This is me: kdramadreamer zhaoul

Hello everyone. I’m Zhaoul and I love Kdramas, movies and TV in general. I discovered the world of Asian Dramas back in the summer of 2013. It all began with my manga and anime obsession. I was reading Skip Beat at the time. It’s still one of my favorites. I then began to search more about it online and stumbled upon the Taiwanese drama version of the manga/anime. I watched it and I really enjoyed it. After that I started watching Kdramas and quickly began my obsession.

I like to marathon watch dramas. I feel like I’ve watched a lot in the last 8 months but I constantly want to watch more. I enjoy watching dramas based on other people’s recommendations and reviews.

I usually like to finish a drama I start, but sometimes I do lose interest. Most of them whoever, I do finish, or go back to at a later date.

You might notice while exploring my blog that I really like drawing. I try to throw in some fan art here and there. I’m a graphic designer on top of being a TV junkie, so I really enjoy making banners and putting an artistic twist on things.

Any images used on kdramadreamer that are not my original art (such as screen caps or images of celebrities) are for editorial purposes only. If the original owner or owners of any image found would like an image removed, please send us a message indicating this and the image will be completely removed.



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