I’m alive, I’m alive!!! I know I’ve been MIA for so long, but life continues.

I honestly haven’t been watching much of anything. I made it till about episode 11 of Goblin, but haven’t watched anything since. One of these days I would like to finish it.

A real life friend of mine and I sometimes get together and watch Japanese movies. I really enjoyed Oto-na-ri even though it’s a slow movie. I thought it was beautiful with subtle romance that allowed my mind to fill in the blanks and carry on the story. My friend has gotten me into Okada Junichi.

Other than that I’m looking forward to Show me the Money 6. Tiger JK! Tiger JK! I’m really excited him and Bizzy will be judges this year. Also looking forward to Dynamic Duo. If I’m ambitious enough I will write about it.

I had written my thoughts on SMTM 5 but never posted them (worst procrastinator ever). If anyone’s interested, I suppose I can still throw them up.

Honestly, I find reality TV/game shows challenging to write about because I’m really bad at remembering names and details. Also, I don’t stay current on my K-hiphop news, so I don’t always know who is who and don’t want to sound stupid.

Well, really I wanted to say hello. I also passed my three year milestone in blogging and didn’t even post a thing; shameful. I might still post something, but I didn’t feel right about it since I hadn’t been keeping up with my writing.

That’s it for now!

Oh, and I’ve been attempting to garden (I’m not so great at it but it’s kinda fun). Been reading a fair amount as well. Seriously exciting stuff.

Miss you all!