Virgin Road - Looking for lost contact

I decided to watch a really old jdorama back in August of 2016… yes, that means this post has been sitting in limbo that long (YIKES!). I don’t even remember why I decided the watch it. I think I was browsing through MDL and stumbled upon it. It sat in my “plan to watch” list for the longest time.. then sat as a half written post for perhaps longer than that.

Quick Synopsis: Sakurai Kazumi (played by Wakui Emi) leaves for New York to go find herself. While in New York, she falls in love but things do not work out as intended. Suddenly, she needs to return to Japan, but hires a man to pose as her fiancee. It gets even more complicated since she happens to be pregnant with the man from New York’s baby.

Relating to a Dated Drama

This may not be the best old jdorama I’ve seen, but it really was interesting. It did capture my attention. It definitely looks dated now, but this really doesn’t bother me. The attire, hair styles and makeup are very 90’s. The challenging part was relating to it in today’s society and where I grew up. In the story, it was completely unacceptable and pretty much unheard of that an unmarried woman was going to raise a child by herself without a husband. Now, and where I live, this really isn’t that big of a deal, since so many people are divorced, or are not married in the first place. But, this was the case in the drama, and a reality of the time. So, to understand where they were coming from and to properly empathise with all characters, I needed to immerse myself into the time period of the drama.

Indecisive Male Lead

Virgin Road - Sorimachi Takashi

So, Yoshimi Kaoru (played by Sorimachi Takashi) drove me a little crazy. I really loved the way he would look at her, but his lack confidence was a constant obstacle. It was really frustrating when he would continually say the opposite of what he meant (a pet peeve of mine with dramas… say what you mean!!!). This is fairly common in dramas, and I understand that it has a place in dramas to create a stumbling block for the couple. If it wasn’t for misunderstandings, and people saying the opposite of what they mean, the story-line would progress too smoothly. None the less, I do find it frustrating and annoying (it certainly gets a reaction out of me).

The Father

Virgin Road - father and daughter crying

The standout character of this drama has to be the father (played by Terawaki Yasufumi). I loved the couple, but besides that, the father really stole the show in the acting department and character development. At first glance, he’s an overbearing, old fashioned father who really does try to overprotect his daughter, and as a result ends up pushing her away. In the first few episodes, some of his actions really bothered me. I didn’t like his lack of support and even the hint that she should get an abortion. But as it progressed, his heart became apparent. He loves his daughter so much and would do anything to protect her. He may be the one that changed the most (or his true self was revealed).

The Journey of a Strong Independent Woman

Virgin Road Wakui Emi

Sakurai Kazumi was truly incredible. Bravery isn’t about being fearless. I think of it rather as pushing through your fears. She went through so much in this drama, but she got through it step by step.

Closing Thoughts

It might be dated now, but it’s not a bad drama. The couple was enjoyable and I really liked the emphasis on family. They didn’t only talk about family as blood relations, but also as people that are important to you. The drama reminded us that family doesn’t need to be blood.

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