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It’s hard to believe that Beautiful Mind is almost over. We are heading into the final week where they will tie up hopefully all the loose ends and bring us to a satisfactory ending despite the disappointing episode reduction.

The cast and crew have been working really hard; episode 11 and 12 were jam-packed with content to bring us to a speedy conclusion without being too clumsy or unrealistic. Despite having to speed up events, they still kept a fairly normal episode flow while not shunning the secondary characters. In fact, especially in episode 11, the secondary characters really shined. I’m so glad that the show utilized their talents.

Episode 11

Secondary Characters

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The main characters still got a lot of screen time, but they still allowed the secondary characters to show their stuff and have their moment on screen. Episode 11 really displayed the strength of the extended cast.

When I used to act, we would say:

Remember: there are no small parts, only small actors. – Constantin Stanislavski

Every role is important and you are only as good as your weakest link. This has been a very strong point for Beautiful Mind. They are like a well oiled machine. Everyone seems really hard working and I enjoy many of the extended cast almost to the same level as the main cast. That is saying a lot because the main cast is very, very strong.

The secondary characters that really shone in episode 11 were Jang Moon Kyung (Ha Jae Suk) and Yang Sung Eun (Kim Hyung Kyu).


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Tons of cuteness for us in episode 11. We get to see awkward Young Oh trying to delay Jin Sung’s response in fear of what she might say. She really opens up to him… and learns her own feelings pretty quickly after his confession. We even get a super cute sneak attack kiss from her which leads her to touching his lips.

When Hope is Lost

Although episode 11 had a really positive vibe, everything comes crashing down and reality sets in for Young Oh. He really notices the change within himself, and hopes that this means that perhaps, for some reason, his frontal lobe is healing. There’s a glimmer of hope in Young Oh’s eyes. There’s that slim chance, that maybe he can be normal. When the brain scans reveal that there has been no change, disappointment quickly follows. It was false hope. Everything wonderful that happened in this episode has now become meaningless and only an illusion. Young Oh, who has been smitten with Jin Sung and wanting to make an effort with her, breaks it off like ripping off a band-aid. This is really confusing for her because she just had the courage to explore her feelings and open up her heart. Young Oh looks dead set on what he is saying as well. His heart may have been opening up, but since medically there’s nothing to back up that theory, he becomes rigid and closed off.

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Episode 12


Episode 12 had a huge reveal. It turns out that it wasn’t malpractice that damaged Young Oh’s frontal lobe. In fact, his frontal lobe wasn’t originally damaged?

Episode 12 made me go “What……”. It was the episode of the “twist”. Some mystery still remains which hopefully they will address in the next coming episodes.

Lee Gun Myung is less than thrilled to see the wheelchair Dr. This is not a familiar face he is happy to see. I wonder a lot about their past tension, and if it goes beyond the incident with Young Oh’s surgery.

The wheelchair man seems to be playing the game of “ I know your secret so you better give me what I want” until he actually reveals eventually that the surgery was successful. This is mind boggling and of course raises a lot of questions. What I really want to know I guess is, did he misdiagnosis him on purpose, or was it a mistake that he came to learn later? If he purposely deceived him, why reveal it now? If it was a mistake, how did the mistake finally come to light? It almost seems more plausible to me that it was a conspiracy because it seems odd that both senior doctors and Min Jae would misdiagnose. Min Jae also saw the original scans. Well, were they the original scans she saw, or just childhood scans? Either way, I’m not a doctor, but there’s a chunk missing from the front of his brain in those scans.

When I started watching Beautiful Mind, misdiagnosis seemed like a very real possibility, but once they introduced the scans, I put that theory to rest. If I’m understanding correctly, Young Oh had a healthy brain after the surgery, but over time the frontal lobe became damaged due to Gun Myung’s methods to make him appear normal. It was consistent psychological abuse which ironically turned him into something he was not.


Gun Myung is a complex character which I’ve disliked and also been super curious about. Gun Myung has been noticing the change in Young Oh. At first he thinks his methods are finally making a difference until the truth crashes down on him with the reality that he turned Young Oh into a sociopath.

So what’s happening within Young Oh? Young Oh’s scans show no improvement yet he’s been steadily changing over the course of several episodes. He’s bonding more and more with his patients, many of the hospital staff are starting to like him and his feelings for Jin Sung are definitely there.

I think Jin Sung is in large responsible for these positive changes within Young Oh. All of Young Oh’s life, he’s been told he’s a monster and all he can do is pretend to be normal. Jin Sung doesn’t look down on Young Oh. He’s been slowly blossoming and coming into his own as they’ve both challenged each other’s way of thinking.

So why no change in the brain scans when there is change in the behaviour? I guess it’ll take time (or the damage is permanent). This is disheartening, especially to someone like Young Oh who sees things in terms of medical truths. If medicine and science don’t back up what he is feeling, then what he is feeling must be false (according to his rational what of thinking).

Closing Thoughts


Two more episode left; I’m really curious to see how they tie everything together now. They’ve left us a little perplexed with episode 12, but it was an exciting episode in my opinion. Now I’m curious about this Young Oh with a green shirt Smiley. Completely out of character for him, who always adorns black.

Beautiful Mind fighting! Finish strong!

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