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So some of my suspicions were right from episode 4 and some were wrong. The series continues to be exciting and certainly keeps us on our toes. Just when you think you’ve starting to figure it out, BOOM – they switch it up on us again by throwing another curve ball. This really is a welcomed change, because quite usually Kdramas are way too predictable. It does require a lot of energy though.. because like Young Oh and Jin Sung, we’re trying to get a handle on what’s actually happening. Like both of them, I keep jumping to premature conclusions, causing me to be wrong again and again and again…


Flashback – An Unfortunate Misunderstanding

young oh teen

The episode starts off with a flashback to when Lee Young Oh was a student. Young Oh is heading into class. All the students are acting very suspicious. They are giving off the impression that they do not like Young Oh. It seems like he’s being bullied at school. They sneak up behind him and place some kind of suspicious white substance on his face. He freaks out rightfully so. He starts beating everyone up (in his mind, defending himself from danger). Well, the shocker is, the students were just trying to surprise him with a birthday party. Everyone in the class is stunned and was not prepared for his defensive reaction.

Young oh's father episode 5 beautiful mind

His father was called to the school. Young Oh explains he couldn’t read the students because they snuck up behind him. Gun Myung lectures him telling him never to trust his own feelings or instincts. He must pretend to be someone else.

young oh teen and adult and the movie theatre

We see still younger Young Oh in the movie theater. He’s watching a movie. Everyone around him is laughing hysterically at the movie except him. He has no reaction at all to the scene. It then flashes to him as an adult, watching a movie, eating his popcorn, while everyone around him is crying because of the emotional, romantic scene. The younger Young Oh and Jang Hyuk’s Young Oh seem very much to be the same person. The younger actor did a wonderful job portraying the adolescent version. They both had the same confused, disconnected expression while in the theater.

The Operation

Then we are back where we left off; Young Oh getting arrested by Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam). Despite him trying to explain that he needs to go back into surgery, she insists on arresting him. He decides then that he’ll go anyway. He drags her along back to the surgery room. She didn’t think this through very well. He can definitely overpower her. Just handcuffing him doesn’t assure anything.

When Young Oh makes his way back to the operating room, he enters only to see that his father has taken over. His dad says that it is going well.

48 Hours – Buying Time

questioning beautiful mind episode 5

Jin Sung brings Young Oh back to the station for questioning. The other cops are skeptical of what she can actually accomplish, but her boss gives her the opportunity to prove herself. She’s pretty overconfident considering her lack of evidence and experience. Young Oh asks her if she really believes he is guilty. She responds by saying he is capable of anything. She adds if he didn’t do it, why would his father want him turned in. He looks super annoyed, leans in towards her and tells her she should have figured that out first. He’s right. Jin Sung, you are a cop – you shouldn’t just believe people because they told you something. You have to think carefully of their possible motive and look at the evidence, not just words

The drug he was injecting has been brought to the lab to be analyzed. She says this will buy her 48 hours. When the test results come back, it turns out that they contained only vitamins. He looks thrilled, but she catches from his reaction that he was just as surprised by the contents as she was. He tells her she’s not the one that was buying time but his father.

jin sung being scolded episode 5

He leaves then, done with her pretending to play cop. She gets lectured by her boss for being so lousy. She either lost the potential criminal or accused an innocent person. This was a scolding she really needed to hear. She seems to be quite remorseful.

Cracking Under Pressure

Min Jae ep 5

Young Oh searches for Dr. Sim Eun Ha’s chart, but he cannot find it anywhere. Min Jae comes along and taps him from behind, but it catches him totally off guard. Since he was already feeling high-strung, he takes her and thrusts her violently into the wall in one quick sweeping motion. Everyone around is paralyzed in shock, similar to what transpired in the classroom back in his adolescence. Anyone else notice she has a brown watch on? Is there like a brown watch evil club or something? If you don’t know what I mean, you’ll understand by the end of the episode.

father and son beautiful mind

His father walks by without even glancing in his direction. Young Oh lets go of Min Jae immediately and goes straight to his father who obviously saw him even though he ignored the situation.

