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Episode 1 laid the foundation of thing’s to come, whereas episode 2 solidified that base by giving our characters some back story. It’s a little more flawed and cheesy than i would like, but all the ingredients for a good drama are there. The actors really carry the drama and help propel the story line forward. I can overlook unrealistic aspects since the realm of the drama is a convincing one.

Already my opinion on the characters are shifting. I feel like we will be continuously learning more about the characters as the story unfolds.



Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 2 Ji Sung

We get it a bit of backstory and find out that Jin Sung (Park So Dam) was a patient at the hospital. Dr. Hyun Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min) is her doctor. He has always been really good to her. Because of all the costs to her family for her hospital bills, she was going to drink before her surgery but he stopped her. He gave her a bottle cap, the one that we saw in the first episode. Her heart has been stirring for him for quite some time.

There was a malpractice case and she overheard the details while she hid under the stairwell. Then it shows her waking up in the hospital bed but now her hair short again.

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 2 Emergency pericardiocentesis

So the reason for that crazy stabbing we saw last episode comes to light.  Dr. Lee Young Oh did in fact stab her, but to remove the fluid around her heart. 

A Patient Freak-out

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 2 Jin Sung saves Lee Young O

There’s a patient who goes a little crazy. Young Oh fearlessly approaches the crazed patient who is being hospitalized for attempted suicide. He tells him if he’s going to try to kill himself he should do it properly. He shows him how to do it and tells him it would only take 2 minutes. The patient seems really rattled. Young Oh goes to leave and then the patient tries to jump him. Before he has a chance to be attacked, Jin Sung comes in and knocks Young Oh to the ground to keep him safe. Her heart is beating very quickly afterwards. She then goes to follow him and he puts on quite an intense act with her. He’s somewhere in between dangerous and sexy. Still very early on but you can sense those will progress into something more interesting later.

She tries to find out more information about him having the videotape. They go back and forth and she tells him that she will find out what happened. He smirks quite a bit and he tries to freak her out but while still keeping his cool (constantly, always). She wants to find out what happened in the case.

Begging to Investigate the Case

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 2 police officers

Her partner tells her it’s a cold case and to drop it. In the end he agrees to let her investigate, but by herself without pay. Problem is, she can’t do anything without a police warrant. She tells Shin Dong Jae (Kim Jong Soo) about her suspicions but he doesn’t want to hear it and pretends that she didn’t say anything. She wants help because she can’t do it by yourself. She calls out for Dong Jae for being more concerned about the media than he is about the patients. He won’t allow the hospital’s name to be tarnished.

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 2 Dr. Lee

Our Dr. Lee Young Oh tells Jin Sung that by the look on her face it seems the investigation is not going very well. She admits to him that she cannot do anything by her own power. Then she walks away. He pauses for a moment as if thinking but then he also walks away. What was he thinking about…

Live Surgery Lecture Interrupted

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 2 Dr Lee Young Oh

Young Oh speaks in a room full of physicians about the upcoming live surgery. His fiancée, Kim Min-Jae (Park Se Young) is watching with Suk Joo. Young Oh goes to walk everyone through step by step the surgery procedure and findings. So when he goes to turn it on the projector, the security tape that went missing starts playing instead. Jin Sung played it wanting to expose Young Oh and gain some support in her investigation. She starts spouting off everything she knows about the case. Silly, silly, silly. As I watched her, I was really uncomfortable. It seemed really unprofessional to me, and I don’t feel she has enough evidence to make such a public accusation.

Young Oh goes to talk but he is interrupted. One of the other doctor says that he should still perform the live surgery. Then his father speaks up and says that it shouldn’t be Dr. Lee Young Oh that performs the surgery but rather So Ji Yong (Min Sung Wook). Young Oh asks for the opportunity to explain what happened but his father won’t hear it. He’ll have to go in front of the Ethics Committee.

hospital staff beautiful mind

The hospital staff talk about Dr. Lee Young Oh and speculate about whether or not he is guilty. It’s brought up that it could be the perfect crime because he so confidently looked right in the camera. The other theory is that he couldn’t have done it because why would he look in the camera if he was guilty.

After work some of the other Doctors gossip. They mention how Dr. Lee could in fact lose his license.

