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It was a good episode, but pretty much exactly what I expected. Bo Nui reacted the way I figured she would. I knew she would want to act on her feelings, but hold herself back at any cost thinking it’s the right thing to do.

Quick Recap:

The Morning After

Soo Ho wouldn’t let go of Bo Nui’s hand. Every time she tried to let go of his hand, he held it tighter. Even when Gary called Bo Nui’s phone to see if she was still coming to the broadcast, she was unable to reach it because Soo Ho was holding onto her hand tightly.

After a Drunken Night

Ryang Ha Dal Nim

As expected, we received a hilarious day after scenario of Dal Nim and Ryang Ha. I thought they’d end up face to face… but we got even more than that. They were actually snuggled up to and nuzzling each other like they were in total bliss. They came really close to a full fledged kiss but then snapped to their senses. Of course, it was a major shock to both of them. Ga Seung Young went looking for Dal Nim and couldn’t find her anywhere. Seung Young tells Ryang Ha while Dal Nim is hidden, that Bo Nui and Soo Ho left together last night. Ryang Ha looks concerned when he hears that Soo Ho was thrown into the water because of his fear of water due to his negative past experience. Dal Nim is heart broken and visibly upset knowing that Bo Nui and Soo Ho left together.

Amy Reflects

Amy Lucky Romance Episode 10

Amy reflects on her conversation with Soo Ho from the company outing. She remembers how he did say he used to have feelings for her, but he doesn’t know if they were love. He’s not sure that he knows what love is. She’s happy he admitted she was his everything, but not so happy he said it in past tense.

Gary’s Confession

Gary Lucky Romance Episode 10

Bo Nui doesn’t make it in time for the broadcast. Bo Nui is very sorry. Gary can’t hide his jealousy any longer. His anger is visible and he finally has a bit of a blow up.

Gary reveals his feelings to Bo Nui. Bo Nui tells him that they are not like that. He looks crushed. He gets really mad and asks her where she was all night. He says there’s no excuse for it, unless something truly terrible happened like an emergency, which he felt it didn’t.

Soo Ho tells Ryang Ha about Bo Nui

Soo Ho LUcky Romance Episode 10

Ryang Ha is worried about Soo Ho because of the water incident. He shows his concern in a very over-the-top fashion. Soo Ho and Ryang Ha talk about Bo Nui. Soo Ho can’t hide the fact that he likes her. Ryang Ha asks him if he called or text her yet, and Soo Ho looks puzzled. He listens to Ryang Ha’d advice and sends Bo Nui a text message.

Bo Nui sees emoticons episode 10 Lucky Romance

Ryang Ha tried explaining he should send “cute” emoticons but clueless Soo Ho sent an odd series of emoticons that is difficult for Bo Nui to understand. I laughed so hard. Soo Ho’s explanation of the emoticons made it even funnier.

Soo Ho’s Confession

Bo Nui shocked Face

Since Bo Nui keeps shutting Soo Ho down, he decides to go directly to her place, but she doesn’t answer. He doesn’t realize she’s on the roof with Gary. He decides to wait for her to return from the park. When he doesn’t see her, he tries calling her again. He gets his sad and angry texts, so she runs out to the park to see him. When she gets there he is already gone.

Bo Nui goes to bed, but here’s the doorbell at around 4 am. She goes to answer and it’s Soo Ho. He hasn’t been able to sleep a wink. He confesses his heart to her in a very Soo Ho way. He explains she is a bug in his head, but a bug he doesn’t want to fix. He asks her the question, whether or not she wants him to fix that bug. She’s surprised, and says it’s late and closes the door on him. So mean Bo Nui. Listen to your heart, why don’t you?

Obligatory Date

Ri Hwan takes Soo Ho out to get him a really nice outfit, Pretty Woman makeover style. Ri Hwan failed to convince Soo Ho that he shouldn’t wear shorts (even though he tried). The result: He looks super nice and formal on top, but casual on the bottom with shorts still on. I like this look, because it is very Soo Ho. I wondered about the shorts for some time. Shorts seem super casual for a CEO, but it’s a video game company so I figured it was acceptable.

