This week’s episodes had a lot of revelations. Zhaoul and I haven’t really talked about these episodes so this post will be sort of our first conversation 😊 We would love to hear from you in the comments section.

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk One of the best things about this drama so far, has been the performances. This week was no exception and I’d say that besides Jang Hyuk and Lee Mi Sook’s scenes who are simply exquisite all the time, I am beginning to appreciate Jang Seung-Jo, who plays Jang Bucheon as well.

But the first scene I want to comment is a KPJ and JML one. KPJ’s reaction to JML once again lying to his face about his mother. Feigning innocence JML claims that KPJ’s mother jumped into the river in desperation. True to classic melodrama style, the camera offers us close up of both Jang Hyuk and Lee Mi Sook constantly (thank you PD!) It is a delight to see the nuanced performances, the subtle changes in their pupils and facial muscles to convey the emotions. KPJ’s expression went again from a stoic poker face to absolute loath, and all he moved was…the pupils. Well, this guy, when he is good, he is GREAT!


Zhaoul Kdramadreamer He really has mastered the eye acting, hasn’t he? It seems like with this character, his eyes are his main emotional tell. He has to be so careful about showing emotion, especially around someone like Jung Mal Ran who is a master manipulator and also a pathological liar (if you ask me). He always needs to try and keep the upper hand with her and so far, he seems to be doing it well. I really don’t trust her though. I feel like she’s capable of anything… but she won’t do it herself. She’ll manipulate others to do her dirty work.

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk On ep 7 we confirmed some suspicions. Secretary Oh (formerly known to us as “the butler”) was the man on the boat. And he was indeed hired by JML to kill her husband’s mistress and her children. Now KPJ is aware of Secretary Oh’s involvement and the apparent “friendship” they had, has been officially destroyed. I wasn’t sure what KPJ actually thought of Secretary Oh before but he seemed surprised by this revelation. Secretary Oh, on the other hand, seems to be having regrets? But, he was still willing to dispose of Jang Euncheon, due to his loyalty (or love?) for JML. JML has apparently used her “seduction tactics” on him in the past, which is leading some members of the audience to suspect, he might’ve been her lover too.

Jang Malan is definitely something…


Zhaoul Kdramadreamer I couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps Jang Boo Cheon is in fact his child. Secretary Oh is super two faced (must applaud the actor for being able to switch personas on a dime like that). I was a little wary from the beginning of his over exaggerated charm. I wonder if we’ll get more backstory on him. He does seem 100% loyal to Mal Ran.

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk Let’s talk about YSW and NMH. I’m not sure what YSW was trying to accomplish by visiting NMH but, I think she was sincere when she said: “You are the only one, to be on my side”. It’s sad that she decided to stab the one person who has tried to help her, in the back, by continuing her affair with JBC. Na Mo Hyun is a truly generous person, and does not deserve any of these betrayals. But, her extreme naivete is making me feel slightly bored with her character. I’m hoping the next episodes make her a little more “interesting”. She feels a bit predictable at this point, which is not necessarily a terrible thing (she could be the one reliable, constant, selfless character that is much needed in a story like this, where everyone is more on the “gray zone”) but I would like for her to start becoming more aware of things.

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Zhaoul KdramadreamerI think Na Mo Hyun’s character will develop. It is true she has been rather complacent. She’s a good-natured girl who wants to live a happy life with the man she loves. I think as secrets are further revealed we may see her disposition change (at least, I hope so too). I was very disappointed to see that Jang Boo Cheon is continuing to pursue Yoon Seo Won, but selfishly I am glad because it opens the door for Kan Pil Joo to come in and be the support that Mo Hyun needs.

I really don’t know what to think of Yoon Seo Won. Sometimes I get her. I understand her curiosity. The man she loves is marrying someone else, so she wants to get to know the woman’s character. She misses her love. She wants a normal life. But another part of me is very unsure of her. I feel like she’s capable of doing something really conniving and evil.

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk The scene where KPJ remembers his little brother, again, made me choke my tears a little. KPJ’s reaction to anything related to his brother reveals that wound is still very much open and hurts deeply. I can feel his pain vividly.


Zhaoul Kdramadreamer It’s really sad. KPJ is being tortured by this constant pain and also unquenchable guilt because of  the death of his brother. It wasn’t his fault though. He didn’t kill his brother. He tried to save him but he couldn’t. I was really upset when Secretary Oh tore up the pictures.