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 2 Dr's talk

Suk Joo runs into Dong Jae that evening.  They eat and drink. Do i like  Dong Jae? I dont know. Is he good or is her bad? He has me a little perplexed. Sometimes he seems really honest and really 100% about the patient, but there are other times I feel like he’s heavily influenced by the politics of everything. 

Father and Son Interactions

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 2 Both Dr Lee's

Young Oh calmly and coolly sips his wine. All of the sudden he tips the table over which has like a million glasses on it. What’s even more creepy is his father, who is as cool as a cucumber. Gun Myung (Heo Jun Ho) casually picks up and looks at a glass. His father’s super calm. I think his father is actually the one to be feared. His father wants to hear of the details of what happened. Young Oh wants to be able to do his surgery. Gun Myung grabs ahold of Young Oh and Young Oh freezes. So I could sense jolt through to Young Oh, like if he was a computer. A computer that has a malfunction. He seems really scared of his father. 

Young Oh tells his dad that he went to confirm the reason of the death. His father almost seems to be playing mind games with him and finishes the conversation urging him about his anti-psychotic prescription. 

The Diagnosis

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 2 Wall of emotional behaviour

We get a flashback to when Young Oh was a kid. His Doctor at the time tells the father the Young Oh’s cerebral that controls and relates emotions cannot function on its own. So Young Oh really is incapable (according to the diagnosis) to sympathize and relate to the emotions of others. He has antisocial personality disorder (haven’t heard of it before). The doctor warns the father that he could be dangerous.

So what the father taught him in detail how people react when they feel different emotions. He showed him photos of people with different expressions to explain the different emotions. He also said when people feel nervous they touch their neck. He had everything drawn out on the wall, so they could study it in depth. The wall had a ridiculous amount of detail from every nuance in the face. Now it seems more plausible that he can sense so much from people including illness. I thought it seemed way to exaggerated before, but I can see where it would makes sense within the realm of the drama (but only the realm of the drama).

As Young Oh sits and watches the wall, he realizes that his father was feeling doubt. He can also tell that his father was lying to him. He gives himself a needle. I’m guessing of his anti-psychotic medication. What did he mix it with? Why is he injecting it?

Live Surgery

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 2 politician

It’s the day of the live surgery and the politician is there with the replacement surgeon that will do the surgery. All the media are there and are taking pictures and asking questions. The politician gets freaked out and is worried about trusting the new surgeon. I can understand his anxiety. Although Young Oh is peculiar, they have established some sort of a bond. Myung Soo has no relationship or knowledge of this other Doctor.

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 2 Dr. Lee

Young Oh and  Suk Joo talk as Young Oh looks at the poster. Young Oh asks Suk Joo if he advised Jin Sung to also take care of herself. But reading Suk Joo’s body language, Young Oh can see that he hasn’t.

Live Surgery Blunder

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 2 surgery

The live surgery is underway as many spectators watch. Suk Joo is worrying about Jin Sung now. He keeps trying to call her but with no luck of reaching her.

Looks like a car tried to kill Jin Sung, but another one blocked it.. and omg it’s Young Oh to the rescue! Young Oh saved her. She scolds him for speeding in a school zone, not realizing it was him at first. He says he came to turn himself in.

Meanwhile during the surgery, things begin not to go not so well as the patient’s blood pressure rises. The blood vessel has occluded. An embolism has started. They turn off the cameras because the situation is too critical to film.

Young Oh’s father decides to take over the surgery. Young Oh brings Jin Sung to the hospital so she can see all the havoc she has caused.

Young Oh is asked what he wants since he says he is the only one that can perform the surgery. He says he wants authority to make special decisions. It’s then agreed that he will get what he wants. Young Oh requests that Suk Joo helps him with the surgery.

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 2 Dr. Lee operates

The operation continues with Dr. Lee Young Oh. He has the patients bed tilted. His father watches from the screen. He pulls the brain apart to expose the giant hidden legion no one saw and takes out the lesion. It’s a giant cerebral aneurysm, which develops from a fungus.

Dr Lee thinking Beautiful Mind

Dr. Hyun Suk Joo inquires on how Young Oh knew about this since he didn’t perform a biopsy. Young Oh explains that it was similar to the table death case. When they were operating before, there was a small fungus that he had removed. It was a fungus he hadn’t seen before. Since it was the first time he wanted to verify it properly… and that is why he looked at the surgery video. You couldn’t have said that before? A combination of illicit drug use and taking immunosuppressants can cause it (endocarditis). When Young Oh examined the corpse, he saw the cause wasn’t from the car accident. That the cause infectious endocarditis. He’s then asked why he didn’t say all this before and he says the people in attendance know why (he wasn’t given the chance to speak).

