I did it. I’m slowly coming back into the world of kdramas. What better way to do so then to watch a Jang Hyuk drama?

Money Flower has some definite potential. Despite feeling slightly lost, especially in the first episode, what really struck me was the characters. We have yet to learn a lot about everyone, but I think they did a really good job at making us want understand the narrative of the main leads and supporting roles.

Money Flower Episode 1 Kdrama Jang Hyuk

Jang Hyuk has has many different personas in his drama and movie repertoire, yet this character feels fresh. It’s not anyone we’ve met from him before. When I first read the synopsis of the drama, I thought perhaps Kang Pil-Joo would be very similar to Kim Do-Hyun, his character in Midas. I also wondered if the plot would have some similarities. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to see neither of the aforementioned were true. In episode one and two, we were given a few tidbits from his pasts, but I feel like there is so much more yet to learn about him.

Money Flower episode 1 Jang Hyuk Observes

I thought his character was going to be cold and emotionless, very professional and career driven. What I didn’t expect was to see cracks of emotions almost immediately as he quietly observed Na Mo-Hyun (played by Park Se-Young) . It concerns me though, because although I love intense romance, I feel like their chemistry might be so strong that my emotions are going to get utterly wrapped up into it. Which is fine, as long as they don’t rip out my heart and spit it out.

Money Flower Episode 1 - Young Pil Joo

I also want to give some mad respect to young Pil-Joo (played by Joe Byeong-Gyu). When a character is played across generations, it’s very important that it’s believable. Teenager Pil-Joo and Adult Pil-Joo managed to carry the same lifeless expression while still having many hidden emotions apparent beneath the surface. Not only do they look similar, their essence is the same.

I’m not even going to attempt to explain the first two episodes because I had a really hard time keeping up with everything. I don’t love dramas focusing on the greed of the wealthy, but I think the story and especially the romance part of the storyline will be worth watching.

Money Flower Episode 1 Na Mo Hyun

Park Se-Young is perfectly cast in the role of Na Mo-Hyun. I immediately fell for her pure light. The scene in the first episode with the migrating birds and her hair flowing in the wind was perfect. I want to hear more about the bird metaphors and how it’ll tie in with the plot.

Money Flower Episode 2 Jang Boo Cheon

Jang Seung-Jo was really great. An immature brat for sure, playing Jang Boo-Cheon (the less loved, but still spoiled grandson of Jang Kook-Hwan). I think he’ll keep Pil-Joo on his toes.

The full cast seems well seasoned. This drama might be very Melodramatic but the characters felt palpable. They are real people with real believable stories (in a makjang world of craziness, lust of money and revenge).

The grandson saying things, like “Oh, I forgot my phone” or “Look I’m wearing a skirt” came out so naturally.

Jang Hyuk Episode 2 Money Flower

I feel very invested in Jang Hyuk’s character already. By a lot of what he’s done in the first two episodes, you might think, what a despicable character, but I already feel empathy towards him. I’m feeling a bit perplexed by his eagerness to marry off his clear soulmate.. especially with their history but let’s see how this part of the story develops.

When I went back to take some screenshots of episode one, I realized how perfectly they tied it in with the ending of episode 2. It’s always confusing when you start out a show with flashbacks, but when you go back things begin to make sense. Everything has a purpose. Very well pieced together and great filming. 

These two first episodes were a bit of information overload for me. I had very little knowledge of the plot before starting the drama so I felt like an idiot trying to follow along. I could barely keep up with subtitles let alone process the information. Am I the only who felt this way? I think it’ll get easier though as the story unfolds and they bring certain elements back, with a bit more information every time.

What did you think of the first couple episodes? I liked it and am looking forward to some clarification and further character development.

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