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Okay… Yes, this movie is not for everyone. If you don’t like movies that touch on infidelity.. or if you get bored with indie-feel movies, just don’t watch it. If on the other hand, you love romantic, realistic, artistic, emotionally painful, well acted movies and can handle some intense emotions.. then this might be a good fit for you.

Quick Synopsis: Sang Min (played by Jeon Do Yeon) goes to Finland with her son who has autism so he can attend a specialized camp. Once in Finland, she meets Ki Hong (played by Gong Yoo). His daughter is battling depression and she’s attending the same camp. Ki Hong offers her a ride to go check on the kids. They really connect and end up having a passionate night together. They go their separate ways.. but does their fate run deeper or is life too complicated?


I was blown away with this movie quite frankly (and I don’t often feel that way about Korean movies). I watch a fair amount of Korean movies. A lot of them have really fantastic story lines.. but fail somewhere when bringing the concept to reality. This movie on the other hand was so well executed. I don’t mind slower paced movies at all. What I really like about them, is that they are character focused. Often it’s the communication within the silence that is the most interesting.

It’s your habit, giving vague answers. – Sang Min to Ki Hong, A Man and A Woman


Jeon Do Yeon and Gong Yoo’s acting together was wonderful. I can’t believe how well and natural they were. I watched this movie mainly for both actors, but they exceeded my expectations with their chemistry. The chemistry wasn’t only physical either. It was a deep unspoken connection. It was like they both deeply clicked.. as if they were soulmates. At first, it seemed that loneliness and escape was what brought them side by side. As time passed, their connection only grew as they longed for each others presence more. Their current lives however didn’t match their hearts. They both had lives and family situations which made their craving to be together like a mirage, or unattainable dream.

The cinematography and music in this movie was magical. It has a hint of sorrow in it, but was truly majestic.

There’s quite a bit of sexy in this movie as well, but it was done tastefully. It was more than an affair. It was like two destined souls meeting perhaps at the wrong time. When they have intimate relations, I really sensed that they were making love both physically and emotionally. Every part of their beings were engaged, it was so much more than just the physical.


My heart is still lingering with the movie. I wish I could continue on the story.

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