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…and that’s all she wrote. Hard to believe that it’s now over. Episode 14 was really quite satisfying. I’m going to miss this series. I really liked it. Episode 14 had a lot of charm and I don’t really feel that is was lacking.

After watching episode 13, I had hoped that they would dig deeper into the past with the scans. I guess that really doesn’t matter anymore. Maybe I was being too picky. I liked that episode 14 focused in the moment and brought lots of healing (both physically speaking and metaphorically speaking as well). I’m also so glad that Young Oh and Gun Myung received a much needed healing in their relationship.


The Hospital Maze

Researcher searches hospital Beautiful Mind Episode 14

The opening segment was pretty fun. The power Ranger doctors added some sense of humor as they tried to keep the researcher from finding Suk Joo and Jin Sung. It was like an elaborate maze as he desperately searched through every nook and cranny of the hospital.

Illegal Surgery

Jang Hyuk Beautiful Mind Episode 14

It was super nerve-wracking watching the surgery unfold. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was grateful that there weren’t any complications. It was kind of odd seeing a human lung in a dish. I had seen other organs in medical dramas, but a lung is so large; it made me feel kind of squeamish, but also intrigued. Crazy to think now with every breath that Jin Sung takes Young Oh is now physically a part of her.

Healing Begins.. Young Oh & Gun Myung

Gun Myung Young Oh Episodoe 14 Beautiful Mind

One of my favorite scenes of the episode was when Young Oh was releasing his father from the guilt of the past. He didn’t say he forgives him, but his actions spoke as forgiveness. He wanted his father to let go of all the heavy burdens that he had been carrying for all those years and told him that he would try to understand. Young Oh couldn’t have offered Gun Myung anything better in that moment.


The gentle touch from Young Oh’s hand brushing gently over his father’s was a subtle message that things would get better. Gun Myung’s tears were really as important as Young Oh’s tears from the previous episode. For a long time, I wondered if Gun Myung even had emotions because he was very difficult to read. Truth is, he was holding in so much guilt, resentment and regrets (for around 30 years). Hearing his son’s words, and then letting out a cry, is the first step to healing for Gun Myung. He no longer has to be a slave to his past, or the slave to a lie. He gets to open a new phase of his life, and go from there, thanks to his son.

Min Jae Talks with Jin Sung

Jin Sung listens to Min Jae episode 14 Beautiful Mind

Min Jae and Jin Sung had a rather nice little segment together where Min Jae accidentally divulges that Young Oh gave up his lung and sacrificed his career for her. it was nice to see Min Jae doesn’t hold any resentment towards Jin Sung. Even if she does hold a little resentment, she’s fairly accepting and graciously admits defeat. Although I’m sure she’s disappointed, she knows it’s out of her control. She’s probably at least glad to see how much Young Oh has changed and that he is happy.

Suk Joo Gets Attacked

Suk Joo attacked Beautiful Mind Episode14

Whoa… Intense, I tell you! I was really nervous for doctor Suk Joo. I was worried that the research guy was going to be successful in stabbing him. I was watching really quite afraid. Young Oh to the rescue though… I guess he had notified security to keep a close watch (because security was right there when they were needed).

 Jin Sung and Young Oh find their daily normal

Jin Sung Jang Hyuk

So, the romance of the drama came to a fulfilling close. They didn’t shy away from the elephant in the room (Young Oh’s anti-social personality disorder). He may not be 100% emotionally functional, but I think he’s grown way more than he gives himself credit for. He says he thought he changed but didn’t (no… I’m pretty sure you did change). The old Young Oh would not given up his lung for someone unless there was a clear advantage for him.

Anyway.. he does struggle to express himself though, but Jin Sung’s smiles reassure him (and us) that she understands him clearly.

Characters That Blossomed

Beautiful Mind Character's that blossomed

The episode and series as a whole has left a really good impression on me. Although I would like to have had 16 full episodes, I think the cast and crew should be really proud of how they executed all 14 episodes. The show brought us on a journey. We saw many characters change throughout the process of the show. Here I’ve selected the characters I felt changed the most. Let me know if you think anyone else should be added to the list.

