Virgin Road (1997) Jdorama Series Review

Jdorama, Romantic Melodrama

Virgin Road - Looking for lost contact

I decided to watch a really old jdorama back in August of 2016… yes, that means this post has been sitting in limbo that long (YIKES!). I don’t even remember why I decided the watch it. I think I was browsing through MDL and stumbled upon it. It sat in my “plan to watch” list for the longest time.. then sat as a half written post for perhaps longer than that.

Quick Synopsis: Sakurai Kazumi (played by Wakui Emi) leaves for New York to go find herself. While in New York, she falls in love but things do not work out as intended. Suddenly, she needs to return to Japan, but hires a man to pose as her fiancee. It gets even more complicated since she happens to be pregnant with the man from New York’s baby.