Hello everyone!

Yesterday I moved into my new home and I’m pretty excited. It’s a nice house but here’s the downside, no internet for two weeks (which I’ve told some of you already).

What bothers me most about this is that I won’t be able to watch my Kdramas. I must ration my data usage carefully.


While I still had internet, I was watching Midas. This is a pretty intriguing drama. I’m not a big fan of money or business usually but it’s interesting.

**Contains spoilers**

At the moment I’m frustrated with Kim Do-Hyun (played by Jang Hyuk) because he’s placing his love of money and personal gain over people he once cared about. I’ve been told he gets more likeable, which I’m happy about, because I really want to like him.

I wish I could watch more but it’s probably not a bad thing that I take a mini Kdrama breather. At least for now I can read about dramas everyone is watching on my favourite blogs and look at gorgeous photos like the one below.


Happy Sunday everyone!