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It feels like things are beginning to make a bit more sense. We have a potential villain now (but I’m sure the show could still be playing some tricks on us). I really still don’t feel 100% sure of anything, but at least the mystery is beginning to take shape. I have a hunch we don’t have a clear cut killer, but rather a conspiracy on hand where money for scientific advancement might be the driving factor.


Flashback: Kim Min Jae Gets In Trouble

Kim Min Jae gets scolded episode 4 beautiful mind

Episode 4 starts off with a flashback to when Kim Min Jae (Park Se Young) was an intern and Young Oh (Jang Hyuk) was in his second year. A patient almost died because the patient got pneumonia. The Doctor blames Kim Min Jae for the patient getting pneumonia. He says the patient got it because she couldn’t do the L tube properly. He criticizes her saying this is the reason why he doesn’t like accepting interns from the countryside. Young Oh is doing other things while they are talking, showing zero reaction to her being scolded. It seems at first that he was the one that was getting scolded until they zoomed out and showed us downtrodden Min Jae with her head hanging low.

Young Oh states the facts episode 4 beautiful mind

When Young Oh is asked his opinion, he takes no personal position on the matter, but simply lays down the facts.

During all this time of the argument, Young Oh was carefully checking over the patient’s chart, X-rays, data etc. He says the patient’s stomach is abnormal. He can tell that she had stomach surgery due to stomach cancer and that the L tube would not have been a wise choice at all. The Doctor has a shocked face like “What, she had stomach cancer?”. Wouldn’t this have been written on her chart? Seems surprising the doctor wouldn’t have realized that.

Young Oh tells the doctor he should prescribe Clindamycin (an antibiotic) which should clear up the pneumonia – instead of being overly dramatic and stating that the patient is going to die from pneumonia.

Min Jae is quite pleased with Young Oh saying all this. I suspect that she feels he defended her when really he was only pointing out facts. The way she would see it though, is he came to her rescue and put the jerk doctor is his place. I think I would feel the same way. I mean, she doesn’t know about Young Oh’s diagnosis and his inability to show empathy. 

Mmmmmm Chicken

Kim Min Jae asking out Young Oh Beautiful Mind Episode 4

Later, Min Jae tries to get Young Oh to go out to a restaurant with her. Instead of flat out asking him, she tries to drop little hints like “Oh I’m so hungry.. I can’t eat those portions all by myself”. 

As she’s attempting to ask him out, he’s observing that she’s not using the right technique to cup the patient. He takes her hand to show her. He just wants to see her do it right, but when you like someone, and they grab your hand for whatever reason, this is a big deal. He has no idea that everything he’s doing is actually very cute and is being perceived as sweet.

Young Oh tells Min Jae to go ahead and eat since she is so hungry and he’ll take care of the patient. She’s pretty distraught that he missed all her hints and she has an emotional outburst, kicking the stool and yelling at him.

Min Jae Young Oh episode 4 Beautiful Mind Kdrama

Haha.  I didn’t notice, but someone pointed out that while she’s having her little freak-out he very quietly returns the stool to its rightful place. He’s so funny. Also, he really didn’t reject you… her reaction does seem a little over the top.

jang Hyuk as young oh beautiful mind

He explains he has to save the patient no matter what. As long as a patient stays alive, no one will bother you. Young Oh elaborates, no matter where you are from or what type of person you are, it’s a great hiding place. Basically it seems to me that him being a doctor is the one thing that makes him feel normal. People won’t judge him and he has a goal that keeps him in check as well. He’s clearly talking about himself, but she misinterprets his actions again and seems to think he’s giving her a personal pep talk.

Young Oh wipes Min Jae's tears Beautiful Mind

Young Oh notices Min Jae’s tears, so he curiously goes to wipe them away. Again. She would see this as a sign of affection but I’m sure in his mind it sounds something more like “What is this clear liquid coming out of her eyes?”

wipes away tears beautiful mind

Young Oh is giving off signals that he really likes her.. but this is not the case. It’s not that he doesn’t like her; he just doesn’t feel anything. His hands are merely curious, but it could be seen as the desire to be close or affectionate with her. He also gives off very intense glares which could be misinterpreted as attraction as well. 

Beautiful mind ask me for a date scene

He tells her to look into his eyes and ask him on a date, so that he can read her eyes.  The whole scene was amazing. They made it really seem like he has fallen for her when he clearly hasn’t. I can completely buy into her affection for him now, because before I couldn’t fully comprehend it. How she sees him is different than how he really is, but it’s a believable misunderstanding. She has this illusion of him built up in her mind, but her feelings are very sincere.