His father asks him why he made a bet as soon as he came to the hospital on whether a patient would survive or not. He also says adds that he didn’t think Young Oh would ever become a doctor.

The media questions them about the surgery but they assure the media it wasn’t malpractice. They feed the media hogwash stating the near incident shows the strength of their team to be able to work in an emergency.

Suk Joo asks Young Oh if their were any other strange things about the table death surgery. Young Oh tells Suk Joo he already knows what was strange. He already knows that the heart went missing. Young Oh also exposes Suk Joo that he also went to visit the corpse.

Closing Thoughts:

The Emotionless Superhero

Dr lee sits in car beautiful mind

Young Oh could be a comic book super hero with special powers. His powers are subtle enough to seem somewhat realistic, but they do seem miraculous. He observes things and as a result is a fantastic doctor. His lack of empathy does not affect his skills; rather it allows him to focus solely on the task at hand. Did he intentionally save Jin Sung from that car or was that just brilliant timing?

Dr. Lee’s Anti-social Personality Disorder

Dr Lee's diagnosis Beautiful Mind

I knew I liked Young Oh from Episode 1. He’s even more interesting in Episode 2. The flashback to his childhood really helped us understand his observance skills. It’s like he studied so well that he almost developed super powers. He can sense so much… or rather it’s a series of tells that allow him to know more than other people would normally notice. Our Dr. Lee has some similarities to Dexter Morgan. I mentioned this briefly in my episode 1 recap. It makes me wonder if maybe he also went through a traumatic experience when he was a kid.

What’s the Dad’s Deal, For Real?

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 2 Father

The father continues to confuse my brain. I like him.. I don’t like him. I think he cares about his son… then I think he’s evil. I really don’t know, but their vibe together is eerie. It doesn’t feel healthy. Is he trying to help and just misguided, or does he use Young Oh’s weakness to control him and keep him submissive?

The Impulsive Police Officer

Beautiful Mind Jin Sung

Jin Sung seems far less logical that I expected. In Episode 1, I praised her for her earnest passion but episode 2 concerned me a bit. It seems she acts before thinking things entirely through. Young Oh had a good point. She is fearless and follows him without thinking… but what if he was a psycho killer, what would she do then? I get she needed support to start the case, but I was cringing when she stood in the room full of Dr’s and accused Dr. Lee. She needs to slow down and not only have a knee jerk reaction.

The Romantic Chemistry will Come

Park So Dam Jang Hyuk Beautiful Mind

It looks like they are already trying to establish some heat between the leads. Young Oh comes across as sexy even when he is being really scary. How will he be able to develop feelings for Jin Sung if he has antisocial personality disorder? Was his diagnosis accurate? I really do wonder..

Smitten Fiancée

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 2 Dr. Lee's fiancee

I really haven’t said much about Min Jae. She does seem quite likable. I wonder if she’ll take on more of a role later on. Right now she seems totally infatuated with him. Will they portray her as villainous when Young Oh starts developing a connection with Jin Sung?

 What’s this about Malpractice?

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode Shin Dong-Jae and Hyun Suk-Joo

What are the details of the malpractice case? This is the kind of stuff that goes over my head when watching medical dramas. At first I thought they were talking about Jin Sung, but obviously not. This has to be significant considering how much time they discussed it. I wonder how much of a role this past malpractice case will take on in the plot line.

Dr. Suk Joo

Beautiful Mind Kdrama Episode 2 Hyun Suk-Joo

I really like Suk Joo, but he’s not a flawless character. He’s nice but he has secrets and regrets. He’s not carefree. He appears to carry a heavy burden. Don’t you find he looks so different without and without his glasses? He gives off and completely different vibe when he is not wearing them.. and he looks quite sexy (but not as sexy as Young oh).

I’m liking this show a lot. There’s so many details though. I don’t catch all the details like some people do, so I have to really pay attention.

Episode 2 Quick Rating:

kdrama Quick review rating


I’m really looking forward to episode 3. I have so many questions… and I’m sure they’ll keep us guessing all the way through. This is a fantastic drama to discuss, because there are so many moving pieces.

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