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Well, well, well…. The mystery continues…and it grows! I really think we can’t discount the even the seemingly innocent in this drama. Anyone could be guilty. There’s some dodgy stuff going on. The perpetrator, or perpetrators may very well be the one’s we least expect. I don’t know, do you? Different theories are slightly spinning in my head, but they quickly fizzle out. I really don’t know what to think. But I’m enjoying the process.


Beautiful Mind Kdrama Father and son episode 3

There’s no questions in regards to Young Oh’s genius. The episode begins with a flashback of Young Oh drawing a very technical heart illustration as he names off the different sections of the heart. His father is not pleased by this. He does not want his son to be a Doctor because he fears what he might do. Young Oh wants to be a successful Doctor like his father.

Beautiful Mind Kdrama episode 3 collapsed person

Still in the flashback, Young Oh attends a Hospital event with his father (but no one noticed Young Oh at first). Someone fell very suddenly ill. They assumed it was perhaps symptoms from Parkinson’s. Young Oh emerges from the crowd and confidently diagnoses the person collapsed on the floor. Young Oh exposes the wound and says that it is a chronic subdural hemorrage. The father urges them to call the ambulance but Young Oh thinks they should act fast and fix it now. He has a drill in his hand. Lee Gun Myung (Heo Jun Ho) goes ahead and drills into the patients head. Thanks to Young Oh observations and quick thinking (and with his father’s help) the patient was saved.  Question… when did he pick up and where did he find a drill? Knowing Young Oh, I wonder if he spotted symptoms from the person long before they fell down and went to fetch a drill. 

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 3 Younger Young Oh

The Hospital Director, Shin Don Jae and the others were very impressed with Young Oh. Dong Jae asks Gun Myung why he was hiding such a genius son, and wonders where he is attending medical school. Young Oh says his father doesn’t want to let him go, so Dong Jae looks at his longtime friend Gun Myung, puzzled, wondering if there is a particular reason. Gun Myung wants to keep his son’s condition a secret, so he doesn’t comment. Young Oh, quite cleverly asks if he can go to medical school in front of everyone, which pressures Gun Myung to finally concede.

Gye Jin Sung (Park So-Dam) continues to investigate the table death case and wants to find out about the heart that went missing. Young Oh puts doubt in her head about Hyun Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min), but this isn’t something she can easily accept about Suk Joo. She has a lot of history with him and she also really cares about him, and likes him, a lot.

That’s Not Your Dad

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 3 young female patient

A young female patient comes in after passing out at a soccer game. The girl gets misdiagnosed, but then Young Oh comes in and lifts her shirt exposing terrible bruising. Young Oh looks at her parents carefully to try and get tells from them. The father feels that he is insinuating that he has hit his daughter and he insists he is not. Young Oh asks repeatably if he is the biological father. He says he is, but Young Oh looks over to the mother who is showing signs in her eyes and body language that he is in fact not.

Young Oh tells them that she has hemophilia, which is a bleeding disorder when your blood doesn’t clot properly. It can also cause internal bleeding, such as she is experiencing. She is currently suffering from intracerebral hemorrhage caused by the hemophilia. He lets them know that it is hereditary and that is why he is asking if he is the biological father. She undergoes the proper surgery after that, and begins recovering following a successful surgery. They were going to rush the surgery originally, but that would have resulted in too much blood loss and her dying.

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 3 Hwang Jung Hwan

Dr. Hwang Jung Hwan (Jung Moon Sung) feels that Young Oh was being unsympathetic with the family.. and that he revealed too much. Young Oh stands by his tactics. He says he has nothing to feel bad about; he’s not the one that misdiagnosed the patient.

Everyone Lies

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 3 Gye Jin Sung

Gye Jin Sung tried to track Suk Joo down, so she can have a proper talk about him and see what he knows regarding the table death case. She finds it very difficult though, because he’s been in surgery for a very long time. When she finally finds him, he is asleep. Young Oh shares his suspicions more detailed but she defends Suk Joo. She refuses to believe that Suk Joo can lie. She goes as far to say to Young Oh that Suk Joo would not lie. Young Oh reads her body language and can see she is not being very dishonest with him (and herself for that matter). He tells her that all people lie; that it is in their human nature. Young Oh points out to her that she is lying to him at this present moment.

A Father with No Faith in His Son

Beautiful Mind Episode 3 Kdrama Jang Hyuk

Young Oh challenges his father saying that he didn’t even bother to find out the truth about the table death, but immediate assumed that Young Oh was the one responsible.