Both men question each other, asking what the other is doing. Young Oh tells his father he could have successfully completed the surgery and his father tells him that is not true. He says he would have killed her. Gun Myung tells his son he was already dangerous when he came into the hospital. He points out all the errors he made; kicking out the staff, leaving the patient during surgery… Gun Myung admits that he has people report to him all of Young Oh’s moves so he can keep a constant eye on him.

young oh

Before there conversation ends, his father tells him the reason Young Oh came back is because he still needs him. He puts his hand on him. I dunno why, but this really bothers me. It’s like his way of getting Young Oh to submit to him. Young Oh’s facial expressions change as soon as his father hypnotizes him so to speak by laying his hand on his and looking directly in his eyes. I have a hard time wrapping my head around this being a good thing. If he did it and said something positive, I think I would feel less uneasy about it. It’s like mind control, but I don’t see an ounce of caring or concern in his eyes. He looks at Young Oh likes he thinks he’s a total monster without a single ounce of value. He doesn’t view him as human, but in the context of the reality of the drama, I think he’s wrong.

Like Father Like Son

Kang Hyun Joon

Kang Hyun Joon is out in the woods with his father, Chae Soo Ho and some others. His father gives him a super hard time. It all boils down to money with these guys. Chae Soo Ho tries to say some nice things about Hyun Joon, but it doesn’t seem to help. When there’s a jerk, looking down and yelling at people, there’s often an even bigger jerk above them, which is the case here. It was odd seeing Hyun Joon at the receiving end of criticism. He’s almost always so unbearable, but I did feel a little bad for him here. Messages go out to all the doctors after that telling them what they are doing well and what they need to improve.

Let Me Comfort You

Min Jae is super upset to see that her name was not published in the paper as promised. She was supposed to be given credit as a co-researcher, but instead the credit goes to someone else. When confronting the one responsible about it, he totally disrespects her, and the bottom-line message is “tough luck”. Okay, yes it sucks for her if she didn’t get credit where she should have, but can I address the fact that she is an emotional wreck? I feel like she has so much to prove, but she driven by insecurity. 

Min Jae Young Oh hug

When Min Jae comes out of the office, Young Oh sees she is upset so he gives her a hug to comfort her. She asks him why he doesn’t ask what’s wrong like the other guys, and he responds by asking if the reason really matters. One of the doctors walks in and sees them. Min Jae leaves. Young Oh is very pleased because the Doctor thought he seemed like just another normal guy, rather than a genius. Sigh, he really just wants to be normal. If he could have just one wish, I’m pretty sure it would be simply to be like everyone else. 

Let Me Kill You so You Can Live

young oh jang hyuk

Young Oh checks on Dr. Shim Eun, who is still unconscious. He’s told her family wants her transferred to another hospital, but he insists she is not to move anywhere without his consent. Kang Hyun Joon Gives Young Oh a hard time for the failed attempt at the morality conference. It was vital that the conference happen before the JCI accreditation team meeting (which is to be the following day). Young Oh explains if the JCI aren’t coming until tomorrow then he still has time.

Young Oh speaks to the patient

Young Oh goes back into Shim Eun’s room and proceeds to smash some glass. When he realized she wasn’t actually unconscious, I’m not sure, but he realized it. He explains to her the truth needs to be revealed. She says she will not be allowed to leave the hospital unless she’s dead. He devises a plan and injects her with a solution that stops her heart for two minutes. She’s pronounced day, and that way he’s able to sneak her out of the hospital.

The Mom That Loses It

Kim Yoon Kyung

Young Oh speaks tells Kim Yoon Kyung that Shim Eun Ha told her she was the guilty one who committed the murders. She gets really nervous and ends up going outside in a panic, asking if there’s a heart for her daughter. Suk Joo sees her and stops her. He acknowledges she is going through a tough time because of the rain.

