Another week of Fated to Love You has come and gone. Episode 5 was pretty much what I had expected. I knew we were going to see the not so nice side of Lee Gun since he believes that Mi Young was involved in the whole drugging incident. I do have to say though, he did redeem himself nicely in episode 6. Episode 6 was probably my favorite episode so far, or tied with episode 2. So far, it’s been pretty impossible for me to stay mad at Gun, because he can be so sweet.

I mentioned this on twitter briefly:

I feel like Mi Young has a hold on Lee Gun. He is really drawn to her sweetness and she seems to calm him down greatly. He can’t seem to stay mad at her. I feel like they are Kindred Spirits, even though they have some very obviously different character traits. At their core, they are both very loving and giving. Even though Lee Gun is in love with Se Ra, I feel as though there is an invisible string connecting Lee Gun and Mi Young’s hearts. When Mi Young speaks in her meek, honest, selfless way, it tugs on Gun’s heart. It’s not so much strong romantic feelings right now, but I can see it slowly developing. I like that it’s not based on looks or status. What he’s attracted to is her pure, selfless Soul – her as a person.

Now, who knows, he may flip-flop back and forth from this point on, I’m not sure. But what I do know, is there is definitely chemistry and a connection there.

Episode 6 has so many great cute/sweet moments. I loved how they made reference to Jang Hyuk’s TJ – back in the day when he did the Project where he rapped. I never get sick of these references to his previous works. It makes me so glad I watched tones of his other stuff before this drama. I would have still enjoyed it, but as a huge fan, it makes it that much more enjoyable.