Beautiful Mind Episode 1 Recap

Jang Hyuk, Kdrama

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode1 banner

Anyone who’s known me for some time knows that I LOVE Jang Hyuk. He’s not only a handsome face for me. His acting style is one I really admire. He is a versatile chameleon that will morph and inhabit a role that he chooses to play (whether the script is any good or not). I say this, but I’ve been the worse possible fan in the last maybe year and a half. Although I’ve attempted his last two Sageuks, I couldn’t successfully finish them (yet).


… and I’m back!


Hello everyone,

The migration appears to have been successful; welcome to my now self hosted blog! I’ve revamped the blog look as well, but it will remain very kdramadreamer-ish (whatever that means).


Site Migration – I will be back


Lucky Romance Episode 8 Amy and Gary

Hello everyone,

I’ll be migrating my site over the next few days but I will return! Hopefully all be back in time to recap Beautiful Mind this Monday, but that may be wishful thinking. You may see some changes and hick-ups through this tedious process, but I’m hoping it’ll work out better in the long-run.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



Lucky Romance Episode 8 Recap

Kdrama, Lucky Romance

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode8 Banner

Episode 7 and 8 were like night and day. Episode 7 was infuriating in many aspects, but Episode 8 had a very obvious shift in tone. Lots of great things happened.

Let’s take a look.


Lucky Romance Episode 7 Recap

Kdrama, Lucky Romance, Romantic Comedy

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode7 Banner

Lucky Romance… a huge flaw lies within the story itself. This is something they really need to address. I let it go at first, but I cannot let it go any longer. Here’s the flaw: Are the superstitions real or are they coincidence? If they are real within the realm of the drama, then all of Bo Nui’s actions can be justified within the context of the drama (which is ridiculous). If they are not real, and are just coincidences, can they stop with the red pens and the comatose finger twitching? How is Bo Nui ever going to learn that life cannot be controlled using superstitions if things keep happening because of superstitious things. The message of the story is not clear. Their dabbling too much with two different scenarios. I can accept that some things won’t make perfect sense, but can their at least be some logic to it please?

Alright… let’s dive into this mess and see what was good and what had me pulling out my hair.


Lucky Romance Episode 6 Recap

Kdrama, Lucky Romance, Romantic Comedy

Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 6 Banner

Ahhhh! The full moon approaches… Bo Nui loses her mind… Soo Ho steps it up… these are a few of the ingredients of episode 6. It was good; it was great even. But it was beyond frustrating in many areas. What happens in the following episodes could either make or break the show. We are reaching the tipping point now (or at least it feels like it). This can’t be right – we’re on episode 6. We will see how they handle the progressing storyline.  In the meantime, let’s take a closer look specifically at episode 6.

Here’s the breakdown.


Lucky Romance Episode 4 Recap


Lucky Romance Kdrama Episode 4 Banner

2 weeks have flown by already of Lucky Romance and the drama is still enjoyable. The fourth episode did not disappoint. The laughs continued to flow. I continue to make faces at the TV as Soo Ho is as robotic, awkward, and weird as ever. His mixture of lack of emotion, and struggling to realize he actually has emotions is hilarious.

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