The Morality Conference

annoying guy beautiful mind episode 4

Kang Hyun Joon (Oh Jung Se) goes in to see Young Oh. Young Oh notifies him he only has a couple minutes.  Hyun Joon doesn’t want there to be talk of a murder case at the hospital, because it hurts his bottom line, which is money. Hyun Joon challenges the idea that the hospital director was murdered. Young Oh says there are murderers all over the world and in this case there is one at the hospital as well.

Jang Hyuk beautiful mind episode 4

Young Oh is determined to reveal everything and the Morality Conference (which will clear his name from suspicion and make everyone realize his surgery was flawless). He doesn’t like people thinking that he made a mistake.

Hyun Joon doesn’t want anything revealed. He tells Young Oh he will take care of everything. He understands Young Oh is concerned about his reputation, but tells him no one cares. Because the JC (Joint Commission International) is coming up, Hyun Joon and the others don’t want anything to happen that would complicate matters.

Reporter Questioning

Reporter Kim episode 4 beautiful mind

Reporter Kim stops Hyun Joon and inquires about the details to the Director’s death. Hyun Joon mostly ignores him and Manager Chae (Lee Jae Ryong) tries to distract him. They threaten each other back and forth (non-physical threats).

handshake beautiful mind episode 4

The conversation did in the end seem to rattle Hyun Joon. He goes back to see Young Oh and tells him he should go ahead with his plan to reveal the killer at the Morality Conference. He gives Young Oh one week to solve the case because he would rather it be dealt with quietly within the hospital walls before the media gets hold of it and starts dragging down the reputation of the hospital. Young Oh agrees and tells him he will see him at the Morality Conference. They shake on it.

Kim Yoon Kyung’s Sick Daughter

Yoon Kyung Beautiful mind episode 4

Kim Yoon Kyung’s (Shim Yi Young) daughter is very sick. She is seven years old and is a cerebral aneurysm pediatric patient. She is one of Suk Jo’s (Yoon Hyun Min) patients. No one wants to operate on her because they consider it too risky.

Dr. Lee Senior episode 4 beautiful mind

As the Doctor’s discuss the patient, Young Oh has nodded off. When He is asked his opinion, he does not respond. Then his father walks in which he does wake up to, caught off guard. Lee Gun Myung (Heo Jun Ho) is not impressed with his son causing noise about a murderer in the hospital. He announces there will be no operations until after the Morality Conference. He does not need the doctors suspecting each other.

The Determined Yet Gullible Cop

jin sung young oh episode 4

Young Oh and Jin Sung (Park So Dam) are both in the library. He tells her that they are the only one’s that believe there is actually a murderer and that they need to work together. She thinks Young Oh suspects Suk Joo, but he never actually says that.

They begin working together to find the culprit.

hospital staff episode 4 beautiful mind

Jin Sung questions the hospital staff for information. The one doctor gets upset with Jin Sung and pours water on her head.  The doctor states, that Jin Sung is really close to Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min). It’s not right for her to suspect him, who has done so much for her. Jin Sung explains she’s simply doing her job. The doctor does not back down and says if she’s doing her job, then do it properly; if she suspects anyone it should be Lee Young Oh because he’s the one that is trying to cover his own butt for a failed surgery.

The staff begin gossiping again about Suk Joo and he overhears them (but ignores them). Suk Joo inquires about Young Oh’s schedule. He’s notified at the desk that the surgeries have been cancelled.

doctors discussing patient episode 4 beautiful mind

Suk Joo and Young Oh both discuss the 7 year old patient. Young Oh agrees to take on the surgery but only if Suk Joo does the cardio-thoracic surgery. Young Oh updates Yoon Kyung to get her consent on the surgery. He explains they’ll have to stop her daughter’s heart to decrease the blood flowing through the cerebral arteries. This way they can block the rupture. It’s a very high risk surgery. For the surgery to be successful, everything has to be done quickly and without flaw. She agrees to the surgery, knowing the risk, but wanting to do anything to save her daughter.

beautiful mind

Now Yoon Kyung has to convince Gun Myung to allow the surgery. Gun Myung is adamant about prohibiting it. He throws his son under the bus and says that Young Oh should be the most suspected if there is indeed a murderer. He questions her if she really want a man who may have murdered someone to operate on her daughter. Despite him bringing up this possibility, she continues to beg him to allow the operation. In the end, he caves.


