thorn innocent thing

As some of you may already know, the movie Innocent Thing (also known as Thorn) became available for purchase as of April 30th, 2014. It is not yet available with English subtitles, and may take some time before it is. Me, in my impatience, was plagued by curiosity and sat through the entire movie with no subtitles. No, I cannot understand or speak Korean. I’m getting better, but I won’t claim that me knowing the odd word hear and there means I understand everything. I did however begin my journey in honestly learning to speak Korean and have started seriously following audio lessons. Because I couldn’t understand everything that was said, I cannot with a clear conscience write a full review here now. I do feel I understood the story however, despite the fact and therefore I want to give you a bit of a “pre” review teaser to perk your interest and perhaps get you to give this scrumptious, but somewhat flawed (but not fataly) movie a try.


I must warn you though, this movie has some very explicit sexual scenes and other disturbing scenes. It’s rated R for a reason. Anything that occurred in the movie, stayed true to the story and the characters, but I will not pretend that it will appeal to everyone’s tastes.


People that will enjoy this movie the most in my opinion are

  • Jang Hyuk fans
  • People that love the obscure and twisted
  • Those that don’t mind feeling uncomfortable
  • Viewers that can handle very intimate/provocative scenes
  • Movie watchers that like to dissect/rip apart movies to find meaning but can find the good in imperfection as well as the bad

Now, for some teaser screen caps

Thorn8Thorn9thorn innocent thing kissthorn innocent thing kissThorn4Thorn11Thorn10Thorn6Thorn7

My Pre-subtitle critical rating: 3/5 

My Fangirl Bias rating: 4.8/5

My Jang Hyuk as Joon-Ki rating: 5/5