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After being reluctant to start this drama, I sucked it up and decided to check it out 2 days ago and now I’m all caught up. I won’t get into my reasons for avoiding it, but, as usual, something I’ve been avoiding turns out to be pretty good and not worth avoiding.

So, here’s what good about this drama. I like the female lead. Often it’s the male lead I watch for (and he’s good) but she’s the one that I think is fabulous. First of all, she has a beautiful heart which we see clearly from the flashback scenes of her childhood. She was kind to her childhood friend and had very genuine feelings for him. She didn’t judge him on his appearance the way the other kids did. Now, fast forward many years; she still has that wonderful kind heart but her appearance went a little awry. Is she pretty? Of course she’s pretty.. But she doesn’t conform to the standards of society. Now, her cheeks…. They don’t say it, but her skin condition looks like rosacea, which I happen to have. They say it’s hereditary so it could be rosacea. living with rosacea, when you’re younger people compliment you on your cute rosy cheeks and always mention when you are blushing. Once you hit around 30 it just simply doesn’t seem to go away and you’re stuck with this redness that looks a lil bit like acne or that you were just out in the cold wind. It doesn’t matter how pretty you are, it’s easy to feel self-conscious about. Why not cover it up? You can, but it’s not easy to cover up. It can show through your make-up or it can look flaky. There are some treatments but the effectiveness will depend on your skin. Anyway… I’m explaining this to set up how I believe she feels. Her whole look is awkward but I believe her self-esteem is low and she’s convinced herself she’s not pretty by all the judgmental comments she’s heard from others.

Siwon does really well in these comical goof-ball roles. He was funny in King of Dramas, but his character in this is way more likable. He may be weird, but he has these moments where he seems very intelligent and you get the feeling his goofiness is almost an act (not completely an act though).

So what’s frustrating? Especially in the first few episodes, the focus on looking perfect is sickening. It was making me feel self-conscious since I don’t measure up to the standards of beauty set up in this drama. I’m awkward, my hair looks horrible 80% of the time, I have rosacea (as I mentioned) and I don’t really follow popular fashion trends. According to I feel Pretty, I would have great difficulty finding a job… But this is a Rom Com, so maybe I’m thinking about it too much and I’ll chose to take it with a grain of salt.

Okay, now that I’ve been a little harsh and critical, I must say it really is humorous. There’s a good amount of analogies and imagery too which I appreciate in a drama. Let’s see how this drama progresses, but so far it has managed to grab my attention. The lead couple has some potential for good chemistry. We have seen snippets of it, but I want to see more.

Slight spoiler if you are not caught up 

What we have to look forward to? It’s makeover time. We saw a sneak peek of her new look at the end of last episode. She looks pretty, but I’m kinda sad to see her crazy hair and blushy cheeks go.

What do you think so far? Are you watching?

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