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Sims 3 Kdrama Fan fiction with Jang Hyuk– Day 2 Recap

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Welcome to day 2 recap of my Kdrama Sims Family with Bloggers, Ahjussi Fan, Drama Fan, Gumi, Apqaria and myself with a simulated version of our beloved actor Jang Hyuk.


Sim-Jang Hyuk, Drama Fan and Ahjussi Fan

Jang Hyuk Sim was very excited about the new house. He was speaking to his new house mates expressing how pleased he was with their new home. Jang Hyuk Sim has a very gentle character in the game, as he also seems to have in real life. He had a very high tolerance for Ahjussi Fans mischievous ways. She spent a lot of her time follow him from behind and scaring him. She also frightened me (Zhaoul) and Drama Fan.


Hyuk showing no mercy while training ahjussi fan.

Ahjussi Fan also had a chance to work out with Jang Hyuk. Afterwards they went to see a movie together. They had hearts over their heads (potential love connection), but then Ahjussi Fan started insulting Hyuk and he didn’t like it.

At the moment Hyuk is the closest to Gumi. They have become friends. So far I haven’t been controlling the sims very much, but I didn’t want to interfere. Now I’m going to start working on all their friendship so everyone is at least friends with Hyuk, then we’ll see what happens from there.

Apqaria went to visit a beautiful garden with Hyuk, but she was feeling shy and uncomfortable outside in nature. They both ending up talking on the phone with other people. After that, they went to a carnival together and Jang Hyuk Sim made hot dogs: surprise-surprise 🙂

Drama Fan has becoming the house party animal. She enjoys skinny dipping which makes Hyuk very uncomfortable. He usually walks away. I think it’s because he’s being respectful. She also stays up too late and sometimes passes out on the floor. Drama Fan and Hyuk are usually the last two to fall asleep.

I haven’t really been doing much except for walking around in lingerie. Apqaria and Ahjussie fan also like to walk around in their underwear a lot. Drama fan spends a lot of time in her swimsuit. The only who really wears clothes is Gumi.



Sims 3 Kdrama Fan fiction with Jang Hyuk– Day 1 Recap

Jang Hyuk, Kdrama, Video Games


From left to right: Gumi, DramaFan, Apqaria, Zhaoul, Ahjussi Fan. Bottom left to right: Jang Hyuk and Drama Fan’s Tuxedo cat, Tuxedo

So, I’ve come up with a way to keep myself entertained for the next two weeks while I go through my Kdrama withdrawals. I’ve made a Sims 3 family with some of my new fellow Kdrama blogging friends. In my Sims 3 family I’ve created myself, Ahjussi fan (from http://ahjussifan.wordpress.com/), DramaFan and Gumi (from http://stuckonhyuk.wordpress.com/) and Aquaria (from http://crushonleedahae.wordpress.com/) along with our beloved Kdrama star Jang Hyuk. Now, don’t worry; I haven’t gone crazy. I know it’s not real. This is strictly for entertainment purposes only. These aren’t necessarily a very accurate depiction of everyone. I was disappointed with some of the limitations I had, especially when making Jang Hyuk. I can’t really capture his true essence here, but just humour me and pretend it’s him.

I barely started playing last night but here’s a quick recap of what happened in the 5 minutes I actually played after creating the characters:


Jang Hyuk went right up to Drama fan and started chatting with her. They were having a nice conversation when Gumi joined in. Aqaria and me (Zhaoul) started to chat. Mischeveous Ahjussi Fan thought it would be hilarious to startle Jang Hyuk, so she snuck behind him and startled him. He wasn’t too pleased but then Gumi seemed to get startled as well and as a reflex slapped Jang Hyuk in the face!! He didn’t get upset with her though and DramaFan, Gumi and Hyuk continued to chat while Ahjussi fan went to join in the conversation with Aqaria and Zhaoul.

I stopped after this. I will be playing more and see how this develops. I will be building a house tonight. Lots of screen caps to come.

Hope you enjoy!