Since Soo Ho hasn’t had any luck whatsoever with Bo Nui, Ri Hwan tells him he needs to ask her out to go eat, but make it mandatory (he needs to play the CEO card). He does and it works; she agrees to go join him.

A Drunken Little Man on the Rampage

Soo Ho's father lucky romance episode 10

Soo Ho’s father sees the chicken man in front of Zeze. He overhears Ryang Ha comment on how much the chicken man and Soo Ho look very much alike. It really is true; they are alike in stature and have very similar facial features, including their eyes. Soo Ho really doesn’t look like his supposed father.

This obviously rattles the father quite a bit. He walks into the street in a total daze. The chicken man accidentatly runs into him on his scooter. He tries to make sure he is okay, but Soo Ho’s father doesn’t want to even look at him. The chicken man gives him his contact info in case anything happens. The aggravated father doesn’t stick around.

Soo Ho's dad mad

Later Soo Ho’s father goes to the restaurant and starts trashing the place in a drunken rage. The chicken man tries to calm him down but there’s no hope.

Soo Ho insists that he stays and cleans up the mess that his father has made. The chicken man tries to get him to leave, but he refuses. He goes to take out the garbage with Bo Nui. She wants to help him but he won’t let her. She goes to help anyway and she he falls. It was a super embarrassing moment, poor Soo Ho.

Soo Ho Bo Nui Kiss episode 10 lucky romance

Soo Ho attempts again to talk to Bo Nui about them. Bo Nui continues to deny having any affection for him, and walks away. He runs after her and grabs her. When he does he can see that she’s crying. She may have been acting tough, but she obviously does want to be with him. 

He kisses her.

Truth or Dare

We get to see the text message Bo Nui didn’t end up sending to Soo Ho.

I loved this scene. They did it so well. It goes to show that text messages can be really decieving and you often can not properly read a person’s tone. Almost more important than the unsent text message was seeing how Bo Nui was reacting towards the messages she was receiving from Soo Ho. She was super excited and happy, but when Soo Ho read them, he couldn’t sense the emotion behind the messages. I’m sure she did this mostly on purpose, but it was great to watch her so happy as she read them. Sadly, Bo Nui doesn’t think she deserves happiness. She also worries that she will only bring bad luck to Soo Ho. Bo Nui, your assumption is false. I don’t think even the Shaman would think that.

Closing Thoughts:

Our Comedy Man Never Disappoints

Soo Ho Episode 10 Lucky Romance with phone

It’s like with every episode Soo Ho is trying to top his cuteness and smiles. His fan girl like freak-outs have become an important and welcomed staple to each subsequent episode.

Stereotypical Second Lead Reactions

Amy’s reaction was typical. I could foresee her character reacting this way once she fully realized that she’s not the one in the picture anymore. It’s never a good look, but despite the stereotypical jealous second female lead role, she’s still executing it well.

I’m not going to throw this all on Amy though.. although I also feel bad for Gary, he needs to come to terms with the fact that Bo Nui is not interested in him that way. It’s crushing… but yelling at her is not the best solution. The rage is understandable, but I hope it doesn’t continue.

The Kiss

Soo Ho Bo Nui Kiss episode 10 lucky romance eyes open

That kiss could have been really good, but Bo Nui had to play the shocked, totally stiff not interested angle. If she could have relaxed her lips and body it, would have been really nice. Especially with Soo Ho’s really luscious lips (you have to take advantage of that girl).

Who’s your Daddy?

Okay show, please confirm is the chicken man is Soo Ho’s father? We think it, his father thinks it, but is it true? I’m hoping we find out soon.

The Father’s Rage

I don’t like Soo Ho’s father but this was a fantastic acting episode for the actor. He was pissed and the whole scene was really interesting. I was really pleased with the father. I wonder if that was fun to film (stomping around the street and trashing a restaurant).

Quick Rating:


I’ve fallen a little behind on these episodes but I will catch up and post soon hopefully.