A food drama, yay! I like food dramas. Everything always looks so yummy. Usually food dramas are an easy watch and make a great feel-good drama. I’m talking about the new Taiwanese drama I started watching “Love myself or you”.

Read cautiously **may contain episode spoilers**

So, in episode 1 we meet the characters. We find out that Du Kai Chi (played by Puff Guo) wants to become the Sous-Chef at a restaurant she has worked at for five years. She doesn’t realize it, but Fu Zhi Jie (played by Jasper Liu) is the son of the owner of the restaurant. They were also childhood friends, but she doesn’t recognize him.


Her food gets sabotaged by the other team, and she loses her opportunity to become sous-chef. She blames Fu Zhi Jie for picking the other dish and causing her to lose. He is working at the restaurant as an intern. No one knows at this point that he is the owner’s son and a very talented chef. The only way his father could get him to work their is if he was hired as an intern. His parents are hoping he will take over the family restaurant.


Once Fu Zhi Jie realizes it’s Du Kai Chi, he feels bad for her, and is curious as to why her personality has changed so much since they were kids.

Well, it turns out, on top of everything, that they live in the same building! Won’t this set the stage for an interesting romance? There’s no romance in the air yet.. Well, that’s not entirely true. She wants nothing to do with him right now, but there has already been a piggy back ride, some drunken leaning and other close contact.

I think this drama will be cute. Episode one was decent. Not amazing, but the first episodes usually aren’t. I can see how they are setting the stage for a sweet romance. I can tell there will be a lot of tension at times between the two leads, and it might take her a while to warm up to him.


The food looks absolutely delicious. I was hungry the whole way through.

Episode Rating: 3/5