Can I just write gibberish right now? hjfkladsahsdjkhfadjkshfjkasdhfuahuknfejsh!

I’m getting really, really excited now for Beautiful Mind. It may have been a mess before they began with many uncertainties, but I can’t even explain how I fully feel after watching the third teaser. You probably think I’m crazy, because it was a super short clip, but Jang Hyuk people!!! Jang Hyuk. I see snippets of the actor Jang Hyuk I love and admire so much. The turmoil.. the expressions… he’s wearing and feeling his role.

In case you are wondering what I’m babbling about here’s the third teaser:

I was slow to watch it. Why didn’t I watch this right away? Why? Why!!!!!

I also took some screencaps so you can enjoy the wonderful expressions of Jang Hyuk.

Are you planning on watching this? I am, for sure. Hope it’s good, but after this teaser in particular it feels very promising.

Beautiful Mind starts June 20th and will air Mondays and Tuesdays.