Jin Sung Reveals her Knowledge to Dong Jae

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 3 Dong Jae

Jin Sung is out drinking and is thinking about a lot of things. She accidentally flings her bottle cap ring and goes looking for it, disrupting everyone. It’s found by Dong Jae who she then sits and drinks with her (he really likes to drink). They talk about many things. He tells her that she should just tell Suk Joo that she likes him. She denies liking him so he pretends that he is going to go throw out her battle cap out to see how she will react. She then ends up blurting out that the heart got stolen from the table death patient’s dead body. He looks utterly shocked.

The Search for the Truth

Beautiful Mind Kdrama shocked face

Dong Jae ends up going back to the hospital, even though he is very drunk. He tried many times to call Suk Joo, but he cannot reach him for the life of him. He goes into his office and reads a document (I’m guessing this is the table death patients file). He’s in even more shock now and continues to try and reach Suk Joo. He then goes to go look for him, but ends up running into Gun Myung. Gun Myung is surprised and a little suspicious that Dong Jae is there so late. He asks him what he is keeping anything from him. Dong Jae explains that he is doing research, but doesn’t tell him the real reason. Interesting to me that two men, that have been supposed friends for over 4o years are so secretive with each other. I can’t say I blame Dong Jae. I think he’s right to not disclose any information, because maybe Gun Myung is involved.. we just don’t know.

Dr. Lee on the phone beautiful mind

Finally, Dong Jae does get a hold of someone on the phone, but it is not Suk Joo. We see him walk into an office and it’s Young Oh’s office. He had called him, and he came into his office to get some information from him regarding the case. Before they have a chance to discuss, Dong Jae goes downhill fast. At first he seems like he’s just really drunk, but his symptoms worsen. He can barely walk, and ends up collapsing. Young Oh checks him out and quickly calls to advise he will need emergency surgery.

Young Oh performs surgery on Dong Jae. It seems to be going well at first, but then all of the sudden there is excessive bleeding and he goes into cardiac arrest. They tried to warn him that Dong Jae was going into cardiac arrest, but he still thought he could save him.

Young Oh comes out and stands by the fact that he did everything right. He even says so in front of Dong Jae’s wife, who is devastated that her husband just passed away. Young Oh is incapable of offering up any condolences. Jung Sung gets mad at him for his lack of sympathy. His father then comes and requests that he shows (pretends to have) some remorse but he does not. Young Oh wants to explain that he did everything right, but his father shuts him down and says it’ll be discussed later when they all go over the cause of death.

Jang Hyuk Beautiful mind stairwell

Young Oh then goes into the stairwell has a personal freak-out moment. He’s so perplexed, because he knows he did everything right, and everything in the surgery was working out properly. I got a little emotional in this scene. I really connected to Jang Hyuk’s acting. I wanted to be like “Baaaaaaaaaby, it’s ok” and reach out to comfort him; but his character probably would have grabbed me by the neck, thrown me up against the wall and told me to leave him alone.

His fit of anger was quite scary and too convincing. I could feel my body tense up as he banged his fist and then his head against the wall. By far my favorite scene in the episode.  The sweat dripping off of his face made it even more dramatic.

The father believe he is dangerous, but I think he definitely is capable for feeling emotions.

The Gossip Train Continues

Doctors drinking Beautiful mind

The Doctors gather again outside of work over beers and talk about Young Oh. Jung Hwan suspects that there is something not quite right with Young Oh.

Jin Sung is Very Sad

sad Jin Sung Episode 3 Beautiful mind

Jin Sung talks to Suk Joo. She tells him that she told Dong Jae everything she knows about the table death case and that he came to the hospital for that reason. She blames herself. She tells him that she doesn’t even deserve to cry right now. She needs to get to the bottom of this. I have a confession; I can’t read Suk Joo’s expressions at all. He can come across as the sweetest person, but the last 2 episodes I see potential guilt plastered all over him. I really don’t know what to think of it, because it could be a red herring (misdirection on the shows part to throw us off the scent of the real killer).

Young Oh Tries to Figure it Out

Young Oh thinks of surgery

Young Oh replays the operation over in his mind in attempt to figure out what happened. He seems pretty obsessed. He needs to know what went wrong.

When Young Oh gets home, he tries to act normal but his father, the constant oppressor, tells Young Oh that he’s been thinking about the reason Young Oh may have decided to come back. He tells Young Oh he needs to apologize for the death of Dong Jae if he wants people to continue to believe that he is normal. Father… stop looking so angry with your son. 

