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Kdramadreamer 1 Year Blogiversary – Fan art giveaway


kdramadreamer 1 year blogiversary

So guys, I made it. I’ve been blogging for a full year now. I want to thank everyone who has stuck with me this year and welcome anyone new (and those just dropping by).

It would be a lie if I said that I didn’t encounter some struggles in my first year of blogging. There were times I felt defeated and ran out of ideas and there were times I felt that what I had to say wasn’t significant enough, clever or interesting enough. I also questioned my own objectivity. Yet, whenever I would feel that way, I would somehow miraculously snap out of it because of my passion for sharing my love of Kdramas and discussing the actors I profoundly respect and admire. This summer was my biggest challenge, but I feel refreshed, and I’m back with full force.


A Company Man Quick Review

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I watched A Company Man a little while ago and I wasn’t sure what to write about it. What I really like about this movie was the main character himself, Ji Hyung-Do. He’s a brutal killer, who’s good at what he does. Well, that’s an understatement; he’s great at it. It’s his job, and he is a great “worker” so to speak and highly revered.


Drowning in a Sea of Kdramas

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Jang Hyuk fan art so ji sub fan art by zhaoul

Happy Saturday Everyone!

This is going to be a short post. My brain is so full of kdrama info right now. I’ve been drowning myself in a sea of Kdramas. I’m staying up too late, watching for too long, and starting another drama like I’m afraid they’re going to go out of style.

I’m still marathon watching So Ji Sub and the amount of projects I’ve seen him in is now catching up to my Jang Hyuk obsession (scary I know, like one engulfing obsession is not enough)!

Anyway, it’s fun, but the one downside of marathon watching an actor you love is not all the dramas are equally enjoyable. Sure, no matter what you enjoy the actor and even gain new appreciation for dramas you wouldn’t normally like, but you have to suffer through a lot of heart break and unsatisfying endings.

I’m currently watching So Ji Sub in “A thousand years of love” – yes, that’s how truly dedicated I am. Actually, there’s a lot I do like about it despite the ridiculous hairdo and early 2000 drama cheese. I did however, again, spoil the ending for myself. I can’t stop myself these days. My curiosity keeps getting the best of me. Well, despite the fact that I know somewhat what is going to happen, I’m going to keep watching.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Road No. 1 Review

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road no.1

Out of the super intense melodramas and historical dramas that I’ve seen, I’ll say that Road No. 1 is in my top three favorite along with Chuno and Tree with Deep Roots.

Road No. 1 can be very uncomfortable at times since the story takes place in the first year of the Korean war which began on June 25, 1950. Although the characters and stories are fictional, there’s an underlining discomfort watching knowing that people did actually suffer through turmoil as illustrated. There’s an uneasiness as you watch and it’s a reminder that such horrid events do occur and nothing in this world is ever certain.


Sophie’s Revenge – Quick Movie Review

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Revenge movies can be quite predictable but fun and lighthearted. I was in the mood for something simple and funny, so I thought this might be the right choice.

There were some aspects of this movie that weren’t bad. It wasn’t fantastic, but the love story was cute enough and the interaction Sophie (Zhang Ziyi) had with her ex Jeff (So Ji-Sub).


Happy Birthday So Ji Sub

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Today is So Ji Sub’s Birthday.

so ji sub

Lately, I’ve been marathon watching So Ji Sub. I had watched Master’s Sun quite some time ago, but decided that it was now time to venture further into his body of work.

So far I’ve seen Master’s Sun, Sorry I Love You, We’re dating Now, Always (movie) and I’m currently watching Road No. 1.

road no 1

I’ve been teased about my current infatuation, but I’m blissfully enjoying it while it lasts. You never know with this sort of thing if it’ll die down or spin of control (the way it did with my Jang Hyuk obsession).

As someone who enjoys analyzing everything, I’m trying to dissect his work but without much luck. I’m still pinpointing his acting strengths and weaknesses, but find myself just letting go and enjoying watching him.

Well anyway, Happy Birthday Oppa!

This fan girl adores you.


I’m Sorry I Love You (2004) Kdrama Review

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I don’t know how many of you like to go back and watch older dramas that you haven’t seen before, but periodically, I really enjoy watching older dramas.

“I’m Sorry I love You” has been on my radar for quite some time, but I had been avoiding it, waiting for the right time where I felt I could handle it emotionally. I had been warned that it was sad, so I didn’t know if it would be worth it or not.

There are certain dramas and movies that have really been upsetting, yet beautiful at the same time; so you ask yourself, is it worth it? Well, I’ll be honest – I’m not sure why, but some of the most endearing love stories to me are rather depressing because the love is really tested. It also seems heightened due to tragedy.


Top 5 Kdrama Eccentric Male leads

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Since I started watching the Korean remake of Fated to Love You, I started thinking back of some of the best Eccentric male leads. Not all jerk Chaebols are from the same cookie cutter. Here are some very special, unique male leads that I wanted to applaud for their fun spin on their characters.

5) Mr. Clueless 

Jun Pyo from Boys over Flowers (played by Lee Min Ho)


If you could only define clueless with a person, stick Jun Pyo’s face right there. Everything about him is ridiculous, from the hair to the clothes… to the cute little laugh thinking a girl who hates him really must like him. He’s a jerk at first, but you forgive him quickly when you realize he has no idea what he’s doing and lives in a very delusional sheltered world.

4) Mr. Spoiled Super Star

Dokko Jin from The Greatest Love (played by Cha Seung Won)


I quickly got on board with his laugh. At first I thought, what is with this guy? I soon loved how different he was. He like a spoiled super star and little kid rolled into one. His personality also added to his eccentric charm.

3) Mr. Track Suit Man

Kim Joo Won from Secret Garden (played by Hyun Bin)


Oh the track suits. So many horrible outfits. What’s great about it, is how much he loves them. He doesn’t realize how ridiculous he looks. Not only did Hyun Bin pull off this character perfectly, but he was also very convincing with the body swap. I really enjoyed watching him playing a woman trapped in a man’s body.

2) Mr. Hand Gesture

Joo Joong Won  from the Master’s Sun (played by So Ji Sub)


I love Joo Joong from the ridiculous hair and tight short bright pants. What killed me the most was his hand gestures as he would say “Ga-ja”. He was charming but also very silly.

1) Mr. Drama Queen

Lee Gun from Fated to Love You Kdrama- (played by Jang Hyuk)


Alright, we are only a few episodes in and already we can see just how insane and over the top Lee Gun is. I knew he would be funny, but I don’t think I was fully prepared for him to be this dramatic. He seems to react to everything in an over the top way. His personality and appearance are very loud (hair, laugh, clothes). What I like so far though, is he also seems very sincere and has a very loving heart.


So who are some of your favorite eccentric male leads? Did I leave out anyone you think should be included?


Ahjussis madness continues

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favorite ahjussis

I’ve broken up my favorite ahjussis into separate tabs so your can admire your favorite. Click the link below for my thoughts of each individual ahjusshi.

#5 Hyun Bin


#4 So Ji-Sub


#3 Vanness Wu


#2 Gong Yoo


#1 Jang Hyuk