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Anyone who’s known me for some time knows that I LOVE Jang Hyuk. He’s not only a handsome face for me. His acting style is one I really admire. He is a versatile chameleon that will morph and inhabit a role that he chooses to play (whether the script is any good or not). I say this, but I’ve been the worse possible fan in the last maybe year and a half. Although I’ve attempted his last two Sageuks, I couldn’t successfully finish them (yet).

I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear he was going to be in this drama, even though the drama has had a lot of question-marks surrounding it. Also, I LOVE complicated characters. Give me a complicated character to over-analyze, carefully decode and I’m one happy camper. Tortured, complicated Jang Hyuk is my favorite. In this first episode, he did not disappoint me in the least. I’m on board with this unique and heartless character.

So yes, I’m diving into this drama with a strong bias, but I won’t only write about gorgeous lips and facial expressions (although you may have to endure a large portion of that). It’s important for me to also look at this drama as a whole, and not only from the view of it having my strongest personal bias in it.

Let’s take a closer look at this first episode and see what potential it may have.


Dr. Sociopath 

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 1 Dr. Lee

In the first few minutes we clearly see that Dr. Lee (Jang Hyuk) is going to be an emotionless, impossible to relate to, sadistic, ummm… person. He really shows no care whatsoever for the person in need of medical attention on the plane. I loved how not only was he continuing to read the newspaper without a worry in the world, but the newspaper had a picture of him on the back of it.

The Tenacious, Spunky Lady of Justice

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 1 Gye Jin Sung

Then we get a sneak peek at Gye Jin Sung’s (Park So Dam) determination and tenacity as she urgently follows a traffic violator/speeder. She gets more than she bargains for though when he ends up the cause a huge scene and disturbance at the Hospital’s Opening event of the Cardio-Cerebrovascular Centre.

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 1

The traffic violator man has a full fledged rage freak-out which seems directed mainly at Political Party leader Kim Myung Soo (Ryu Seung-Soo).

Lee Gun-Myung

Also not impressed by Kim Myung Soo is Dr. Lee Gun Myung. He’s not violent about it, just really disinterested which is visible on his stern face. Side note: Isn’t it comical his name is Lee Gun, like Jang Hyuk’s character from Fated to Love you? 

Anyway, so some guys take the freak-out guy away and Jin Sung is already quickly analyzing the situation and looks suspicious of them.

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 1 Dr. Lee Jang Hyuk

Kim Myung Soo begins to leave followed by the Team of Dr’s and the media. He tries to spin what had happened as positive, but he still manages to come off as super cocky. They prepare to attend the Press conference when Dr. Lee suddenly appears and states that Kim Myung Soo will be unable to go. Dr. Lee pinpoints the moment that Myung Soo will collapse and he calculated it with great precision.

The following scene Dr. Lee explains to Myung Soo about the seriousness of his condition. Basically an operation would be extremely dangerous since the giant aneurysm could easily rupture during surgery. Myung Soo is very curious and wants to know how Dr. Lee knew about his condition as soon as he saw him. Dr. Lee starts mentioning all the symptoms. Dr. Lee’s ability to analyze behaviors related to illness is remarkable.

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 1 Dr. Lee suggests live surgery

Dr. Lee throws the idea of live surgery out there (that sounds insane and super scary). What makes it even creepier is the expression he has when he suggests it. He truly looks like a sick individual taking pleasure in bizarre twisted things. News about the potential live surgery starts moving through the hospital staff. I’m not the only one that thinks it sounds ridiculous.

We also find out, courtesy of Dr. Lee’s vast knowledge of everything, that Myung Soo tested positive for cocaine use. Dr. Lee is such an instigator; he also enjoys it too much.

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 1 Jang Hyuk as Dr. Lee

The live surgery gets announced in the most subtle way haha – A GIANT banner spanning several floors. We get an interaction with both Lee’s and find out they are father and son (explains the last name). What kind of smile is this? Jang Hyuk, you are killing me with your evil cuteness. Evil isn’t supposed to be so striking.

Now back to Little Miss Cuteness

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 1 Gye Jin Sung

Jin Sung primps herself in the mirror, preparing to go out and meet up with someone. Her work partner teases her about it and she denies that it is a date. Finally she asks him if she should wear her hair tucked behind her ears or not. It’s obvious she has herself a crush. She goes out and waits for him but he never shows up. She accidentally dials him, Dr. Hyun Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun-Min) and has a super awkward conversation which leaves her feeling like an idiot.