Jin Sung will Swerve, not Stop

Jin Sung has a conversation with her police partner. He tries to explain to her that when bad things happen you sometimes need to stop (using traffic analogy). She says to him what if I can’t stop. She continues, rather than stop she will have to swerve. Nothing’s going to stop her.

The hospital members come to show their condolences. Jin Sung approaches Dong Jae’s wife and tries to convince her that it would be best to give permission for them to perform an autopsy to find out the real cause of death. His wife is unsure. The other Doctor’s don’t think it’s a good idea either. They don’t believe Dong Jae would want it that way. Why don’t think they he would want to know who murdered him? But really… again Jin Sung, you are really bad with timing. Not the most appropriate time to ask such a question, but I gather maybe there’s a short window of time to perform an autopsy? I don’t really know.

A Eulogy to Remember

Young Oh in church beautiful mind episode 3

The funeral procession is underway when Young Oh enters. He asks if he can give the eulogy as the doctor. At first it seems he may have managed to materialize some form of apology, but instead he goes into a full fledged theory that this table death was actually a murder (not him being the murdering of course). Everyone is shocked. Dude, you are at a funeral.. This has to be even worse timing than Jin Sung. Young Oh explains that since Dong Jae was diabetic he always took his medication. This would normally be fine, but the combination with something else was fatal. Young Oh believes this was completely intentional and that the culprit is sitting in one of the pews. Super dramatic.

Closing Thoughts:

The Questions and Surprises Continue

So who did it? Are we any closer to figuring it out? I wonder if there will be more casualties along the way. Is there a chance that Gun Myung is the one that killed him? I’m trying to think of the people that were in contact with Dong Jae before he died.

I did not think we would see Dong Jae die in this episode. I assumed he was going to play a big role in the full story. I’m not really prepared to make any solid judgement calls at this point, because I thought that maybe somehow Dong Jae was wrapped up in this mess, but it appears that he wasn’t. I could see he was often very kind, but I thought maybe secretly, he was somehow guilty or involved.

This Guy, Blurgh!

Beautiful Mind Kdrama this guy

When he was talking with Young Oh, I honestly had a very hard time catching what they were saying. Mostly because I cannot stand this super annoying, money driven character. I could do without him, thank you very much. It felt like they were talking in circles.Even taking the screencap hurts (not because of the actor, because of the character, the character, I emphasize).

Young Oh In Distress

Jang Hyuk beautiful mind

This is why I love Jang Hyuk most of all, scenes like the stairwell scene. All his scenes were good, but especially his ones surrounding the death of Dong Jae. It’s these kind of scenes that make me forget I am watching a drama. It’s when he allows me to get submersed into a character with him. During the stairwell scene, I thought I was going to start to cry. I came really close to crying because it was so emotional. I think his father’s approach to dealing with him is very damaging to him, even if the father does in fact have the best intentions.

One more comment in regards to Young Oh; he likes grabbing people by the throat. He did it to Jin Sung and now we see to his dad also. That’s not nice Young Oh.

Where is the Father’s Empathy?

Beautiful Mind kdrama episode 3 Gun-Myung

It bother’s me that the father has zero empathy for his son. I understand Young Oh’s diagnoses, and that according to the diagnosis, affection will serve no purpose, but shouldn’t a father show love and empathy towards his son? Yes, he’s apparently a sociopath.. but really I’m not so sure about that. If there was really no hope for Young Oh and he was in fact extremely dangerous, why would he react so hard to Dong Jae’s death? Only because he felt he did everything right? Food for thought.

Young Oh holding pills beautiful mind episode 3

The closing scene was a little cheesy… I mean, did they really have to write it so that details of a potential murder are announced at a funeral? I guess part of this is to show that Young Oh has zero concept of what may be deemed appropriate versus inappropriate behavior when people are in mourning. It’s funny though, because it’s almost his way of apologizing. “I can’t apologize, so I’ll do the next best thing and let you know at your husband’s funeral that someone tried to murder him, and they are most likely in this room”.

Episode 3 Quick Rating:

kdrama Quick review rating


I gave this episode a 4 because we got some brilliant acting and things are still a mystery. They are not revealing too much too soon, but slowly giving us more to digest, bit by bit. There are the occasional cheesy scenes which made it so I didn’t score it higher, but all in all I really enjoyed the episode.

I’m very happy we have another episode tomorrow. Let’s see how things continue on from here. Please feel free to share your thoughts. I’m sure there are many theories floating around, and probably many things I haven’t thought of which make sense.