Lee Young Oh – A complex sociopath

Young Oh Beautiful Mind Episode 14

Lee Young Oh (Jang Hyuk)

Of course there was Young Oh, who was a proud, emotionless, sociopathic Doctor, that ended up doing many things out of character. Despite his illness, he found ways to adapt, and learned to feel and empathize in his own way. He also found his own methods to express his feelings and show people around him how he felt. Young Oh may have been a victim of abuse, but through the course of the show, he found his own identity. In my eyes he is not a psychopath or a prisoner of any other diagnosis label “anti-social disorder”, “sociopath”… he is simply Young Oh. Young Oh is Young Oh. He is like no other. He has many challenges, but he’ll adapted to them.. he’s found ways around them.. and he’s wonderful despite them. Is her perfect? No. Will he ever be fully normal? Probably not.. but Young Oh the tin man found his heart. It may have started out in the form of wifi, but it has also developed and changed on it’s own (but Jin Sung enabled the positive change).

Young Oh  will often remind us “I can’t feel anything, I can’t empathize” and yet with his actions he expresses much greater love than many of us “normal” people. It really moved me that he gave Jin Sung his lung. This was a huge selfless act with only her well being in mind. What greater act of love? I liked when her brother came by and commented about hos most people would give a ring or something, but sacrificed his body.

Gye Jin Sung

Jin Sung Episode 14 Beautiful Mind

Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam)

We then have Jin Sung who started off as a naive, young traffic cop. She acted without thinking. Even though she had great zeal and drive, her lack of experience caused her to make many costly mistakes. As Jin Sung became closer to Young Oh, not only did she influence him in a positive way, but he also did the same for her. Jin Sung learned some hard lessons and gained lots of humility along the way. Her caring, loving nature, which was always there, was also awaken by Young Oh. There was almost like a magnetism between them. There were opposites, which came together in almost a form of gravitational pull.

Lee Gun Myung

Lee Gun Myung Episode 14 Beautiful Mind

Lee Gun Myung (Heo Jun Ho)

Next comes Gun Myung. At times, I wondered if he was the sociopath. He knew what to say and how to present himself, but it felt many times like he was hiding behind a mask. The way he would intimidate Young Oh was really scary. His hateful words, and ways he would treat Young Oh as a monster were really unnerving. None the less.. Gun Myung had certain moments where I believed that maybe he wasn’t such a bad person. Gun Myung’s secret and guilt were eating away at his life. With the opportunity to finally lay the past to rest, Gun Myung has emerged a new being. He may not be perfect… but he can move on.

Hyun Suk Joo

Hyun Suk Joo Episode 14 Beautiful Mind

Hyun Suk Joo (Yoo Hyun Min)

Suk Joo’s journey was one with many peeks and valleys. He’s good! He’s bad! Wait he’s good! No… he’s bad…! Okay, now he’s good again! Confusing….. but interesting. Suk Joo kept me on my toes. His core being is really quite a caring one. He desires to see people’s lives saved, and that’s truly admirable. His heart was always in the right place, the problem is some of his decisions led him astray. Thankfully, Suk Joo did work it all out, and I think part of that can be credited to Young Oh. Although they had a bit of a tense relationship, I do feel that there was a form of mutual respect between both men.

Kim Min Jae

Kim Min Jae Episode 14 Beautiful Mind

Kim Min Jae (Park Se Young)

How can I not mention Min Jae? This woman went through a lot. She was sensitive to begin with. Min Jae had lots of insecurities. She never felt very good about her upbringing. She was ashamed the fact that she grew up in the countryside and didn’t come from a prestigious family. She had to worked really hard to become successful. Despite all her efforts, it often seemed like a constant upward battle to get where she wanted to be. Then came Young Oh into her life, and everything was perfect, until she found out that it was all a sham. The blow was more than Min Jae could bare. To protect her heart, she secretly hardened it (while still clutching onto Young Oh, perhaps in desperate hope?). Finally when she decides to lay down the hammer and reveal that her heart is divided, her heart wavers once more and she begins to second guess herself. In the end, Min Jae finds her true self despite not having Young Oh by her side. She also gains courage to stand firm against those that treated her like dirt. She’s not evil, but she’s not a pushover either, so don’t mess with her.

