Hello all,

How’s everyone been doing? It’s been quite a while since my last post. I have a million ideas of things I would like to write about, but now I need to focus and start writing.

I always talk about movies and dramas, but right now what I really want to talk about is music. We all have our own unique taste when it comes to music. I don’t expect people to like what I like, but I do feel like sharing where my head’s been at lately.

born hater

Korean Hip Hop. Say what?? If you were to meet me in person for the first time, I doubt you would ever think that I was into the K-Hip Hop music scene. Nothing about me screams Hip Hop. I’m a total eccentric, cute-type dork, walking around always blabbing about Korean actors. There’s nothing really swag about me, except for the fact that I do my own thing, and don’t really care about what people think about me in terms of style or interests.

So why K-Hip Hop? Well, oddly I never really was super into rap or Hip Hop growing up. Sure, I liked some, but if I were to define myself by a genre of music, that certainly would not be it. If anything I was more of a ska/punk kind of girl in High School. But, really my musical interests have always been very broad, never wanting to define myself to a certain style (and I still don’t).

I think the main reason why I never became a huge rap fan is, for the most part, I couldn’t relate to the lyrics. Music is a form of expression, a very important art form. But if I’m not feeling the message, how can I go crazy for it?

So how did I segway into a love for Korean Hip hop then? Well, it’s started with Epik High probably about two years ago. They had a sound that I could really get into and Tablo’s lyrics moved me. From there it had a rippling effect where I started to want to know what else was out there. Then, a new passion was born.

What’s the point of all this blabbing? I want to share with you some of the Korean rappers that I really enjoy. This is going to be a short list, but that’s because I plan on doing many more posts on this subject. There are so many amazing rappers that I couldn’t put them all in one list. I’m also still discovering rappers. Please, don’t be upset if you rapper is not in here. There’s about 15 more rappers I want to discuss at some point, and I might already have your fave rapper in mind.

Also, I’m not claiming my tastes are better than anyone else’s. In fact, I would love to know who everyone else likes. I may discover someone new that way.

Oh, you should also be aware my lists will be a mixture of Idol rappers and hardcore rappers. I don’t have a prejudice against idol rappers. If they can rap, that’s enough for me.

Without further ado, here are 4 rappers i’m currently addicted to:

4-The Quiett (1llionaire Records)

The Quiett from Illionaire Records

Why do I love the Quiett? His flow. This man has the best flow. His voice is so smooth and it reminds me of a flowing stream, constantly moving rhythmically forward. He does his thing and makes it seem so natural and effortless. On top of it, he’s a successful producer and Co-CEO of 1llionaire Records alongside Dok2.

3- Dok2 (1llionaire Records)

Dok2 from Illionaire Records

Dok2… Man.. this guy is awesomely sick. You can tell when he’s on stage that he has been in the business for a loooooooong time despite his still young age of 24. It actually kind of surprises me how much I like him, because the one thing I really don’t care about is money and flashy things. Haha, I laugh, because that’s most of his lyrics but I don’t even care. He makes me dislike the money bragging less. He’s worked hard for what he has and his confidence makes me buy into what ever he is singing. He’s a successful co-CEO of 1llionaire records and equally talented both on stage and producing other artists. I find it amusing how he owns the stage and is a total boss, and then has this mellow cuteness when off stage. He still has all the swag for sure, but he’s really funny and witty I find and how the most adorable smile which you wouldn’t expect from someone that can come off as a baddass.

2- BOBBY (from iKon)

Bobby from Ikon

Oh Bobby! This boy is a rising star. I really want to see him succeed. He has so much potential and still has not even officially had his debut yet. That blows my mind. When he’s on stage, he looks like a pro. He commands the stage and every move looks so relaxed and cool. His energy is extremely impressive. He’s like the energizer bunny. I’m not sure where he gets all that energy from. It must be his drive to succeed. This kid has so much swagger it’s not even funny. I honestly have some mixed feelings about him being part of iKon; just here me out. I think and hope they will do extremely well, but I love watching Bobby do his own thing solo or watching him do collab work with well established rappers. It’s so easy to get lost in his performances. I experienced that watching him in Show Me The Money 3 where he ultimately one under the guidance of Dok2 and the Quiett who coached him along the way. Him and BI had to overcome a lot of scrutiny since they were already signed to YG and the fact that they are “Idol Rappers”. Bobby is a hardcore rapper. It doesn’t matter if he’s in a Kpop group or working as a solo artist. He’s talented and that all I have to say about that. I really hope that after iKon’s debut we continue to see Bobby work with other rappers too. I really like watching him with the 1llionaire crew, and I think his style compliments there’s nicely. I want to see him at his full potential, and I hope being part of a boy group won’t hinder him in any way. I’ll try to save my judgments until after their debut. I’m currently watching Mix and Match. I do like seeing him in a team, but I can’t help but want more Bobby.

Did I forget to mention Bobby is the most adorable, cute kid ever? His smile and kind personality add exponentially to his coolness.


Tablo from Epik High

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I first discovered my passion for this genre through Epik High. Tablo played a huge part in that. Tablo in my eyes is a poet. Whether he’s writing lyrics in English or in Korean, the words are piercing, like daggers which pierce and stimulate the mind. He’s not afraid to share his thoughts openly. His music is like a canvas which he fills with meaningful lyrics and depth. His style is unique, and he does not follow any preconceived notion you may have of Hip Hop. I can listen to him for hours and not get tired of his voice. His English interpretation of Taeyang’s popular song “Eyes, Nose, Lips” gave me chills. I enjoy Taeyang’s version, but Tablo’s was so much more raw, heart wrenching, tragic, poetic, and left a long lasting impression on me.

On top of that, I enjoy watching him on reality TV shows. I thought in Show Me the Money 3 he gave really valuable feedback to the contestants, and I enjoy watching him in a mentor type role with all his experience. Same thing can be said about his appearances in Mix and Match. Also, how can you not love him with his daughter Haru in Return of Superman? I know I’m losing focus, and not talking about music, but this just adds to my like for him. I enjoy what I know about his personality (although I don’t claim to know him, because how can we really judge someone based solely on what we see on TV).

So, that concludes my K-Hip Hop discussion for today. What other rappers would you like to see me feature? Who do you like? Please feel free to share and express yourself. There’s so many talented artists, I can’t wait to share more with you.