I already liked this drama based on the first two episodes, but it’s starting to pick up a bit more and is showing some increasingly interesting and evolving character dynamics. We are also learning a bit more about our secondary characters.

Please note: I would recommend you watch episodes 3-4 before continuing since episode 3-4 spoilers are mixed throughout.

Secondary Characters


Why not start there? I’ve been curious about drunken Kwon Ji Hoon (Lee Sung Joon). Is he simply an alcoholic or is there an underlying issue that’s encouraging him to drown his sorrows? Why does No Tae-Hee (Kim Rin Na) always look  so miserable? Is that just her personality? Well, well, well, it turns out these two have some serious history. I wanna know more about these two. Will their wounds heal? Will they find peace and move on or perhaps find healing with one another? Where does Jo Dong Il (Park Won Sang) fit into all this? Will he be a new love interest?

I do like Kwon Ji Hoon for some comedic relief, but I feel guilty laughing at his character because he seriously needs help and needs to clean up his life. He’s a good person, with a good heart, but as much as he says he’s okay and just enjoys drinking, he is definitely not okay.

Being nice doesn’t mean he likes you


Right now Hong Yi Seul (Park Hee Von) is a bit of a sideline character. We know she’s interested in Park Ri Hwan (Lee Dong Wook), but I think he’s only being friendly and doesn’t really see her as a potential mate. I’m not sure if she truthfully misunderstood him, or if she’s simply being hopeful. Right now her efforts don’t really seem to be going anywhere. I imagine at some point the pushy mother’s will start getting involved. For now, her jealousy is starting to annoy me. I get her insecurities, but he hasn’t really led her on in any way. He’s just being his kind self.  I’ve liked certain aspects of her character, so I really hope she doesn’t start being unbearable. She’s got more to offer than just a secondary character who’s jealous of the main female lead. I hope she doesn’t become too petty and stereotypical.

Kim Haeng A sticking to her guns (so far)


I’m proud of Kim Haeng A (Jung Ryeo Won). It’s not easy to make that decision to let go of someone you love. She realizes that she’s not getting what she needs from that relationship and that it is unhealthy. I hate seeing her character in a emotional pain. She’s still trying to bury her emotions, but they can be read all over her face. I also really appreciate the kooky side to her character. She can be pretty fun, but I feel bad that under that bright smile there is so much sadness.

Two Peacocks puffing their feathers


As far as Kang Suk Joon (played by Lee Jong Hyuk) goes, I have a hard time sympathising with him. It’s a classic example of taking someone for granted and only realizing what you’ve had once it’s gone. I mean, that is sad, so I do feel a little bad and believe he is honestly hurting and cares about her… but it also seems that he only woke up to smell the coffee when he sniffed out another man around and felt his territory was being threatened. He feels like a peacock pumping his feathers…. Well, they both do. But even through all this, I don’t know that he really yet understands where she’s coming from. Kang Suk Joon and Kim Haeng A really don’t seem very well suited for each other. I don’t think Suk Joon is someone who easily knows how to express his feelings and Haeng A needs to feel that love and affection.


Kang Suk Joon does jerk move after jerk move. Seriously, what kind of mean spirited prick takes the battery out of someone else’s phone when they are passed out from drinking too much? I get he’s jealous, but come on. Oh, and not to mention answering someone else’s phone in the first place. He was looking to pick a fight… then he locks the door, then he pushes her into a corner to make Ri Hwan think he’s going to kiss her. I mean enough Suk Joon. I thought you were supposed to be the mature one but you are using childish antics.

Park Ri Hwan’s true feelings starting to surface


Park Ri Hwan seems like he’s starting to realize what’s in his heart. I think he really is in love with Hang A, but they’re not feelings he has really allowed himself to explore up to this point. One of the best reflective moments in the last two episodes was when Ri Hwan was in the car with Haeng A and he is just brewing with hatred over Suk Joon. He thinks to himself… (and I’m paraphrasing) “If I hate someone so much that I barely know than the problem lies within me and not with them”. He’s self reflecting. He hates how much all of this is effecting him. But he cannot help but to react. He’s protective of her, and he acknowledges that this has to be more than him just acting as an overprotective brother. Wouldn’t an oppa look after his sister yea, but still be more concerned with his own affairs? He’s being consumed by jealousy and he cannot stop it or control it. I’m not saying this is healthy. He’s obviously got some issues he has to work through, but at least he’s acknowledging his shortcomings…. That’s the first step to change.

Now… let’s talk about the kiss sequence


I’ll give you my thoughts on this kiss. I think it’s a mixture of a couple of different things. On the surface, Park Ri Hwan is helping out a friend and feels he was given permission based on their current conversation. Burried beneath that layer, is his honest desire to kiss her. He can brush it off later as “I was helping you out” but in the heat of the moment he can explore his bubbling up feelings which he doesn’t quite understand but cannot easily deny.

Why did he cover her eyes?

I really liked this move. Kim Haeng A looked pretty shocked and didn’t know how to react (but obviously she didn’t hate it or she would have had a knee-jerk reaction and pushed him away. I think this was Ri Hwan’s way of saying “Don’t over-think it, don’t think of me, just enjoy it..” I also love how her body responds to this cue and she tilts her head up slightly and accepts the second kiss immediately without hesitation. Her hands also, that were completely stiff a moment ago, awkwardly frozen in the air, relax and gently touch his coat. If this is an episode 4 kiss, what other kind of kisses do they have in store for us?

Final thoughts


I’m very happy with the last two episodes. We have a lot to look forward to and I’m still very hopeful for the rest of the series. It seems early to have such a fantastic kiss, so I wonder if it’s going to a case of “one step forward, two steps back”. Either way I’ll take it. We can now confidently say that they do have chemistry beyond friendship and that they will be able to make the transition into lovers when both characters are ready to do so. When that will happen, is yet to be seen. It could happen quickly, or they could drag it out.

What I’m not crazy about is these illnesses the writers are dangling over our heads. That makes me nervous. I like melodramas, but please, please, please writers… just don’t go there.

Other than that I still feel this drama is original and fresh. I love the back and forth between mellow and cheerful.

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