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First of all, apologies for falling behind on my reviews so early in the series and being sloppy with them.

I enjoyed Episode 3-4. I wrote some thoughts down right away, but wasn’t satisfied with my recap/review at all. It’s very choppy, confusing and jumbled.

I went pretty much straight from Episode 3 into Episode 4, but I did write down a few brief thoughts on Episode 3 before starting 4. Since I wrote a few things, I will share them. Let’s start with my reaction right after watching Episode 3.

Episode 3 

Let me compose myself for a moment. My mind is blown! Are they going to drop a bombshell on us at the end of every episode? I have no idea how Mo Hyun knows Pil Joo is not Boo Cheon, or to what extent she knows who he is. I think Mal Ran might be onto Pil Joo to some degree. She was looking at him quite suspiciously when he left he room. It’s gonna drive me crazy how Pil Joo is trying to get Boo Cheon and Mo Hyun married. I get he has his reasons… but really, what a terrible thing to do.

I really lived the moment in the car when Pil Joo’s jealously was starting to show. He was trying to hide his feelings, but you could see his blood was boiling beneath the surface and his face was getting red. What a little jerk that grandson Boo Cheon is… hahah… “I’m gonna sleep with her tonight” he says (me paraphrasing). He is really falling for her though. It’s Pil Joo’s fault.

How on Earth does she know who he is? What exactly does she know?

Episode 4 

The mother really scares me. I think she knows way way WAY more than she is letting on. It’s crazy to think of the amount of power and control she exerts over everyone. Her son Boo Cheon was so scared of her. He was ready to jump off a building. Without even batting an eye, she talked Pil Joo down from stabbing her when he was a teen. Her father in law acknowledges her strengths. You’d think the mother would be be really nice to her future daughter in law considering she wants them to get married, but instead she sneers down at her like shes a piece of trash that needs to be begging her to marry her son.

I really like seeing arrogant grandson jealous of Pil Joo… it’s nice to have someone call Pil Joo out on his feelings. We see it. So I like them acknowledging it as well.

Not so fun when the mother realizes Pil Joo’s affection though. Her having this information is not a good thing. I also tend to think she’s known all these year’s Pil Joo’s true identity (although we don’t have any proof of that yet). Was it the mother perhaps that leaked the information that the two men switched identities? We don’t know, but I wonder…

Pil Joo is breaking my heart… but why is his revenge greater than his love? I don’t like that he’s using Mo Hyun to get pay back, but his feelings also are undeniable.

I was a little surprised Mo Hyun agreed to Marry Boo Cheon so quickly. Seemed pretty rushed to me. Kinda glad to be honest the ex girlfriend showed up with an ultrasound picture proving she’s pregnant. It was fun watching Boo Cheon sweat. Yep, buddy, you did that.. Now how are you gonna fix this mess? Couldn’t help but be reminded that his father probably had a similar situation.

I’d say it was a good two episodes. I want more, so that’s a good sign. It’s progressed a little differently than I expected. I didn’t think Mo Hyun would find out their identities right away (although, she still doesn’t realize who Pil Joo is). I didn’t think Mo Hyun and Boo Cheon would get engaged after only four episodes.

20 episodes left so I expect numerous curve-balls to come our way.

Am I reading into it too much or are they trying to add some strange sexual tension between the mom and Pil Joo? Curious what everyone else thinks.

The mother really shined in these episodes. I reiterate again, she really scares me.

*Please note my post isn’t very accurate. DF pointed to me that it was in fact Pil Joo that sent the letter to Mo Hyun about the switched identities. Don’t ask me how my brain missed this, or how I glossed over this when recalling the events of Episode 3-4.

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