They operate and the whole scene is pretty intense. I think I was holding my breath when they stopped her heart. In the end, they succeeded.

After the operation, Yoon Kyung thanks Young Oh for never giving up on her daughter. He says it was her that never gave up. Before she leaves, he asks her if Suk Joo was always her daughter’s doctor. She tells him yes. He asks her then if Doctor Suk Joo was in charge of all of her daughter’s treatments. She hesitates. He reads her body language and can see that she is lying when she says that Suk Joo performed all the treatments on her daughter.

jang hyuk beautiful mind episode 4

Young Oh then tells Suk Joo that he was right in thinking Suk Joo wasn’t the murderer. The young girl had the same lesion in her heart as Patient Kang Cheol Min. When Young Oh had them stop the heart for 4 minutes, he took that opportunity to confirm that she had the same lesion. If Suk Joo had have been the murderer, he would have been in panic during the surgery. Suk Joo is pissed that Young Oh would use such dangerous tactics to confirm the lesion. In the end, Young Oh has the last word by calling out Suk Joo for having suspicions all along but not speaking out about them. His silence could have cost the Director’s life.

Someone’s Looking Guilty (and it’s not Young Oh)


Yoon Kyung goes to see Gun Myung. Young Oh follows her. Yoon Kyung fills in Gun Myung that Young Oh has been asking a lot of questions about her daughter’s treatments (especially whether Suk Joo was the only one administering the treatments). She tells him she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep it a secret.

sinister looking young oh beautiful mind episode 4

When Young Oh spots that it was his father that Yoon Kyung was speaking with, he gets the most sinister expression. Things have gotten quite interesting. It seems Young Oh views this as the ultimate challenge. 

Park Eun Hye beautiful mind

Young Oh goes to get the lesion analyzed in the lab to determine the cause, but Shim Eun Ha (Park Eun Hye) shows a lot of resistance. He reads her body language and then decides to stroke her ego to get her to do what he wants. In the moment it seems to work.

Suk Joo is working on some stem cell research. I guess it’s something that Director Shin Dong was involved with as well before he passed away. Gun Myung asks Suk Joo what he’s worried about. He explains he concerned because the research seems to be going to smoothly. Gun Myung dramatically says there shouldn’t be any issues to it and he is dedicating the rest of his life to this research. Then he does his weird forehead eyebrow thing.


Young Oh decides to introduce his father to Min Jae.  On his way to meet his father and Min Jae for dinner, Jin Sung stops him. At first she’s in a great mood because she has managed to clear Suk Joo’s name. She becomes upset when she realizes Young Oh already knew he wasn’t guilty and lead her to believe he was.


She throws all the papers at him and he gets a paper cut on his neck. She really drags him in the mud by calling him out for not having any feelings for anyone before. By his expression, it looks like she hit a very sensitive spot (figuratively speaking). I believe Young Oh really desires to be normal. 

She accidentally leaves behind her bottle cap ring from Hyun Suk Joo.


Jin Sung feels really guilty that she thought Suk Jo was guilty. She apologizes to him, but he holds no grudge against her. He forgives her. He invites her to go eat.


At dinner, Young Oh announces his engagement to Min Jae. Young Oh wanted to tell him before the Morality Conference. With a big smile, the father asks Min Jae how much she knows about his son. She says she could write a thesis on how much she knows about him. I’m not so sure about that. There’s a lot of fake smiles going on between both father and son and they both wear a facade in Min Jae’s presence.

When she gets up for a moment, the father asks Young Oh what he is thinking. He thinks it’s too risky for him to get married, especially to Min Jae who’s a brilliant neuroscientist. He assures his father it’ll be fine; he’s known her for ten years and she’s never suspected him. He says if he gets married, people will see him as normal (like his father has always wanted).

His father asks him if there has been any progress in regards to the Morality Conference. He says, yes, it’s becoming quite interesting. His father get cross with him telling him normal people don’t take joy talking about the death of others. Young Oh tells his father death is like losing. Doctors lose to disease and humans lose to old age.

Young Oh tells his father he will make sure to reveal the person who murdered the director and tainted his surgery room at the Morality Conference. He then makes a phone and has the conference date moved up. He leaves without saying anything to his fiancée. They all get a message notifying them of the date change including the father. We then get a nice closeup on the father’s watch. This watch is significant. Note to self, carefully look at watch close-ups and see if the hands are the same.

signs of lying beautiful mind

Young Oh goes to pick up the test results at the lady at the lab but makes up an excuse stating the sample was too small. He reads her tells right away and tries a scare tactic on her. He tells her that everyone that knew about the truth was killed. He says she needs to reveal everything she knows at the Morality Conference to guarantee her safety. 


