WOk Of Love Kdrama First Impressions

Throw Jang Hyuk and Jung Ryeo Won in the same drama and expect me not to watch it? NEVER!!!!!! This is like the biggest tease for me  having my beloved Unnie and Forever Hearthrob Ahjussi in the same drama… and yet… what…!?…. They aren’t going to be paired together!!?? The travesty!!

Ah, honestly, it’s ok. I’m over it and really not upset (only teasing). I’m just thrilled to see them in the same drama together and hope to see them romantically paired together in the future (which I think it a huge possibility since Jang Hyuk often acts with co-stars more than once).

Wok of Love Kdrama Lee Joon Ho

I’ve got to say, Lee Joon Ho as the lead  is very promising. It’s my first time seeing him. In the first four episodes he was very solid. He’s acting with a lot of fantastic well-seasoned actors, yet he also comes across as quite experienced. I’ve heard lots of great things about him so I’m feeling really great about his role in the drama. His character is interesting and I love his passion for cooking. I think the pairing of him and Jung Ryeo Won will be quite nice. They’ve flowed well so far. I of course also really like his dynamic with Jang Hyuk which should be quite enjoyable to watch. 

Jang Hyuk in Wok of Love

Hyukie is just perfection isn’t he? I adore my melo Hyukie, but I do like seeing him have a lot of fun with these more quirky kind of roles as well (and yet of course I pick a very serious screenshot, haha). With some of the more intense roles he’s done in the last little while, this is a nice switch up for him.

Jang Hyuk daydreams in Wok of Love episode 1

We got a couple of Fated to Love You Lee Gun style laughters bubble up, however, this is not a recycled character by any means. How fun is a love struck gangster puppy, wanting to live an honest life with his gangster subordinates by making jajamyeon? I can’t take him too seriously as a ganster when he’s this little puppy gangster, however, he can also be totally badass with his action scenes. Perfect contrast. Lovely contraction. I’m here for it. 

Wok Of Love Jung Ryo Won and horse

The comedy i expected. What I didn’t expect was the shift in tone so early into a more melodramatic plot. There’s some pretty intense stuff going on in the first week, but the comedy balances it in a fun, playful, quirky way.

Pretty Jung Ryo Won Wok of Love

The drama should be lots of fun but also I think the plot worth following. I’m salivating looking at the Chinese food. There might be 40 episodes, but with 4 episodes a week and only 30 minutes per episode you can’t go wrong. I think the drama is going to fly by.

Episode 1-4 Quick Rating:


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Solid Start.