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 1 Car Accident

Outside, as she goes to leave, she witnesses a terrible accident. The guy that she was chasing earlier over the traffic violations gets hit by a vehicle directly in front of her. She calls the police station giving them all the details of the accident, including the vehicle that did the hit and run. Of course there are no cameras around, so that is of no help. She then realizes that it’s the man from earlier by the burn marks on his arms.

Jin Sung gets in the ambulance with the hit and run victim and sees the Doctor who stood her up, busy at work. They have some interactions. He does seem concerned whether or not she’s okay, since she had quite a shock. She also makes it clear that it was attempted murder; not an accident. It seems to me that he also has feelings for her, but that he is also extremely busy and maybe doesn’t do very well at showing her that he actually does like and care about her as well. 

Beautiful Mind Episode 1 Lee Gun looks at scan

The accident was really bad news, and it looks like saving the patient will be difficult. The patient is experiencing traumatic subdural hemorrhage. Dr. Lee states his department will not operate. A big argument follows regarding his refusal to do the operation. Jin Sung finds out and gets very upset wanting no part of Dr. Lee’s bs. She starts rhyming off all the charges he will face if he refuses. Then she handcuffs him. In the end, he does do the operation, but simultaneously with the other Dr’s, so two operations at the same time.

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 1 Jin Sung and the son

While the operation is going on, Jin Sung makes an effort to bond with the victims son but he ignores her mostly. She realizes he has his earbuds in, but isn’t actually listening to music. She doesn’t seem to think much of it and neither did I.

Everything seems to be going smoothly during the operation but then things take an unfortunate turn. Dr. Lee says one by one what will happen and sure enough it does. All the Doctor’s are very upset but he walks out without showing any emotion. He walks right by the son. When the rest of the Doctor’s come out, the devastating news is revealed. The son has a complete break-down at the news and we realize that he is deaf.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Suk Joo

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 1 Dr. Suk Joo

Dr. Lee tells Dr. Suk Joo that he didn’t have any hope in a successful operation for the start. He only agreed to it because it’s a game to him.

It turns out Dr. Lee has a lady in his life… well sort of. He doesn’t seem to really care about Kim Min Jae (Park Se Young) but she’s very interested and craving attention from him. I was really surprised when he proposed. He seemed to be doing it for the sake of it, in a very Dexter like fashion.

Dr. Suk seems very haunted by Dr. Lee’s words and starts thinking specifically about what happened during the operation. He finds out that Dr. Lee knew what was going to happen before it happened. He asks Dr. Lee how he was so sure of himself. Dr. Lee doesn’t divulge any information.. but he really doesn’t deny it either.

Dr. Suk inquires about the security videos, but they were conveniently deleted.

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 1 Jin Sung

Dr. Suk is not the only one with his suspicions about Dr. Lee. Jin Sung also has a really bad vibe and will not let go of this case.

We get an exchange between Both Dr. Lee’s. The father suddenly doesn’t look so innocent and Jang Hyuk’s character breaks into another creepy smile stating he didn’t get caught. The father looks kind of surprised… but is he surprised? What is going on?

Jin Sung has a realization; the body she saw was not in fact the victim’s body. The burn marks were missing from his arms when she went to inquire about the autopsy.  she looks at some CCTV footage and sees Dr. Lee tampering with the body. It’s funny how in the footage he looks directly at the camera, like he’s staring right at her. Then we get that grin again. 

Jin Sung sneaks into Dr. Lee’s office. She looks on his computer. Sure enough… he has the misisng video right there. She finds it and he walks in. I love how he knocks on his own office door, haha.

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 1 strangle

She’s totally freaked out and she should be. We don’t know enough about him yet and he’s totally unpredictable. She blames him for what hapenned and he doesn’ hesitate to approach her. She wants to know what he was doing with the body. He grabs her face like a creepy psychopath. She begins to blurt out all her accusations and he grabs her firmly by the neck as to strangle her. I wouldn’t be messing with him. Jang Hyuk’s Dr. Lee character is scary. The episode ends with him grabbing a scalpel. It looks and sounds like he stabs her with it violently, but how can that be right?

And that’s the end of the episode.

Closing Thoughts:

The Story 


In the first episode they covered a lot. There was murder, cover-up, some kind of potential hidden conspiracy, politics, revealed crushes, an engagement which seemed 1 sided and a very uncomfortable “what is happening” choking scene.

The story had some very strong exaggerated tendencies which I find kinda funny, but they still managed to capture the human elements, in a wonderful way in fact. The character’s felt quite realistic.