Lee Shi Hyun


Left to right: Lee Young Oh (Jang Hyuk), Lee Shi Hyun (Lee Si Won)

Cold to warm.. Shi Hyun was another smaller role character that did still undergo some development (or at least my perception of her changed). I remember the scene where Dr. Shi Hyun dumps water of Jin Sung’s head for suspecting Suk Joo was the culprit in the mysterious deaths. I thought, “Okay, she’s a one dimensional character that probably has a secret crush on Suk Joo”. Well, despite little screen time, we’ve learned much more about her. Shi Hyun was really upset when her one patient wasn’t able to get a heart. Shi Hyun also wanted to know the truth behind the research patients and the stem cell research. She may seem tough at first glance, but we got to learn that Shi Hyun really is quite caring deep down. *I couldn’t get a screenshot from her in episode 14, so this one is from episode 13. 

Yang Sung Eun

Yang Sung Eun Beautiful Mind Episode 14

Yang Sung Eun (Kim Hyung Kyu)

He’s more than just an idiot… he’s an idiot with a heart. Just kidding, I don’t think he’s an idiot, although his lack of experience and motivation did show at times. I saw Sung Eun in a new light in the episode where his old classmate was very ill. The episode explored a side of Sung Eun that I couldn’t even imagine. It was like his heart got split open and was laid bare for us to see. I gained a lot of respect for him. Although he still kept many of his former ways… the experience, although a really painful one, really caused him to mature quite a bit. Sung Eun is also another character that really changed a lot because of Young Oh. The change was gradual, but I feel that he learned a lot from him and also really improved as a doctor.

The 5 Power Rangers

Beautiful Mind Doctor Power Rangers Episode 14

From Left to right: Yoo Jang Bae (Lee Sung Wook), So Ji Yong (Min Sung Wook), Oh Kyung Jin (Jo Jae Wan), Hwang Jung Hwan (Jung Moon Sung), Kwon Duk Joong (Kim Do Hyun)

I do want to give these doctors a mention, because although they were smaller secondary characters, together they were quite the force. Ever since the beginning, they would get together and gossip. At first they were very negative and quite annoying. As the episodes went on, they started to gain more of a comical light. I think the moment I really started to enjoy their little bits was when they were talking, and one of the doctor’s was actually playing with one of the other doctor’s bare feet as they talked. I remember thinking “What are you doing..” while I was laughing. It was so silly, but I also admired how close and comfortable the doctors were together.

And Some People Never Change

Chae Soon-Ho Beautiful Mind Episode 14

Chae Soon Ho (Lee Jae Ryong)

Not everyone changed, Chae Soon Ho remained a corrupt jerk until the bitter end. Good for the chairmen in the end to bid him adieu. The chairman was another confusing character for me. Although he was greedy, he was kind of a neat character. Sometimes he was a total jerk, other times his negotiations were interesting. Showing him exercising here and there made him seem much more human. Also, when his father would belittle him, it would make me feel bad for him.

Closing Thoughts

episode end beautiful mind episode 14

I Say Farewell With This…

I feel that this experience of Beautiful Mind has made me realize that I take the whole drama process for granted. I greedily watch and dissect episodes without batting an eyelash. I can be quick to criticize and call out flaws. Although there is nothing wrong with critiquing work, and the intention is not malicious, I do appreciate more now just how much hard work and heart goes into a production. Even putting everything you have into a drama series, despite your efforts, there’s that possibility that the public will not respond and it appreciate it in the way that you had hoped. Beautiful Mind maybe didn’t have a large audience base, but I can honestly say I really enjoy it. I’m sad that it is over. I want to extend a very warm thank you to everyone that was involved with it’s production. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you expect, but I really do think that they reached some people really deeply with their 14 episode drama. This might not seem like much, but I think it does still means a lot. I really wish all the actors the best when picking their future projects. I also hope that they get great ratings in the next project they chose. They are all very talented actors and I want to see them succeed. My same wishes go to writers, the production team and crew.

Goodbye Beautiful Mind.. I will miss you. You’ve touched my heart in a gentle way. I shall carry you with me for quite some time. Farewell my friend…

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I’m not going to penalize the show for being cut short, although we will always wonder what we had missed. They still made us feel like the drama was whole.