When everything is perfect, things are bound to go wrong (especially in dramaland). Episode 12 held perfection in the form of snorting laughter bliss. As the official launch of Zeze approaches, the terrible dark cloud of eminent doom lingers (although no one suspects it).

Bo Nui struggles within herself. She wants to live happily, but that inner voice from the Shaman is a nagging reminder that happiness doesn’t belong to her.

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The episode did start out really cute. Soo Ho surprises Bo Nui by coming back early from his trip. We can tell that they spent the night together. Both of them look so sweet laying peacefully in each other’s arms. Bo Nui wakes up first and prepares some food. When Soo Ho gets up, they both become super awkward (which is understandable since it was both of their first time).

Bo Nui and Soo Ho both act very shy, but they do slowly become more comfortable.

Up to this point, it seemed that only Soo Ho was being influenced by Bo Nui. Even though he is an extremely logical person, he seems to have somewhat opened up to superstitions things (although he doesn’t believe in them himself). Bo Nui, however, has firmly held onto to her beliefs and not faltered in any way… up until now, that is. She’s starting to let go and wants to live, rather than be scared all the time and feel like she always has to take precautions so nothing bad happens.

Without even realizing it, Bo Nui leaves the house without her salt and beans. At first it freaks her out and she wants to go back and get them. So Hoo convinces her that it’ll be OK, and she decides to put her trust in him and go to work without her usual protective stash. This is frightening for her. The Bo Nui from earlier in the series wouldn’t have even done that.

I’m sorry but it really sucks though. I don’t like it that Bo Nui is starting to let go and live freely and now everything goes to hell. It seems very unfair, but most of all it’s unfortunate because Bo Nui will blame herself. I wish Bo Nui could understand that sometimes, bad things happen and there’s nothing we can do about it.


Best part of episode 13 for me was this budding Romance between Ri Hwan and Dal Nim. I’ve been wanting to see this happen from the start of the series, but while Dal Nim was head over heels for Soo Ho, she showed no romantic interest in Ri Hwan. Their relationship was always a bickering one, back and forth. Without either of them realizing it, they grew really attached to each other.

The moment where everything seems to become obvious for both of them is when Dal Nim worries that Ri Hwan may have gotten into a terrible accident on his way back from the airport. She runs to him with no hesitations and lathers her hands all over his face. Her boldness surprises him, but despite being stunned, he also seems pleasantly charmed.

When newfound chingus Amy and Dal Nim are discussing going on blind date, jealous Ri Hwan listens in.

To heighten the comedy of the hilarious OTP, Ri Hwan swoops Dal Nim away from her blind date. It’s romantic… but they made it super melodramatic to make it also comical (which suits these two perfectly).

Although there were some great moments in this episode, the party is over. The dark clouds are setting in and there’s a huge storm brewing. The suspicious man has managed to work his way into the Zeze closed area by tricking our easily gullible former boss (now security guard). IF, which was supposed to be successfully launched, has infected every single computer or device that has downloaded the game. This is devastating news and will have the most seriously repercussions. It does not spell good news for Bo Nui and Soo Ho either, because if she thinks it’s her fault, she will back away from their relationship.

Closing Thoughts

I normally don’t mind comedies turning serious, but I want it to be happy!! I hope things get straightened out soon as the end of the series is in sight.

I’m very grateful for Dal Nim and Ri Hwan this episode because I don’t like seeing depressed worried Bo Nui. I like seeing smiling and trusting Bo Nui that let’s go over her fears and holds onto Soo Ho’s hand tightly without doubting. I really do want both of them to be happy. I also hope that by the end of this series Bo Nui accepts that she is not the cause for bad things that happen.

Episode Quick Rating

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i would have given the episode a 3.8 or 4 maybe, but the cute Ri Hwan and Dal Nim moments bumped it up a bit for me.