The Son That Is All Alone

Jin Sung and cop partner

Jin Sung and her partner bring Kang Cheol Min’s son into the station after finding him stealing. She tries feeding him but he refuses to eat. When she goes to speak with her partner, they realize he is now eating.

smile beautiful mind

She feels really bad for his current situation so she goes and buys him a bunch of supplies and stocks his house with necessities like food and underwear. When she gets to his place she sees he’s been living in chaos. She puts the stuff she bought away, places fresh towels for him and does the dishes. The light in the kitchen goes out so she goes to change the light bulb.

young oh catches jin sung

As she switches the light bulb, and unexpected visitor appears, Dr. Lee Young Oh. She is startled and is about to fall but he catches her Kdrama style. He tells her not to scream and she asks if it’s okay if she screams if she’s happy to see him. It struck me as odd that she said that, but I thought it was kinda funny. She tells him she’s not even sure how to apologize, but she does her best and apologizes for everything.

Eureka! We Have Found!

In the meantime, the director’s office is being cleared. Suk Joo is really uneasy about this. Soon Ho says they can repay him for everything he’s done by being successful with their research.

Young Oh searches the apartment for a prescription, or something that will let him know who Kang Cheol Min’s Doctor was. While he looks, Jin Sung asks him about his relationship with his father. She doesn’t understand why he would turn his own son in like that.

prescription beautiful mind

Finally he realizes that the notes that are hanging from the wall was in fact a doctor script which has the information that he was looking for. It was glaring her right in the face and she didn’t notice it… oopsie..

It all Unravels

Young Oh tells Hyun Joon that the murderer is Dr. Chae Soon Ho. Since reporter Kim has been on his butt, he agrees to have him reveal it. Young Oh wants to make sure that it is also acknowledged that he didn’t make any mistakes during his surgery.

Young Oh anti-social personality disorder revealed

When they all gather, Kang Hyun Joon goes to announce the killer, but rather than stating it’s Chae Soon Ho, he tells everyone who it’s Young Oh. Young Oh is shocked. Then Min Jae stands up and backs up the chairman by revealing Young Oh’s condition to everyone. Now they all know he has anti-social personality disorder.

Closing Thoughts:

The First Step to Change is Acknowledgement

Jin Sung apologizes Beautiful Mind Episode 5

Many of us have had our concerns with Jin Sung. Up to this point, she’s been running around acting before thinking. She’s also been easily swayed by other’s opinions rather than carefully analyzing the situation and having all the facts straight first. It catches up to her this episode. She gets called out for her hasty behavior. I think she feels that she has so much to prove, but she doesn’t have the experience. I think she hasn’t wanted to admit to herself or other’s that she is inexperienced. The good news is, she at least acknowledges her short comings and takes the first step by apologizing to Lee Young Oh directly. This is a necessary first step for her redemption (which I still firmly believe will happen). I believe she will grow and change; but as Dr. Phil says, you cannot change what you don’t acknowledge.

Sneaky sneaky Min Jae

Min Jae episode 5 beautiful mind

Now that I think of it; i’m not all that surprised Min Jae turned on Young Oh. He didn’t see it coming, but it makes sense when you think about it. She’s an expert in this sort of thing. What I wonder though, is how she found out and for how long she knew. I wonder if maybe she knew all along and has been studying him in detail over the years. That does seem odd though; her affection did seem genuine, but then again, there’s a lot of fake people in this drama. She is someone though that feels like they have a lot to prove. It seems that she’s gotten very little respect since the very beginning of her professional career. I could see her writing about Lee Young Oh to gain credibility in the medical community. Hopefully episode 6 will give us some clarity ( I haven’t watched it yet as I write this).

Innocent or Guilty

Hyun Suk Joo episode 5

Hyun Suk Joo could be caught up in this mess without realizing it and reign victorious as a hero, or he could be a villain wearing a mask of deception as others seem to be doing. I want to believe (and I seem to really think) he’s maybe entangled in a web of lies, but really innocent and will be a key part of the truth later being revealed. Whether he turns out to be innocent or a villain, I really like watching Hyun. I think he’s a great character. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding him and the writer’s seem to want to keep us wondering about him. He’s really nice, but he remains in many ways difficult to read.

Young Oh smile

Poor Young Oh; he was framed and he didn’t see it coming. There really does seem to be limitations on his ability to read people. He didn’t have a clue Mi Jae knew about his condition already, and he had no idea he was going to get blamed when he was about to reveal the true perpetrator (as far as we know).

Episode Quick Rating:

kdrama Quick review rating

4.2 / 5

I rated the episode a little higher because the twists this episode really fooled me.