What I really like is, I suspect we will get more than just a romantic story. There’s a strong plot and a lot of mystery surrounding both the drama and the characters. I can see how things will develop and change, although I cannot fully predict how (which is good).

Although I’m squeamish, I like medical dramas. They remind me of my teenage years when I used to watch ER with my mom.

Dr. Lee (Jang Hyuk)

Jang Hyuk

Jang Hyuk’s role as Dr. Lee has me so curious. He manages to be sexy, mysterious, evil and intriguing. I appreciate the fact that Jang Hyuk didn’t dive into his previous repertoire of characters. He sometimes pulls some characteristics from previous roles (which i’m not criticizing only observing) but Dr. Lee felt like an entirely new creation.

Dr. Lee comes across as total sadist sociopath and I love it. He also keeps me wondering what secrets and hidden motives he may have. He doesn’t appear to have any empathy for people, yet he wears a sinister smirk which is difficult to decode. Can I just say this? How dare he appear so evil yet be so sexy? They say women like bad boys, but he’s not even a bad boy, he could be completely deranged. His creepiness is like candy to my forever curious brain.

I felt Dr. Lee’s ability to pinpoint a patient’s illness was both fascinating and far fetched. I get he’s a genius, but the countdown to when the character actually topple over was a little too cute for me. It was still cool though. I can appreciate that they are going in the direction of over the top dramatic. The actors still worked very well with the script and made everything seem as natural as possible.

Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam) 


I’m really impressed with this young actress. I think they will really look beautiful together and have potential for very strong chemistry. She’s very kind, empathetic with a strong sense of justice and determination. She’s not a pushover, but the purity and beauty of her heart radiates. I like that she’ll be a challenge for Dr. Lee to understand. She won’t bow down to him, which she shouldn’t. I honestly was barely aware of the age difference at all. It doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. I’ve never seen her act before so I could only base my opinions loosely on what I heard. I had high hopes for her and based on episode 1 she did not disappoint. I thought she came across on screen as a strong, confident and skilled actress. She seemed very mature in her skills and delivery. I would honestly think she had been acting for much longer. Very talented, not at all novice.  She’s also done way more acting then I realized, especially movies (I just haven’t seen them).

She is absolutely delightful and a joy to watch. I love the contrast between her character and Dr. Lee. They are night and day. I’m really looking forward to watching them both change throughout the drama. I think Dr. Lee especially will morph into a new character as the story progresses and we learn more about him.

Her crush on the other Doctor is adorable. I liked the little details they emphasized such as how she was trying to decide whether or not to tuck her cute haircut behind her ears before going out to meet up with her Dr. Crush.

Dr. Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min)

Beautiful Mind

That Dr. is very likable, and unlike Dr. Lee actually shows empathy towards patients and their families. I think this will make for a fantastic triangular/square dynamic. Dr. Lee was already taking pleasure playing with the Dr. These two alone, without even taking into the account the female characters will have some fantastic tension. Now throw some females in the mix and increase the tension by a million.

A Few other thoughts

I really liked the motorcycle guy’s kid. I didn’t expect him to be deaf and thought they executed that very well.

What could the father have possibly known for them to have disposed of him in such a brutal way, leaving his teenage son an orphan? This drama is going to keep us guessing, and hopefully we won’t figure things out too quickly so that we can hold onto that element of mystery.

Dr. Lee’s Father


I really like him right now. I don’t really know if he’s a good guy or a villain, but there’s a history there that I want to learn about. I wonder if in the end he’ll be the more dangerous one. So much mystery.

Min Jae (Park Se Young)

Dr. Lee’s fiancée surprised me a bit. I can get why she would be attracted to such a gorgeous man, but he’s so cold… why would she cling onto someone like that? It has me wondering if she’s more aware of why he is the way he is. Or maybe, she knows a different side to him that we haven’t seen yet. I can smile at the TV like a crazy person because I adore Jang Hyuk, but as an actual person in real life his personality would deter me from initial attraction.

Final, Final Thoughts

I loved Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam’s fantastic interactions. Even without any current hint of romance, it’s quite the intense first few exchanges. That moment where she handcuffed him was wonderful. He looked curious but also simultaneously blank in the face. He was watching her behaviour without reacting. Everything to him appears to be a game.

I really don’t have a firm grasp on the show or character’s yet, but I’m happy with how the series has started. Although the ratings for the first episode were quite low, hopefully they’ll pick up a bit as the show progresses.  

Episode 1 Quick Rating:

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What were your thoughts on episode 1? Who do you think the real villains are? Is Dr. Lee just a victim or totally insane (or both)?

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