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Although the episode ended rather intensely, I had a good vibe overall from this episode. Bo Nui continued to hold back, but everything became more clear to her as the episode progressed. Soo Ho continued to be amazing as usual.


I like You but I Won’t Date You

Soo episode 11 lucky romance

As expected, Bo Nui pushes So Hoo away after his kiss. She does end up admitting she likes him though… but decides she will not follow her heart. He tries to convince her that everything will be okay. She is not it convinced and will not back down on her position in the matter.

The Bliss Of Dreaming

bo nui's dream

Bo Nui has a dream about her running to Soo Ho in complete and utter bliss where they share a warm embrace and some bright smiles. She wakes up to the Shaman’s voice telling her not to even think about it. Stupid Shaman…. Why are you bothering her even in her dreams? I wonder though if the Shaman really feels this way. Or if she just thinks he feels this way. I was under the impression he thought Soo Ho and Bo Nui were good for each other. One last thing about her dream; I noticed in her dream Soo Ho was wearing pants and not shorts haha. A rare sight.

Bickering Couple

Mom and dad argue lucky romance ep 11

The day after the father’s drunken rampage he wakes up to a pretty angry wife who has found many ways to punish him. He first goes to grab some water but she’s put salt in it to make it undrinkable. She’s also placed tape around so he has to stay on his side. She even went as far to hide his shoes because “he doesn’t deserve to wear shoes”. He feels she’s gone too far. As he begins to remember what happened, he reminds her that she is not innocent hanging around the chicken man. She explains that it’s just an old friend that obviously she would want to see because of the nostalgia. He still feels it’s unacceptable because even if they are now older, it’s still a man and a woman meeting up together (and she’s married). He says neither of them have any right to be Soo Ho’s parents and she had no clue how hard of a time Soo Ho was having when he was young and she was having him thrown into the spotlight.

Bo Ra’s Eyes Have Opened

Bo Ra's eyes open

Bo Ra ’s eyes have begun to open and close, but she has not fully regained consciousness yet.

Defeated Soo Ho enters ZeZe where Ri Hwan is ready to celebrate assuming that he had a successful dinner date the night before. Soo Ho tells him the date never happened, but therefore he hasn’t been formally rejected yet. Ri Hwan can tell that he was for sure rejected.

Bo Nui comes into Soo Ho’s office. He’s hopeful that maybe she’s reconsidered, but she just wants to borrow him as her charm so she can go see Bo Ra. Although not exactly the news he expected, he is ecstatic that Bo Ra has made such marvelous progress and is more than happy to take her to see her sister.

Soo Ho and Bo Nui go up to the hospital. Soo Ho is prepared to hold her hand but instead Bo Nui ties a string to his finger and also to hers. She introduces her sister to Soo Ho but he doesn’t like being introduced as the CEO. He corrects her and introduces himself as someone her sister likes. He also tells Bo Ra to please tell her sister on his behalf that she deserves to be happy (since she won’t listen to him). Bo Nui looks really touched by this as she can see he genuinely cares about her.

So Hoo tied to red string epside 11 lucky romance

After their visit, Soo Ho tells Bo Nui to come to him. He points out that they should be together because the night after they kissed Bo Ra opened her eyes (that must be a good sign). Bo Nui challenges him by saying he doesn’t believe in that stuff anyway. He says it doesn’t matter because he understands wanting to keep someone by your side even by senseless means. Soo Ho then gives Bo Nui the tiger necklace he got for her. He tells her when he was in school he always finished the math problems first and he would have to wait for everyone else to complete their work. Like when he was in math class, he will in turn wait for her.

Soo Ho then moves and she cutely follows as they are still attached by the red string. Her heart is for sure stirred. She has a shimmer in her eyes and it’s increasingly becoming more challenging for her to refuse him.

Amy and Gary’s Delusions

Gary's buys engagement ring

Amy considers cutting her hair short for Soo Ho. Gary calls Amy while she’s at the salon and asks her if he should get a diamond or emerald ring. Amy goes to him and sees that Gary is picking out an engagement ring for Bo Nui. Really Gary? If she doesn’t want to date you trust me, she doesn’t want to marry you. Also… the answer is emerald. Emerald engagement rings are stunning and it’s super sweet if it’s her birth stone. Wait a minute…. Bo Nui is a Taurus? Well that explains a lot. No wonder she is so stubborn :p (I am also a Taurus so I can relate) – not that a strongly believe in horoscope’s or anything, but I’m just saying.

