slacker just wants to watch kdramas

I’ve been really lazy lately and have been completely neglecting my writing. I’ve been contently immersed in my own little Kdrama world, but as a result, I have not really been sharing it but selfishly keeping it to myself. Partially, I think this is due to the fact that’s it’s probably not all that interesting to most. I’m not really watching anything new these days, but rather I’m currently watching the 2002 drama Glass Slippers. It’s 40 episodes, which is a lot for me. I normally stay away from dramas that are that long, but I’m watching it for So Ji Sub.

In the next couple weeks I do hope to get back on a proper writing routine. I still want to write a proper review for Fated to Love You, Road No. 1, Cain and Abel, Rough Cut and Always.