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Bubblegum Episode 9-10 Thoughts and Analysis (Audio Version)

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Bubblegum Episode 9-10 banner

Instead of writing out all my thoughts this week I recorded an audio clip where I discuss my theories and opinions on Episode 9 and 10. I did start writing my post, but in the end doing it this way made a little bit more sense for this week.

I’ve also included some screencaps that you can peruse while you listen to the audio version. If you would still really like the written version, please let me know and I’ll see if I can include it sometime later this week.


Bubblegum Kiss BTS posted on TvN Drama Youtube Channel

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Hey guys!

I’m getting ready to watch Episode 9 of Bubblegum and then Oh My Venus episode 3. I wanted to take a moment to share with you a new Bubblegum BTS video posted by TvN Drama on their YouTube channel.

The BTS in mainly of the Bubblegum Kiss from Episode 8, but they also show a bit of the scene at the end of episode 7 (and beginning of 8)

Bubblegum Kiss BTS

Enjoy! It’s pretty cute. You should also keep an eye on the videos TvN posts on YouTube. They add a lot of clips there and some behind the Scene stuff.

Here’s their channel if you want to subscribe: TVN Drama 


Bubblegum Episode 7-8 Thoughts and Analysis

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Bubblegum episode 7-8 banner

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Is it okay to start my post like that? I’m feeling pretty emotional right now, and I decided I will write as such. I literally just finished watching episode 8 of Bubblegum, splashed a little bit of water on my face to compose myself, turned on the Lasse Lindh song “Because I” from the Bubblegum OST and started immediately writing (well, technically it’s a day later now, and I’m editing.. but the vibe of the article will remain my initial reaction directly after watching episode 8).


Bubblegum Kdrama Ep 5-6 Thoughts and Analysis

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Beach Date Episode 6 Bubblegum

Wow… this week of Bubblegum went by so quickly and as usual, has left me desiring more. Episode 5 focused a lot of Kim Haeng A’s (Jung Ryeo Won’s) reaction to the kiss. At the end of episode 4 I was under the impression she was really into it. Well, it turned out she was extremely freaked out, more than I had originally anticipated and it took her a while to come around. She had more of a knee-jerk reaction to the kiss than I had initially thought. I enjoyed episode 5 and did appreciate the fact that her character had some apprehensions and wasn’t ready to immediately accept the offer of moving into a new relationship. I felt her reaction was very understandable but I also liked how we could see her heart gently swaying…. Timidly and cautiously, but swaying none the less.


Bubblegum Kdrama Episodes 3-4 Thoughts and Analysis

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I already liked this drama based on the first two episodes, but it’s starting to pick up a bit more and is showing some increasingly interesting and evolving character dynamics. We are also learning a bit more about our secondary characters.

Please note: I would recommend you watch episodes 3-4 before continuing since episode 3-4 spoilers are mixed throughout.


Bubblegum Kdrama – Should I watch it? Episode 1-2 Thoughts and Analysis

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We’re heading into the second week of the TvN Kdrama Bubblegum. The show had a strong first and second episode. Although they go slightly mild on the comedy with the first two episodes, I have no issue with this. With week 1 behind us, they’ve established a fair balance between drama and romantic comedy which, fingers crossed, they manage to maintain.


Bubblegum Kdrama Extended teaser, Screen Caps and Nonsensical Rambling

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Ahhhhhhhhh! Spazz attack! Okay, okay. So I watched the 8 minute Bubblegum Kdrama teaser and my excitement for the drama continues to grow. I was originally going to make a coherent and analytical post dissecting the teaser, but let’s not kid ourselves. I’m in no state of mind to do this. I want to simply enjoy it, leisurely screen cap and make collages from it because it’s fun. Plus, I’m at a disadvantage because I don’t know what they are saying.