Amy reminds Gary that he is leaving in three weeks so what he’s doing doesn’t really make sense. He throws it back at her by reminding her she is also leaving in three weeks. Gary asks Amy what’s the deal with her and Soo Ho. She tells him she believes he will come back to her soon. Amy tells Gary he needs to succeed with Bo Nui no matter what. Oh, and why is that Amy? So she stays away from Soo Ho for you?

The Genius Chicken Man

lucky romance chicken man

The chicken man comes to ZeZe to deliver some food. He’s then asked about his connection to the CEO of Coconut. The cats now out of the bag that he was the well known Genius Ann Yeong Il who was super well known back in his younger days. He even helps them pinpoint an issue they are having with their coding. Bo Nui and Soo Ho watch him explain the issue as well.

long time fan chicken man lucky romance

The chicken man and Soo Ho sit together at the cafe where Soo Ho asks him about his connection to his mom. He explains he met her when he was in University and she was pretty fond of him. He said the two of them reconnected now after all these years. He says though, that he doesn’t know why Soo Ho’s father reacted that way. Soo Ho apologizes again for his father but the chicken man says there is no need.

The chicken man admits that he is a longtime fan of Soo Ho and he always goes to all his demonstrations like a fangirl. Soo Ho is touched but wonders why he owns a restaurant now and stopped using his programming skills. Young Il explains that all he did was focus on his talents way back when, but as time went by he realized he was all alone. He urges Soo Ho to not let the same thing happen to him. Soo Ho is pretty moved, because he never received advice like this from an adult before.

After the chicken man leaves, Ri Hwan teases So Hoo about Bo Nui. Soo Ho’s mom calls, but he ignores the call. His mom looks at pictures of her young son, concerned that he had a hard time in his early years, that she was oblivious to.

Jealous People Be Jealous

Amy episode 11 lucky romance

Bo Nui thinks about Soo Ho’s words about her coming to him when she is ready. She holds the tiger necklace up to her neck, when suddently dolled up Amy walks into the washroom. Amy can’t stop talking about Soo Ho. I do detect a hint of jealousy behind Bo Nui’s eyes even though she is trying not to react.

Amy gets to see a bit of the game demo but she rips it apart criticizing Bo Nui, expecting better from her since she’s supposed to know Gary very well. Afterwords Dal Nim can’t help but vocalize her frustration with Amy to Bo Nui. Dal Nim asks Bo Nui if maybe Amy is mad because Bo Nui rejected Gary. Soo Ho overhears this and he looks really happy to hear she turned down Gary.

Smiley Soo Ho walks with Bo Nui a bit backwards looking oh so adorable and tells her how proud he is of her.


Gary prepares for his proposal date with Bo Nui, but oh ya, she doesn’t have a clue about it. When he calls to invite her, she says she doesn’t have the time and hangs up on him. She’s going to be working very late.

Amy eats sushi

When Soo Ho leaves the office he asks Bo Nui if she has her answer yet. She still doesn’t have the answer he wants, so he tells her he’ll give her more time. Amy scares him because she’s unexpectedly hanging around his bike. She tells him she wants dinner so he reluctantly takes her. As they eat, she tries to bring up memories of them, but rather Soo Ho has memories of Bo Nui on the brain. He also takes some sushi to go which is for Bo Nui.

Gary prepares a lunch box to bring to Bo Nui.

Take it Off

Dal Nim

Dal Nim and Ri Hwan meet at the park where she gets frustrated with him because his methods for her to land Soo Ho are not advancing. He tells her the only way it’ll actually work is if she changes her looks completely, getting rid of the glasses and braces.

Gary Gets a Wake Up Call

soo ho and bo nui

Bo Nui follows Soo Ho up to the roof who was whistling sad fate (her parents favorite song). He did so to lure her to the sushi that he brought her. They talk and she tries to encourage him to forgive his father. He asks her if she ever thought it would be better if he had another father.