Jin Sung asks Young Oh to hand over all his evidence so that she can focus on the case without him. Why do you want his evidence if you can’t trust him? 

She then asks him if he by chance saw her bottle cap ring. He says he didn’t see the bottle cap.  He opens his bag and takes out the bottle cap. He inspects it carefully. Looks like he doesn’t know what to make of it. He carefully places it in his drawer.

We see the lady in the car talking to someone. She says she wanted to talk to him before giving the results from the test to Young Oh. She mentions these results would ruin the regenerative medical treatment project (worth 200 billion won). I wonder is this the project the dad and Suk Joo were talking about earlier (the one the director was also involved with). The plot thickens.

She hands the results over to the man with the watch. It looks similar to the watch The dad was wearing, but is it him for sure?

Young Oh gets a call from Dr Sim Eun Ha. She doesn’t answer and we see her get greatly injured. She looks dead. Everyone comes rushing out as her body is brought in to be operated on. They say she fell off the roof.

The father asks to talk with Jin Sung. The dad asks her to arrest his son. The operation begins but one of the ladies seems really nervous and is being clumsy. He tells them he will be back in a few minutes.

He goes to take his needle and Jin Sung arrests him. He tries to tell her he has to go because the patient is waiting on the operating table. She arrests him anyway.

Closing Thoughts:

What I think is Happening

So, when I first saw this episode, I thought for sure the father was guilty. The more I think about it, I don’t think it’s just him. I think there are many people involved, and it has something to do with the research that they are doing. Those that are super suspicious in my mind are the father, Hyun Suk Joo, Kang Hyun Joon, and basically anyone that might have to do with the research project. I don’t really know though who’s the most to blame or the most caught up in this mess. It’s seems way more complicated then just someone going around killing people. We have to look back at the first victim. He was freaking out because he knew something. The thing that confuses me though, is Suk Joo says he was concerned because the research was going to well, so he doesn’t seem to be aware of anything dangerous with the research. Maybe he is innocent. Anyway, it’s all speculations still.

They made a point to show us the father’s watch. Then we got to see the same watch again when the lady was murdered. Was it the same hands? It could be, but it almost seems to obvious. That’s why I feel it might not be.

Great Episode for Kim Min Jae

Kim Min Jae

I really like Kim Min Jae in this episode. She had a really sweet smile and we could see her crush clearly on Young Oh. She has no clue about his diagnosis and has misinterpreted his actions. The flashback scene made me appreciate her character a lot more. I can completely understand why she likes Young Oh now. He’s handsome, but he’s cold, so I wasn’t sure what she saw in him.

When Will Affection Blossom?

Young Oh Jin Sung

I still can’t really see the connection that’s going to grow between them, but I have faith that it will come and that it will makes sense. I could see the smallest spark of curiosity with Young Oh when he was observing the bottle cap ring. This is a very first step I think and it’s quite important that it is currently in his possession. The bottle cap symbolizes her heart and at the moment it is tucked neatly in his drawer.

It is still only episode 4… if they rush this too much it really won’t make sense; especially with Young Oh’s current state. It’s still hard to believe that Young Oh will be capable of loving, but we will have to wait and see how they make that possible in the story.

When A Female Lead has You Pulling Out Your Hair

Jin Sung

For those that think she is annoying… I agree right now but let’s give her a chance. Things can easily change. I want to believe that they have the intention of her being a likable character that will be good for Young Oh. For those that don’t see how Young Oh and Jin Sung can possibly work – let’s also give them a chance. Even if it’s hard to believe with the current script and knowledge we have, I have faith that the actors can pull off a believable transition into romance. How or when this will happen, I will not even begin to speculate. We’ll just have to see how it unfolds. I think she will wise up as the truth begins to be revealed. 

Let’s Not Put Young Oh in a Box

Jang Hyuk as Young Oh

I think one of the challenges I have with Young Oh character, is I place unspoken limitations on him due to his diagnosis. I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to assume “well, he won’t do this, or he can’t do that because of such and such”. They could take liberties with the diagnosis, the diagnosis could be inaccurate and so forth. Rather than try to figure him out and assume what he can and cannot do, I want to see what happens with him. 

Episode 4 Quick Rating:

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