DramaFan StuckOnHyukDespite KPJ’s claim to hate JBC, I think he is very fond of him. They have been through a lot together. It’s a tormented bromance, but still, there is a bond between them. KPJ seemed sad, disappointed and angry at finding out JBC is not really his brother. I think he wasn’t only thinking of how this could affect his plans but he was feeling sorry for JBC. This will actually play in KPJ’s favor at some point, but he did not seem pleased about it. I loved their “date”, KPJ feeding JBC a candy, the memory of when they were young and JBC was more concerned about showing KPJ his good grades, than he was about showing them to his mother (Btw, while doing the captures I realized that the actor who plays young JBC looked very familiar to me. I looked him up and of course! He is the kid who played the child version of Ddolbock/Kang Chaeyoon in TWDR ha!)

When KPJ told JBC “I’m never going to let you die”, it could be interpreted as “because I still need you for my revenge” but I honestly felt he meant it. Just like he meant it when he hoped and expected JBC to be happy in his marriage with NMH .

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Zhaoul Kdramadreamer I think he meant it too. Speaking about young JBC, did you notice as well (maybe you already know) that the young KPJ played a guest role in Beautiful Mind?

I think KPJ cares about JBC a lot. I think it might actually bite him in the end, but hopefully not. He really could have used this information and ended this whole revenge thing here. Although he claims he must wait so that he can be the one to kick Mal Ran out. I think part of him really wants to protect Boo Cheon. I also wonder if perhaps one reason he was okay with Mo Hyun marrying Boo Cheon is because (although he was a player) he thinks he is a good guy, and will take care of her and make her happy. Those sentiments might change.

DramaFan StuckOnHyukSomething I noticed on second watch (while doing captures) was that JML actually observed KPJ bowing to NMH at the pre-wedding meeting between the families. And she obviously noticed his loving gaze. I really loved that bowing scene and the one where JML asks him to forget about NMH. His expression is so sad. This is also where he begins with “his” seduction tactics, but to what end exactly? Do we think something happened when they closed the door by the end of the episode or are we going to go on denial mode and pretend they were playing, I dunno, Go Stop all night? :p

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Zhaoul KdramadreamerIt certainly looked to me by the editing that something happened. I think he’s capable of sleeping with his enemy and still stabbing her in the back. The seduction may have been what she needed to calm her suspicions. It looks like they left it up to our own personal interpretation. I’ll say, I think they did sleep together. Whether they did or didn’t, it doesn’t really change the plot, so decide for yourself 🙂 If they did though, I think the attraction is one-sided on her part and for him, he wanted to distract her.

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk The wedding was as beautiful as it was sad :(

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Zhaoul KdramadreamerIt was sad!!! I can’t see the beauty in it. I mean, Mo Hyun is beautiful, but it was so tragic. Sure on the surface everything seems peachy, but she only knows Boo Cheon on a surface level. Girl run…! You don’t know the mess you are getting pulled into. {il Joo looks really sad but all he can do is watch until the door closes. I wish she didn’t have to be a part of all this (but then I guess we wouldn’t have much of a story, would we?)

DramaFan StuckOnHyuk And then we got the time jump! Where we, and apparently also KPJ, find out JBC has been cheating on NM for apparently 5 years? Did JBC and NMH not have a kid of their own in all these years? If so, how did the family take it? And how has JML and KPJ relationship evolve (or devolve) in these five years? I can’t wait to find out next Saturday! I want to shake KPJ.

Zhaoul Kdramadreamer Who I want to shake is JBC. I think Boo Cheon getting married to Mo Hyun while still seeing YSW shows his greed. He could have left the family when he found out he was not the rightful heir and started a life with the woman he actually loves. Instead he chose to stay and lead a double life, clutching on to wealth and power. It makes me doubt how strong his feelings for Mo Hyun were to begin with. I know it wasn’t his choice to leave YSW, but I thought he had strong respect for NMH. NMH looks so unhappy. I thought their life together was supposed to be a good one. She wants children by the look of it and they look very disconnected. I’m assuming she can’t have children. 

Conspiracy theory: What if maybe JBC is not the father of YSW’s child? I believe this theory was floated before. Maybe he’s the one that can’t have kids. I’m sure the family is less than thrilled that aren’t pregnant. I guess it’s also possible that she miscarried or something bad happened.

Guess we will have to wait and find out.

I want to see some KPJ and NMH story advancement. NMH’s husband isn’t loyal; I want her to have some happiness. KPJ is perfect for her (if only he wasn’t seeking revenge).

Closing Thoughts

As DramaFan mentioned, please let us know your thoughts on these past two episodes, and on the show in general. We are both enjoying it and hope you are as well. 

The story keeps moving along so quickly! I didn’t expect a five year time jump. Lots more to find out.

Episode 7-8 Rating:

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