When Gary goes in to bring Bo Nui the lunch box, he sees Bo Nui and Soo Ho close to each other, looking happy. He leaves without being noticed.

soo ho in a ball

Soo Ho goes in for a kiss but Bo Nui pushes him away. He admits to her that so far she has been his first everything (first kiss, first hand holding, first confession). He’s then really embarrassed after he realizes what he has admitted to and runs off to his office, closing his blinds and immediately curling into a ball on the floor. To make it worse, she leaves right after that.

Soo Ho puts up pictures of Bo Nui in his bedroom as he tells her over the phone how much he misses her. He wanted to make sure she got home safely.

The next day Bo Nuit tries to avoid Gary, but he sees her. They go outside. Gary puts sunglasses on Bo Nui so that the reporters can’t identify her. He says the reporters are still snooping around.

Suspicious Men outside of ZeZe

security guard at zeze

Some suspicious looking man is lurking around ZeZe and the guard stops him. He asks him for his ID and then he flees. Dae Hae then notices another man (Soo Ho’s father). His dad offers to show his ID to prove his identity, but Dae Hae still won’t let him. He says he was told not to let the drunken elder into the building between 1 am and 1 pm; and that elder would be Soo Ho’s father. He therefore can’t be Soo Ho’s father because he is not drunk. Bo Nui sees Soo Ho’s father and greets him. Dae Hae asks her how she knows him and she says because she is an employee. He looks at her all suspicious like. 

The Mom Finds Out What’s Up

soo ho's mom

Soo Ho’s Mom calls and tells him she is at his place. Once he remembers there are pictures of Bo Nui is his bedroom, he starts freaking out and rushes over hoping she won’t see them. She doesn’t mention them to him, but it’s unclear whether or not she saw the pictures.

That gets cleared up pretty quickly, because the mom then calls Bo Nui to spend some time with her. She starts questioning Bo Nui about Soo Ho. Bo Nui denies being interested in Soo Ho and the mom gets defensive about it wondering what is wrong with her son. Hee Ae then has some bonding time with Bo Nui and buys her makeup. I was really impressed with the mom for how she handle the Bo Nui / Soo Ho’s prospective future relationship. I thought she’d be really mad at first calling Bo Nui a nasty raccoon. It’s nice that they were able to forge a bond ahead of time and avoid the dreaded Mother hatred towards the female lead. Although Soo Ho’s mom has made mistakes, I do like to see that she does genuinely care about her son and want him to be happy.

Soo Ho smiles episode 11

Bo Nui calls So Hoo and asks him to come out and see her in the morning. He’s with Ri Hwan and is super excited, but keeps his cool on the phone. Both guys celebrate afterwards. As Soo Ho gets ready, he’s super, super adorable (as usual). He tries on probably most of the clothes he owns. When he meets up with Bo Nui, he’s still all excited and worked up. That’s abruptly crushed when he finds out he was deceived and she dragged him out to see his mom and dad. Although maybe the intentions were coming from a good place, the gathering turns out to be a complete and utter disaster. Soo Ho and his dad end in quite an argument. His father doesn’t see why him throwing Soo Ho in the water was such a big deal. Soo Ho explains it’s traumatized him for life and that’s why he never goes home; because it smells like the sea.

After, Soo Ho gets really mad at Bo Nui. She says it wasn’t right what his dad did but he was the worst. He gets really hurt by this because he feels she’s insinuating he is the problem. He leaves. Ugh, I wouldn’t have said that if I were her. She really shouldn’t have meddled in this situation.

Truth or Dare

The truth or dare this episode was simple by sweet. When Soo Ho told her she was his first kiss, then went in his office, we see her swooning reaction.

Closing Thoughts:


Chicken man, are you the daddy? Just tells us once in for all please. The chicken man and the mom are acting like there’s no way; that they were only friends… but why bother to make us think that Soo Ho is his son then? The chicken man and Soo Ho have the same intelligence, height, facial features and nervous energy. When they were sitting talking in the cafe, they were even sitting the same with their hands on their knees. Show, please stop trolling us; just tell us. I feel like his actual father does care about him, but he has no idea how to express it whatsoever.

Although the episode didn’t end on the happiest of notes, it’s pretty obvious they’ll make up soon. I also feel Bo Nui did a lot of thinking in this episode and realized just how much Soo Ho really means to her.

Episode 11 Quick Rating:

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