Hello everyone,

Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers – Which version of the manga Hana Yori Dango did you prefer?

I wanted to let you know what I’ve watched so far and give these shows a quick rating.  I would like to review these dramas more thoroughly at a later date (for those that I haven’t yet reviewed).

Feel free to let me know if you have any recommendations as I’m always wondering what to watch next. I watch a combination of newer dramas and older ones.

Big 3.8/5
Boys Over Flowers 4.8/5
Coffee Prince 5/5
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop 4/5
Goong (Princess Hours) 4.5/5

Goong (Princess Hours)

Great Fashion and Traditional Costumes in Goong

King of Dramas 4/5
Master’s Sun 4.5/5
Panda and Hedgehog 3.8/5
Pasta 4/5
Personal Preference (Personal Taste) 4/5
Playful Kiss 3.8/5
My name is Kim Sam Soon 5/5
Oh! My Lady 4.5/5

Oh! My lady

For a cute drama, watch Oh! My lady

Secret Garden 5/5
The Snow Queen 4/5

The snow queen

The Snow Queen, Heartbreaking yet pure love

Tawainese Dramas

Autumn’s Concerto 5/5

Autumn's Concerto

One of my favourite Dramas, Autumn’s Concerto

Meteor Garden* 4/5
Skip Beat! (TV Series) 4/5
Ti Amo Chocolate 4/5

Japanese Dramas
Hana yori Dango* 4/5
Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo* 4/5
Switch Girl* 3/5

Switch Girl

Have you seen Switch Girl?

Currently watching
Biscuit Teacher Star Candy (aka Hello My Teacher) 4/5 (I’m liking this more as I keep watching)
Miss Korea 3/5
Heirs 4/5

Dramas I’ve started but haven’t finished
A Thousand Kisses 3/5

A Thousand Kisses

A thousand Kisses, complicated Love with many obstacles

The World that they live in (aka World’s Within) 3/5
When a Man Loves 3/5
Marry Him if You Dare 3/5
Ireland 1/5
Flower Boy Next Door 4/5

Dramas I plan on watching
Rooftop Prince
Inspiring Generation
Reply 1997
Reply 1994
I hear your voice
The Prime Minister and I
Golden Rainbow
It Started with a Kiss
Pretty Man
Full House
Greatest Love
My Girl
Empress Qi
Love Rain
Gu Family Book

Looking at this list, there’s a lot of dramas that I started but stopped watching. Let me know if you think some of them are worth revisiting.

Thanks for reading!

*Tawainese and Japanese Dramas that I have marked with a star are ones I have yet to finish.