What a great drama! At first, I was hesitant because I found the male lead really not attractive or appealing. He seems much older than our female lead and I didn’t see how there would be a romantic connection. Well, it turns out that’s part of the charm of this drama. At least for me.

Synopsis: Lee Go Eun (played by Jung Ryeo Won) is a very likable struggling assistant screen-writer who lives with her mom. They don’t have a lot of money. Her dream is to write dramas. This dream is crushed, then later revived again by the nasty CEO of a drama company named Anthony Kim (played by Kim Myung Min).

I watched this drama probably about 6 months ago. I was attracted to this drama because at the time I was watching lots of dramas with Choi Si Won. He has a secondary role in this drama, but he was absolutely hilarious. Si Won plays Kang Hyun Min, an arrogant, snobbish, silly, spoiled Kdrama star.

What I loved about this drama:

It was really fun to watch the behind the scenes of a drama. I don’t really know if this is an accurate depiction of what happens (in many ways I hope not), but it was really cool to watch all the work that goes into making a drama. It helped me appreciate the process even more. I’ve also seen the Kdrama The World that they live in, but The King of Dramas has a much more organized story line and I found it more interesting. I got bored with The World that they live in.


I also loved Jung Ryeo Won’s character Lee Go Eun. She was down to earth and really passionate about writing. I found this very inspiring. I was really proud of her too at times when she stuck to her guts as a writer even though other people wanted her to modify her script.

This drama has a quite interesting love story. I like that looks are not the focus in this drama. You really get to see the bond grow between the two leads despite the fact that they butt heads most of the time. I didn’t think I would ever end up liking Anthony Kim, but his character grows quite dramatically.

My Rating 4/5

Have you seen this drama? What did you think?