Lucky Romance Episode 13 Quick Thoughts

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When everything is perfect, things are bound to go wrong (especially in dramaland). Episode 12 held perfection in the form of snorting laughter bliss. As the official launch of Zeze approaches, the terrible dark cloud of eminent doom lingers (although no one suspects it).


Beautiful Mind Episode 6 Recap / Thoughts

Jang Hyuk, Kdrama

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 6 Beautiful Mind Kdrama Banner Episode 6

What did this episode have? We experience heightened empathy towards Young Oh as his world begins to unravel. It’s painful to watch… but will probably signify the tipping point of the drama where things really begin to change (potentially and most likely within Young Oh himself).

I’ve tried and tried and tried… trust me I’ve tried, but why was my Episode 6 recap not coming together? It seems ridiculous to me because Episode 6 was my favorite Episode yet. For this review, I’m throwing away the Recap Format because it’s the only way I’ve been able to get through it. I’m still covering many episode Hope this still works and you still enjoy it. 


Lucky Romance Episode 12 Quick Thoughts

Kdrama, Lucky Romance

Lucky Romance Episode 12 Kdrama Banner

Alright; I’ll start off by stating I’m the worst. I’ve fallen super behind on my Lucky Romance Recaps. I’ve been thinking about it, and it will be very difficult to catch up (especially while I’m also recapping Beautiful Mind). So, I hope you’ll forgive me; but to catch-up, I want to share my overall thoughts on the episodes I’ve missed rather than attempting full recaps. My plan is to resume recaps on Lucky Romance this week, as we enter the home stretch.

Although I haven’t written on the drama for a while, a lot has happened and I would like to share briefly what I’ve been thinking.


Beautiful Mind Episode 5 Recap

Jang Hyuk, Kdrama

Beautiful Mind Banner Episode 5

So some of my suspicions were right from episode 4 and some were wrong. The series continues to be exciting and certainly keeps us on our toes. Just when you think you’ve starting to figure it out, BOOM – they switch it up on us again by throwing another curve ball. This really is a welcomed change, because quite usually Kdramas are way too predictable. It does require a lot of energy though.. because like Young Oh and Jin Sung, we’re trying to get a handle on what’s actually happening. Like both of them, I keep jumping to premature conclusions, causing me to be wrong again and again and again…


Beautiful Mind Episode 4 Recap

Jang Hyuk, Kdrama

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 4 Banner by Zhaoul kdramadreamer

It feels like things are beginning to make a bit more sense. We have a potential villain now (but I’m sure the show could still be playing some tricks on us). I really still don’t feel 100% sure of anything, but at least the mystery is beginning to take shape. I have a hunch we don’t have a clear cut killer, but rather a conspiracy on hand where money for scientific advancement might be the driving factor.


Lucky Romance Episode 11 Recap

Kdrama, Lucky Romance

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 11 Banner

Although the episode ended rather intensely, I had a good vibe overall from this episode. Bo Nui continued to hold back, but everything became more clear to her as the episode progressed. Soo Ho continued to be amazing as usual.


Lucky Romance Episode 10 Recap


Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 10 Banner

It was a good episode, but pretty much exactly what I expected. Bo Nui reacted the way I figured she would. I knew she would want to act on her feelings, but hold herself back at any cost thinking it’s the right thing to do.


Beautiful Mind Episode 3 Recap

Jang Hyuk, Kdrama, Romantic Melodrama

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Banner Episode 3

Well, well, well…. The mystery continues…and it grows! I really think we can’t discount the even the seemingly innocent in this drama. Anyone could be guilty. There’s some dodgy stuff going on. The perpetrator, or perpetrators may very well be the one’s we least expect. I don’t know, do you? Different theories are slightly spinning in my head, but they quickly fizzle out. I really don’t know what to think. But I’m enjoying the process.


Beautiful Mind Episode 2 Recap

Jang Hyuk, Kdrama, Romantic Melodrama

Beautiful Mind episode 2 banner

Episode 1 laid the foundation of thing’s to come, whereas episode 2 solidified that base by giving our characters some back story. It’s a little more flawed and cheesy than i would like, but all the ingredients for a good drama are there. The actors really carry the drama and help propel the story line forward. I can overlook unrealistic aspects since the realm of the drama is a convincing one.

Already my opinion on the characters are shifting. I feel like we will be continuously learning more about the characters as the story unfolds.


Lucky Romance Episode 9 Recap

Kdrama, Lucky Romance, Romantic Comedy

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 9 Banner

I continue to really enjoy this drama. I still won’t claim it to be perfection, but it makes me happy. Soo Ho in particular is so amusing to watch and has me laughing and smiling all the way through. Bo Nui has been a lot easier to watch. I’m really glad there’s no more hunting for the tiger business going on.

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