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Lucky Romance Episode 13 Quick Thoughts

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When everything is perfect, things are bound to go wrong (especially in dramaland). Episode 12 held perfection in the form of snorting laughter bliss. As the official launch of Zeze approaches, the terrible dark cloud of eminent doom lingers (although no one suspects it).


Lucky Romance Episode 12 Quick Thoughts

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Alright; I’ll start off by stating I’m the worst. I’ve fallen super behind on my Lucky Romance Recaps. I’ve been thinking about it, and it will be very difficult to catch up (especially while I’m also recapping Beautiful Mind). So, I hope you’ll forgive me; but to catch-up, I want to share my overall thoughts on the episodes I’ve missed rather than attempting full recaps. My plan is to resume recaps on Lucky Romance this week, as we enter the home stretch.

Although I haven’t written on the drama for a while, a lot has happened and I would like to share briefly what I’ve been thinking.


Lucky Romance Episode 11 Recap

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Although the episode ended rather intensely, I had a good vibe overall from this episode. Bo Nui continued to hold back, but everything became more clear to her as the episode progressed. Soo Ho continued to be amazing as usual.


Lucky Romance Episode 9 Recap

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I continue to really enjoy this drama. I still won’t claim it to be perfection, but it makes me happy. Soo Ho in particular is so amusing to watch and has me laughing and smiling all the way through. Bo Nui has been a lot easier to watch. I’m really glad there’s no more hunting for the tiger business going on.


Lucky Romance Episode 8 Recap

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Episode 7 and 8 were like night and day. Episode 7 was infuriating in many aspects, but Episode 8 had a very obvious shift in tone. Lots of great things happened.

Let’s take a look.


Lucky Romance Episode 7 Recap

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Lucky Romance… a huge flaw lies within the story itself. This is something they really need to address. I let it go at first, but I cannot let it go any longer. Here’s the flaw: Are the superstitions real or are they coincidence? If they are real within the realm of the drama, then all of Bo Nui’s actions can be justified within the context of the drama (which is ridiculous). If they are not real, and are just coincidences, can they stop with the red pens and the comatose finger twitching? How is Bo Nui ever going to learn that life cannot be controlled using superstitions if things keep happening because of superstitious things. The message of the story is not clear. Their dabbling too much with two different scenarios. I can accept that some things won’t make perfect sense, but can their at least be some logic to it please?

Alright… let’s dive into this mess and see what was good and what had me pulling out my hair.


Lucky Romance Episode 6 Recap

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Ahhhh! The full moon approaches… Bo Nui loses her mind… Soo Ho steps it up… these are a few of the ingredients of episode 6. It was good; it was great even. But it was beyond frustrating in many areas. What happens in the following episodes could either make or break the show. We are reaching the tipping point now (or at least it feels like it). This can’t be right – we’re on episode 6. We will see how they handle the progressing storyline.  In the meantime, let’s take a closer look specifically at episode 6.

Here’s the breakdown.


Lucky Romance Episode 2 Recap

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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! I mean, Raccoons and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! This was another animal heavy episode. I have to say, I’m loving the mix of playfulness, ridiculousness and emotional feels thrown in. This is quite the guilty pleasure drama.