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Money Flower Episode 1-2 Thoughts

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I did it. I’m slowly coming back into the world of kdramas. What better way to do so then to watch a Jang Hyuk drama?

Money Flower has some definite potential. Despite feeling slightly lost, especially in the first episode, what really struck me was the characters. We have yet to learn a lot about everyone, but I think they did a really good job at making us want understand the narrative of the main leads and supporting roles.


Beautiful Mind Episode 14 (Finale) Recap

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Beautiful Mind Episode 14 Banner

…and that’s all she wrote. Hard to believe that it’s now over. Episode 14 was really quite satisfying. I’m going to miss this series. I really liked it. Episode 14 had a lot of charm and I don’t really feel that is was lacking.

After watching episode 13, I had hoped that they would dig deeper into the past with the scans. I guess that really doesn’t matter anymore. Maybe I was being too picky. I liked that episode 14 focused in the moment and brought lots of healing (both physically speaking and metaphorically speaking as well). I’m also so glad that Young Oh and Gun Myung received a much needed healing in their relationship.


Beautiful Mind Episode 13 Recap

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Beautiful Mind Kdrama Banner Episode 13

Some questions were answered in episode 13, but not all of them. There’s still some gaps in the storytelling, but I’m not sure if they’ll be answered or not. One thing is for sure, it was another jam-packed episode with tons of content, from further Young Oh emotional development, progress between Young Oh & Jin Sung and more curve balls.


Beautiful Mind Episode 11-12 Thoughts

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Beautiful Mind Ep 11-12 kdrama banner

It’s hard to believe that Beautiful Mind is almost over. We are heading into the final week where they will tie up hopefully all the loose ends and bring us to a satisfactory ending despite the disappointing episode reduction.

The cast and crew have been working really hard; episode 11 and 12 were jam-packed with content to bring us to a speedy conclusion without being too clumsy or unrealistic. Despite having to speed up events, they still kept a fairly normal episode flow while not shunning the secondary characters. In fact, especially in episode 11, the secondary characters really shined. I’m so glad that the show utilized their talents.


Beautiful Mind Episode Reduction – Thoughts from a Fan

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Beautiful Mind Kdrama Broken Heart Graphic by Zhaoul

By now, you most likely heard that Beautiful Mind, which was originally to be aired as 16 episodes has been cut down to 14. The final episode is to be aired on August 2, which is way too soon for such a masterpiece. I decided to share my feelings on the matter, so I can finally lay them to rest and move on. I want to enjoy the rest of the show that is remaining. So I lay out my thoughts in this article and let them float away with the warm summer breeze.


Beautiful Mind Episode 10 Quick Recap and Thoughts

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Beautiful Mind Episode 10 Banner

I don’t even know where to start. This episode was fantastic. The episode focused a lot on the changes within Young Oh. We saw begin to change in the previous episode, but Young Oh also denied being able to feel anything at the end of episode 9. Now, it really cannot be denied anymore. They ended the episode so beautifully, I hope the next episode doesn’t take a step backward. Even if it does, I don’t think it can take away the overall warmth and healing of episode 10.


Beautiful Mind Episode 9 Recap

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Beautiful Mind Episode 9 Banner

Let me start by saying this was a fantastic Episode of Beautiful Mind. I enjoyed it so much. I was really pleased to get more insight into the father. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I was having a very hard time understanding or sympathizing with him. He seemed very cold and lacked empathy himself. Now I understand and have a better idea of what is going on his head.

Young Oh continues his journey of curiosity. With Jin Sung, I just want to squeeze her all the time because she’s so adorable; I can’t get over it. Okay, let’s dive into the episode and see what it brought.


Beautiful Mind Episode 7-8 Thoughts

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Beautiful Mind Episode 7-8 Banner

Another week of Beautiful Mind has come and gone. Now the path to romance is beginning to seem imminent. The groundwork is set; it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll take a man who cannot feel love or emotions and make him fall in love.


Beautiful Mind Episode 6 Recap / Thoughts

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Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 6 Beautiful Mind Kdrama Banner Episode 6

What did this episode have? We experience heightened empathy towards Young Oh as his world begins to unravel. It’s painful to watch… but will probably signify the tipping point of the drama where things really begin to change (potentially and most likely within Young Oh himself).

I’ve tried and tried and tried… trust me I’ve tried, but why was my Episode 6 recap not coming together? It seems ridiculous to me because Episode 6 was my favorite Episode yet. For this review, I’m throwing away the Recap Format because it’s the only way I’ve been able to get through it. I’m still covering many episode Hope this still works and you still enjoy it. 


Beautiful Mind Episode 5 Recap

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Beautiful Mind Banner Episode 5

So some of my suspicions were right from episode 4 and some were wrong. The series continues to be exciting and certainly keeps us on our toes. Just when you think you’ve starting to figure it out, BOOM – they switch it up on us again by throwing another curve ball. This really is a welcomed change, because quite usually Kdramas are way too predictable. It does require a lot of energy though.. because like Young Oh and Jin Sung, we’re trying to get a handle on what’s actually happening. Like both of them, I keep jumping to premature conclusions, causing me to be wrong again and again and again…