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He’s back!! This fangirl is very happy to see So Ji Sub in a drama after a two year hiatus. On top of it, he’s chosen another romantic comedy. I’m definitely thrilled to see him, but I haven’t been actually super impressed with the drama so far.


The drama isn’t bad, it’s okay. Oh My Venus is funny enough that I find myself laughing. It’s keeping my interest enough that I can keep watching without any trouble. But why do I feel meh about it?


Well. It’s only been two episodes so I think it has lots of chances to improve. Kim Ji Woong (played by Henry) is hilarious. I really like Henry in this and in general. His English is awesome and I like how outgoing and friendly he is. I love how he says to her “Hey ma’am”.. so cute. I’m ashamed of myself, because I didn’t even know until just now that he’s Canadian. As a Canadian I should know this. It would be cool if we get to hear him sing in this drama. He has a beautiful voice.

What I don’t like about the drama is the body shaming. Well Zhaoul, if it bothers you so much why don’t you stop watching? Exactly. If I really have an issue with it, no one is making me watch. I’ll keep watching despite, but I just think it’s a little much. I mean, is this really common to make fun of your friend because they like ice cream and they gained weight? I’m just grateful that Kim Young Ho (played by So Ji Sub) hasn’t been body shaming but he’s shown genuine concern over Kang Joo Eun’s (played by Shin Min A) overall health.


I’m still figuring her out a bit. She’s an interesting character. If you look at the scenes from when she was super popular, young and slim, she seemed pretty full of herself if you ask me. But I don’t really know yet if that’s a fair assessment. She did also stick up for her friend in the past. I hope that when she gets back into shape we don’t see her get all full of herself and that she doesn’t take things for granted too much. She’s pretty bold though, I like that. I want her to gain confidence, just not arrogance.


I see some potential for really good chemistry between our leads. Already he’s grabbed her close to make her ex jealous.  By the way, I’m happy to see Jung Gyu Woon in a drama again. He had quite a bizarre, hard to read character in La Dolce Vita, which I watched back in late summer of this year.


So Ji Sub is perfect in his subtlety as usual. He comes on the screen and I just intently watch. I like that he doesn’t have to be overly exaggerated, but he is still very captivating. His character is a bit mysterious which is fun.


Is anyone else annoyed with Oh Soo Jin (played by Yu In Young) already? I get she feels maybe mistreated from the past, but it appears she had a really good caring friend. But maybe more will be revealed which will shed light on her current posh, snobbish state.


On a side note, you’re all going to laugh at me, but I was so happy to see Kim Jung Tae from the Kdrama Robber in Oh My Venus. He played one of the most hilarious male second leads I have ever seen. He was totally awkward and not the typical male second lead at all. Not sure how big of a role he’ll have, but it’s always nice to see a face in a drama you didn’t expect to see.

Final thoughts:

Although I’m not wowed right now, it’s alright and easy to watch without having to put much thought into it. I feel like the drama’s going to get better and there’s potential for a great romantic connection. 

Quick rating: 3/5

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