui’s confession was good. I like confessions like this, where they think the other person isn’t awake. It’s clichée, but it’s a fun clichée.

Episode 9 Quick Rating:

kdrama Quick review rating


The episode was realy fun. Soo Ho especially never fails to entertain me. We’re getting to that climax part of the drama though, where things are going to be a little too perfect. This means, most likely, soon, Bo Nui will start to show some resistance to a potential relationship because she’ll be too scared something terrible will happen to Soo Ho if the are together.

What are your thoughts? Do you think my prediction is right, or will something else get in their way?